17 year old’s Alcohol Addiction Gone After Using This One Technique

A mother brought her 17-year-old teenage daughter to Robert G. Smith to help her overcome her alcohol addiction.


Her mother had tried everything to help her daughter.


She was unsuccessful, struggling and at her wit’s end.


Things got so bad for her daughter, because of the alcohol addiction, that she was scheduled for a mandatory 30 days of hospitalization.


Robert had successfully worked with, and helped, drug addicts, alcohol addicts, gambling addicts, shopping addicts, sex addicts and even food addicts before, so he knew what to expect.


He was also aware of “the addict’s great ability to con as well”.


How Addiction Really Works

It’s important to note that addictions are programs.


Just like all of our unconscious behaviors, desires, fears, and compulsions, addictions are the result of the programs we carry in the subconscious.


For alcohol addiction, the subconscious mind has made a connection, somewhere along the line, between the feeling created when drinking, and joy, peace, relief, love, security – or any other positive emotional state.


Your brain and body have become conditioned to produce endorphins and other feel-good chemicals when you drink excessively.


Other people may not have that connection; they may have a connection between exercise or food, and those positive emotional states.


Before their arrival, Robert had no idea what to expect, what kind of a person the 17-year-old girl was, what she had been through, what had caused her addiction, but he knew one thing for sure – the A.R.T of Change® does bring all the answers to the front door and he had a game plan to work her head and heart of pain.  


How FasterEFT Works with Alcohol Addiction

As you can see, the 17-year-old girl had an alcohol addiction because of the connection her subconscious mind made between feeling good – the feeling of love, security, reassurance, comfort, and joy – and consuming large amounts of alcohol.


And because of this, it prompted her brain to cause her body to crave alcohol.


No amount of consciously using willpower to try to resist alcohol was going to change her body’s dependence on alcohol.


In order to get rid of the addiction, she had a need to change that record – that connection.


And that’s what Robert did using FasterEFT.


The first session of using FasterEFT on an alcohol addict is usually the most intense one because FasterEFT practitioners go deep into the memories of your mind.


Robert’s course of action was to bring all the most painful memories to the surface of this teenage girl’s consciousness.  


His motto is, “Go for the biggest guy first and once he is down all the others are just easy clean up.”  


After the second session with Robert, the 17-year old’s mother shared what her daughter said,

“I no longer hate my dad and I do not hate you [the mother] anymore.”


During her last session with Robert, he started the session by checking the memories he had cleared up in the last few sessions and cleaned up any loose ends that were left.


He made sure that he “flipped” or changed all the painful memories, the abuse, sexual traumas, the hatred, and betrayals.


That’s the thing about FasterEFT.


The subconscious has no ability to use logic or reason, and will interpret experiences based on the experiences of the past.


This means that it can be almost impossible for the conscious mind to figure out where a problem originates.


Robert knew that the changes he had made in her subconscious mind during their previous tapping sessions would show results.

He was excited to say the least!


During Robert’s last session with the 17 year old alcoholic, he started off by telling her he was sorry that he had missed her birthday.


“Happy birthday!”  Robert yelled, and told her that had a few special gifts for her.


He had bottles of the most famous alcohols, whiskeys and bourbons lined up, one after the other, and presented that to her.


The 17 year old’s eyes became wide open – happy and ready in expectation of a good time ahead.



The Magic Begins

This is the moment all the previous sessions were leading upto.


Robert already had made a list of all the good times and all the bad times, that included the drinking, the pain and suffering.


As he started to work through the list, he began with her favorite drink –  Hennessy and ended with her least favorite – Jack Daniels.


Robert says,

“She went from smiling and ready to grab one, by the end of two hours she was close to puking and turning her head away. Even with them in eyesight made her feel very uncomfortable.”


Watch Robert explain the FasterEFT Tapping technique:


This 17 year old child now has a clear shot to a better way of life!


She was smiling from ear to ear after the many hours of FasterEFT sessions.   


And it all started with a persistent, worried and caring mother and Robert’s videos addressing addictions on YouTube!  


Nicks’ video was one of them:


A New Beginning

As of September 11-2017  her mother writes, “Tapping has immediate results.  Today my daughter WAS scheduled to start her ‘Partial hospitalization program’ through Kaiser and after today’s intake appointment.  She no longer qualifies as mentally unstable AND they sent her home….LOL!”   

Driven by the pain of her past, this 17 year old girl was facing 30 days of a hospitalization program because of her alcohol addiction.  


Her mother knew that if she didn’t find a solution to her alcohol addiction soon, her daughter’ entire future would be destroyed, their family would be wrecked and their lives would never be the same.


Her mother knew that she would have to take drastic steps if she was to help her daughter.


After following Robert’s videos on YouTube, especially his work in drug rehabilitation (in Habilitat, Hawaii), she decided that in order to save her daughter’s life she’d do whatever was necessary.


She brought her 17 year old to Oklahoma City for a personal session with Robert, and the rest, as they say, is history.


Related: For private sessions with Robert, please write to training@fastereft.com


****Robert has created a support fund to help those in need.  Your gift will go directly to helping those who cannot afford sessions on their own.   Thank you for giving to those who really need it.  To make a contribution please donate to  paypal.me/fastereft ***


Read her original testimony here.



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