5 Faster EFT Keys to Weight Loss


Weight loss and fitness is a struggle.


For most people in their lives, they will struggle with their weight.


Either putting it on or keeping it off.


People from all walks of life are affected by it.


Understand how and why weight loss works can be frustrating.


That‘s why we’ve put together this list of 5 things you can do right now to help you start and see meaningful results.


1. Use Faster EFT to tap on yourself.


The root causes for being overweight are unique to each person, and are a combination of many different beliefs and programs.


Luckily, you don’t need to know what they are.


You only need to start tapping on what you do know.


Whereas diets, diet supplements and workout routines address only the symptoms, FasterEFT addresses the cause.


The symptoms such as cravings, urges, overeating, emotional eating, anxiety eating, anger eating, eating unhealthy foods etc.


As you go through the Faster EFT process, your subconscious will lead you to the cause.


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Keep tapping until you have flipped the feelings, thoughts and memories that are connected to how you know you have a problem.


There are reasons you are overweight, and it has nothing to do with your will-power or the fact that you love fattening foods and hate exercise.


For example, your love of chocolate and dislike for physical exercise are both symptoms of the root causes.


2. Stop trying to force yourself to eat healthy.


One of the most common mistakes people make with weight loss is forcing themselves.


When your conscious mind and subconscious mind are in opposition – the subconscious always wins.


So even if you TRY and force yourself to stop binge drinking soda, it won’t work.




Because your subconscious associates soda with feeling good.


So no matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to stop yourself from drinking soda.


It’s the same with trying to eating healthy.


Trying to eat healthy foods is difficult and sets you up for struggle and failure.


On the other hand, changing the desire in your subconscious will cause you to naturally and effortlessly choose healthier foods.


The records held in the subconscious act as references for how we live our lives.


The subconscious mind refers to the records it holds, and then prompts the body and conscious mind to behave accordingly.


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If you were to change that record, you would be able to easily choose to not eat the chocolate.


It would then become a simple decision rather than a struggle against your own body.


Using the Faster EFT Tapping process helps you to access the original record about weight loss.


It changes the association that chocolate makes you feel good.


It also changes that record so that your subconscious no longer prompts your body and conscious mind to respond to chocolate in the same way.



3. Make Small Daily Changes.


Weight loss begins with small lifestyle changes.


It’s not an overnight process, but something habitual that eventually leads to favorable results.


Making small daily changes eases the pressure you put on yourself to lose weight.


Weight loss is NOT a competition, it’s a way of life.


And you too can achieve your weight loss results by taking it one day at a time.


In addition to craving certain foods, you may find yourself eating when you are not hungry.


This habit is often caused by attempts to relieve some form of emotional discomfort or pain.


Some people eat when they’re bored or when they’re lonely.

Some eat when they’re sad or angry.


Using the Faster EFT tapping technique instead of food, whenever you feel a craving.


This will not only help you to lose weight; it will also be more effective in relieving the feelings – and that relief will last.


So anytime throughout your day you feel the urge to eat, especially after you’ve just had a meal;


Faster EFT Tap on it!


And you’ll slowly start to train your brain to adopt a healthier choice.


You could try drinking water instead.


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4. Don’t force yourself to exercise like a pro.


A resistance to exercise is very common.


People on weight loss regimens who try to commit to an exercise routine often find it very difficult to continue with it on a long-term basis.


Again, forcing yourself to exercise is only addressing the symptoms of weight loss.


If you’ve ever started an exercise routine, and then found that after a while you feel too tired, or you suffer an injury or illness, or your life becomes too busy – your subconscious has managed to find a way to “protect” you from what it sees as a threat.


If you were to simply continue with the exercise routine and achieve the physical results you’re aiming at, that would cause a conflict with the records held in your subconscious.


Those records could be that you are not good enough; that exercise is hard; that you never follow through with anything; that you’re lazy; that you deserve to be overweight; and an infinite number of other possibilities.


Your reluctance to exercise will be caused by the subconscious triggering your body and conscious mind to avoid the exercise based on the records it currently holds.


Change the records and you will find your resistance to exercise diminishes.


You will find it easier and more enjoyable to work out or play a sport.


Weight loss will become a dream that YOU CAN achieve!


5. Don’t Starve Your Body.


Dieting, fasting, taking pills and other forms of withholding food from yourself don’t usually work.




Watch the video below and find out:



Just like all other problems, your food cravings are caused by records held in your subconscious.


These records cause the subconscious to trigger your body to respond with a craving because it believes that food is essential to your getting what you need.


And when you withhold that, you find your body responding violently.


Some people feel dizzy.


Some get nauseous.

Some develop other digestion related problems.


These are all ways your body responds to the withdrawal of the craving.


The craving your body has associated with eating.


Instead of being a slave to your craving, you will be able to choose to not eat that food if you have decided it’s not good for you.


Or to have just a small portion of it if you choose to eat it.


The important point is that you will be in full control of what you eat and how much of it you eat, rather than fighting the cravings in your body.


Weight loss is an emotional journey, not just a physical one.

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