Aging and Muscle Pains Resolved by Faster EFT

Muscle pains related to aging are more than just painful, they can be distracting and affect your ability to think clearly and communicate effectively.

While this is a natural progression of events, aches and pains that become severe and lead to a dependency on medication can affect your performance at work, spoil your enjoyment of social events and affect your ability to complete tasks you need to get done.

The great news is: there is a fast, simple way to get rid of muscle aches and pains that is natural and doesn’t involve any drugs.

Using FasterEFT to Get Rid of Your Muscle Pains

Take a deep breath, and notice what the ache feels like. Is it a sharp pain? Is it a dull pain? Where in your body do you feel it? Does it feel like pressure? Just notice what it feels like; and notice where in your body you feel it.

If there’s an emotion with it, notice the emotion as well. If it’s a memory, like for example, your grandparents telling you that as you get older you will start to feel achy and less than healthy, notice that.

  • Using two fingers, tap gently between your eyebrows and say: “I release and let go of this pain and whatever it represents.”
  • Focusing on the feeling of your fingertips on your skin, tap next to your eye and say: “It’s safe to let it go.”
  • Tap under your eye and say: “Just let it go.”
  • Tap just below your collar bone and say: “It’s safe to let it go.”
  • Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out, and say “Peace”.

Go to a peaceful memory and feel the feeling of that memory for a moment. Now, think about your muscle pain again. Is it still there? If so, has it changed?


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If It Has Changed:

If it has changed, just notice how it’s different, and repeat the process. Do this until it has gone completely.

If the Ache Has Not Changed:

If it is still the same, think back to a memory you first noticed you had associated aging with pain– what was happening at the time? Had anything upset you around the time the muscle aches and pain started?

Was there an incident, or news, or something someone said that caused you to feel stressed? If so, think about what happened – see what you saw, hear what you heard, and feel what you felt. Notice where you feel it in your body.

Imagine a tree in front of you. If the tree had no roots, what would happen to it? If would fall over of course.

  • Now, tap between your eyebrows (focusing on the feeling of your fingertips on your skin) and say: “I release and let go of all my sadnesses.”
  • Tap beside your eye and say: “I release and let go of all the emotional traumas.”
  • Tap under your eye and say: “I release and let go of all the angers, guilt, betrayal, rejection and abandonment.”
  • Tap just below your collarbone and say: “I release and let go of all helplessness, hopelessness, trapped feelings, and everything else.
  • Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out and say: “Peace”.
  • Go back to the peaceful memory and enjoy it for a moment.


Now, go back to the incident that bothered you. If it still bothers you at all, simply repeat the process above . If it no longer bothers you, think about your muscle pain. Is it still there? If it is still there, simply repeat the process above until it has completely gone.

“Can Letting Go of Things in My Past Really Heal Physical Pain?”

This may seem weird but the answer is yes. What we did above is use the mind-body connection to remove the source of your muscle pain from its roots. Medication offers only temporary relief, but tapping using the FasterEFT process, as described above, gets rid of the problem once and for all, if you do it properly.

The brain stores the trauma from experiences in the body. When you change the record that is stored in the brain, it will automatically result in a change in the way your body feels.

You may consciously not associate aging with getting muscle pains, but you may notice that as you get older, you start to feel achy and use statements like, “I can’t do this or that, I’m too old!”


The Emotional Link

If pain was purely physical, it would not change, regardless of changes in emotions, thoughts and tapping. The brain stores emotions in the body. You may have noticed the changes for yourself. This is because you’ve probably been carrying her feelings of guilt, pain, frustration, anger, fear etc. in your body; and when those emotions are released, the brain no longer triggers the pains in your body.

You don’t need to know the emotional cause of the pain – even if initially you’re aiming at the feeling of the pain itself; but as you continue the tapping, your subconscious will access the records it holds that are connected to aging and pain.

If you keep tapping, using FasterEFT memory reimprinting, you’ll realize what you thought were age related aches and muscle pains were actually just suppressed emotions from your past. As you let those go, your body will become rejuvenated, you’ll feel younger, more energized and have a new zest for life. Try it for yourself!


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