A Well Sustained Happiness Is The Indicator of Genuine Success

Learn to encourage yourself. One of the most important battles we have to fight, is our battle with discouragement. It’s easy to lose our enthusiasm, our zest for life when our dreams don’t come true, that business you tried to set up fails, your marriage hits the rocks, your children become distant, you get into debt etc. if you’re really going to have a happy life and genuine success, then encouragement has to come from within.

Sure it’s nice to have a shoulder to cry on, to have friends cheering you own, going to Church to listen to your favorite pastor, seeing a therapist, coach etc. These are only momentary boots. Unless you change how you view success from the inside, no matter how much someone cheers you own, you still won’t feel happy. More than that, you won’t feel like you’re living a happy life.

When times get tough and things aren’t going your way, that’s when you need to become determined to resolve these issues.

Let’s take an example.

Pat set up a small bakery in her home town. She took out a loan and had a grand opening ceremony. She was really proud of it. However, times got tough and she had to close the bakery just 14 months after setting it up. She was hurt, devastated and frustrated.

Now Pat thought she could depend on her family for support. But instead of being sympathetic, they told her all the reasons why they knew her business would fail. They refused to comfort her. They told her how she had spent all their money into a failed business venture. Since Pat was depending on people and circumstances outside of herself to give her a happy life, she was let down. The major indicator of genuine success for Pat was the approval of her family and friends. When that didn’t happen, she felt lost.

After that Pat tried again and again, unsuccessfully to start her own business, but for some reason, it never went through. Eventually she developed a fear of success. Since the fear is subconscious, the conscious mind has no idea it’s there; and even though Pat continued to try and achieve her goals while experiencing one failure after the other.

Now it may seem like Pat’s fear of success came from her failed bakery. But Eutaptics recognizes that there are subconscious programs that actually run the show. So if Pat has a memory that supports failing in business to having a happy life, then that’s what she will manifest in her reality.

If someone really wants to be successful and have a happy life, why would they have a fear of getting what they want? The fear is based on subconscious references that provide “evidence” that if they were to achieve their goal, something bad would happen. This can range from being disapproved of or rejected by friends and family to having to take on more responsibility. There are many different aspects that can form the structure for this fear; and most of them will not make any sense at all to the conscious mind.

This is why a fear of success is so hard to find in the first place, and then so hard to overcome – because there is usually no logic behind it since the subconscious does not work with logic and reason.


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Success means different things to different people. Achieving genuine success in any area of your life – whatever success means to you – is subjective. Validating your success in order to live a happy life is necessarily easy (unless you decide to make it easy for yourself) but it is a direct route to the life you desire. The question is – are you be prepared to do what it takes to achieve genuine success and lasting happiness? It will depend on how much you want your success.

If you really, really want to be successful, you will be prepared to do what it takes and go through these four steps until you reach your goals.

1. Take full responsibility for what you experience in life. Refuse to remain at the mercy of the world and people around you by deriving encouragement from the inside of you. You have to choose to do whatever it takes to get there. Using the Eutaptics tapping technique, achieving genuine success isn’t a far off dream. The truth is, the ship of your life has no captain right now; and you have the option to take over the controls and captain your own ship – choosing either a happy life or a miserable one.

2. Make a list of the things you want changed in your life, whether personal, professional, emotional, physical and then start going through the list addressing each one using the Eutaptics tapping technique. Address each memory as it comes up, release the negative emotions and flip them. As you continue to do this, you’ll notice associated memories changing automatically! But keep going, that is the KEY to lasting success.

3. When you face challenging circumstances, adversity, fear and doubt, stop yourself from blaming anything outside of you, including yourself, and instead, treat it as if your car was being driven off the road. Correct your course by tapping it out. Use the Eutaptics technique to tap in the moment whenever anything bothers you – this is the way can make sure your car stays on the road, focused on the destination of having a happy life by taking it where you want it to go.

4. Keep persevering. Chances are your subconscious mind will throw up resistance to stop you from making these powerful changes. But keep going anyways! That’s when you know you’re making huge changes and it’s working. It may seem difficult in the heat of the moment, but remember, if you really want to achieving lasting happiness and genuine success, you need to change the way success is imprinted within your subconscious mind.

If you really want to achieve genuine success, you will do what it takes. However, naturally, if you don’t want it enough to do what it takes, that’s okay too. The most important point to recognize is that it is your choice. It is only your choice; and no-one and nothing outside of you can affect your experience without your permission – you are either choosing your experiences by driving your own car, or you are choosing to go with the flow and allowing yourself to experience whatever happens to come along. Either way, it’s your choice; and with Eutaptics the road to success becomes easier.


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