“After Just One Video I Knew…” - One Woman’s Search for Healing, Transformation, and Peace with eutaptics® FasterEFT™ eutaptics® FasterEFT™

“After Just One Video I Knew…” - One Woman’s Search for Healing, Transformation, and Peace with eutaptics® FasterEFT™

It is amazing what our bodies go through on account of our minds. What we think becomes how we react, it becomes how we move through the world on a day to day basis, and most importantly, it becomes how we feel both physically and emotionally. When our subconscious pathways are polluted with negativity, our bodies will have no choice but to reproduce that negativity in other ways. 

This was something that took Srishti Wilhelm the long way to discover. As a software programmer, mother, artist, and more, Srishti is well versed in using her brain every minute of every day in varying ways. Between having to focus her attention on the fine details in her job, to raising little ones to grow into strong, well-adjusted adults, the stresses of life began to stack up in the back of her mind. 

A short time ago, Srishti found herself physically unwell from the mounting pressure she was under. She was struggling to digest food, due to a chronic illness she had lost a serious amount of weight (at one point she was just eighty-five pounds!), and for what seemed like no reason her hair had started to fall out. Depressed and angry, she decided that enough was enough, so she began her search for something that could help her get out of all of this. 

As most do, she started with medicine and when that wasn’t working she turned to naturopathy. She started with vitamins and supplements, meditation, and really anything that would give her even a little bit of relief. It wasn’t enough. She knew there was something out there that could help her, she just hadn’t found it yet. 

That’s when she discovered eutaptics® FasterEFT™ on Youtube. After just one video, a spark had ignited and she just knew this was it. She signed up for the “You Can Change Yourself Master Training” online course. 

It wasn’t long into the course where she was starting to see tangible changes in the way she felt, the way she looked, but most importantly in her ability to take ownership over her own life. As her mind started to shift, she started to see her problems less as problems and more as opportunities for learning and healing. It was a feeling of empowerment she had never felt before. 

Before taking the course she had tried several modalities, none of which gave her the permission nor the tools to change the resources in her memories that were feeding into her problems like eutaptics® FasterEFT™ had. 

It taught her the fundamental belief that she was the driver of her own life and with that the steps to turn that belief into her natural way of living. It’s one thing to give yourself affirmations each day, but it’s quite another to understand how to put those affirmations to work. eutaptics® FasterEFT™ did exactly that and Srishti’s life started to change because of that difference.

Excited about the shifts she was seeing, she decided to throw caution to the wind and join a live “You Can Change Yourself Master Training” event. Feeling deeply empowered by her experience up until now, she decided to volunteer to be tapped on. She was fighting some residual resistance from years of nothing working, so this was her opportunity to finally let that go. 

It wasn’t a huge difference, but it was the “Aha moment” she needed to continue on without the resistance she’d been feeling. With a few more sessions, and now working her way through the Level 2 Training, Srishti is able to face things that had been haunting her throughout her life. 

Prior to sessions and training, she had been holding onto memories from her life that painted her parents in a very harsh light. In fact, it was changing her very first memory that opened her up to a realm of new possibility. That particular memory had weighed on her, even when she didn’t realize that’s what that weight was. Throughout her journey, she has been able to shift even the hardest memories and look at her relationship with her mother for the blessing that it is, not the pain it used to be. 

Today, Srishti is preparing to start Level 3 and is on her way to becoming a practitioner herself. She joins the monthly tap-alongs and continues her healing journey through private sessions and sharing her story with others. It’s that sharing amongst peers, and watching the healing of others that gives her endless strength to continue working on herself. 

You can see Srishti tell you more about her experience herself by clicking the video below!





If you find yourself hearing Srishti’s story and thinking, “This sounds like me! I wish I had heard this sooner!” You aren’t alone. Thousands of people have turned to eutaptics® FasterEFT™ “You Can Change Yourself Master Training'' to help them through physical and emotional struggles that have overtaken their lives. With this tool, they’ve been able to shift even the deepest of memories and clear their minds of the resources that have kept them in pain, depressed, angry, and even chronically ill. 

It was possible for Srishti and so many others, it’s possible for you. You CAN start living a better life right now with eutaptics® FasterEFT™.

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