Free Yourself By Letting Go

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You wish you could have been there in person. Now you can watch this FasterEFT weekend seminar held in The Netherlands, from the comfort of your home!

In this great seminar, you learn:

  • What does letting go mean and how do you do it?
  • What is the cause of our problems and why we have them?
  • How to manage and let go of negative beliefs, problems and emotions
  • How to let go of what you don’t want in your life and get more of what you do want!

There are several GREAT tapping sessions in this seminar, covering various issues you can tap along and gain borrowed healing benefits:

  • Can’t remember the memorybut I have a black hole inside me.
  • Headaches – watch this session for proof how our physical pains are NOT just physical! We create our own pains!
  • Fear of Heights– No more!
  • I am justified in my anger! (Or are you just acting like your father?)
  • Mother issues – a childhood of emotional and sexual abuse and trauma
  • I’m not good enough– working on a limiting belief
  • Leg Pains are emotional too. See how they are related to the pain of a past relationship.
  • Is there a saboteur within or is it something else?

This is an 8 part download series.
You have the option to buy each download separately or all together as a bundle.
Here is what you get from this series:

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Day 1

Part 1:

  • Introduction to the history of FasterEFT, Foundation of how and why we have problems and how it works. Key foundational understanding behind the workings of FasterEFT
  • Key to making changes
  • The big misconception about why we have problems
  • The FasterEFT Belief System
  • Our Unconscious communication system
  • The Gifts to help us heal
  • Memories †“ who is doing it to you now?

~1h 14mins – 741.5 MB

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Part 2:

  • Ask better questions, get better answers
  • The Mind/Body system
  • Why does tapping work?
  • The two models of the world: How we used to see things and how you can operate from a different view
  • Why change memories?

~1h 2mins – 756.9 MB

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Part 3:

  • The A.R.T. of Change
  • Tapping Session †“ I can’t remember what happened but I have a black hole inside me
  • The details of Tapping – How to tap with FasterEFT
  • Mental tapping
  • The escape problem †“ no escape but one

~1h 11 mins – 738.7 MB

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Part 4:

  • Tapping Session †“ Headache
  • It’s really within our power to change
  • Physical pain isn’t just physical
  • Tapping Session †“ Fear of Heights

~59 min – 728 MB

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Day 2

Part 5:

  • Laughter can heal you too
  • The structure of procrastination. You are a success!

~1h 8min – 739.5 MB

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Part 6:

  • Believing voices in our heads
  • Insomnia stories †“ how we keep ourselves up at night
  • What are sub modalities?
  • Tapping Session †“ I’m justified in my anger!
  • Healing is a continued process †“ now we have a process that works!

~52min – 645.6 MB

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Part 7:

  • The importance of tapping along and borrowed benefits
  • Tapping Session †“ mother issues and sexual abuse
  • Make peace with your enemy, you have no enemy
  • Tapping Session †“ Not feeling good enough

~57min – 706.1 MB

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Part 8:

  • All problems start with relationships
  • Tapping Session †“ 5 years of leg pain / relationship pain
  • Tapping Session †“ Is it a saboteur within?
  • Review on how to work on yourself
  • The more you feel it, associate fully to it and get rid of it!
  • We give meaning to words
  • People share about their seminar experience

~1h 37 mins – 743.1 MB

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Get the Complete Seminar for $232


(You save: $135)
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This seminar was recorded in The Hague, Netherlands, April 16-17, 2011.

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Thank you for your understanding and patience!


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