Benefits of Morning FasterEFT Tapping

We are constantly in and out of hypnotic trances. From the moment you get up in the morning, till you go to bed at night, you’re in a trance. Your subconscious mind is a creature of habit, and 90% of your chores are done on auto-pilot.

You’ll notice that when you are doing housework, you’re in a particular state – you no longer need to consciously make each decision for every movement.

You clean your house pretty much on automatic. When you’re driving, you no longer think of every action consciously, like you did when you first learned how to drive – you’re able to drive without consciously thinking about it. Again, you’re on automatic, you’re in a trance.

This is because we learn through repetition, the specific actions related to any particular experience are recorded in the cerebellum (the “seat of the subconscious”) part of the brain. In addition to this, the chemical state of the body is also recorded, so that it can be reproduced for that specific experience in the future.

This is how we’re able to survive and thrive in our environment.

Morning Routine

If you’ve ever woken up feeling anxious or in pain or just plain dreading the day, there’s something very simple you can do. Make tapping with FasterEFT your morning routine. Here’s what it is:

Keep a notepad and pen or pencil next to your bed stand before you go to bed each night.

As soon as you wake up each morning, make a list of everything that doesn’t feel good that you may encounter during your day. It could be a meeting at work you’re worried about, confronting a co-worker, submitting a project, going for an interview, doing chores, taking your kids to school, paying a bill – whatever it is. Write it down.

Then as you go through each item on your list, tap on it using the FasterEFT tapping technique.

One of the biggest challenges for those who are trying to improve their lives is day-to-day stress. Reading, listening to, or attending a live event on any self-development modality may be effective in the short term.

However, those effects tend to wear off for most people, when they go back to their daily lives.

The Problem with trances

When you’re reading a book, listening to music, attending a class, working out, you are not in one of your daily trances. You are in the present moment, absorbing what you were experiencing. And if you are able to stay in that state – in other words, keep yourself out of all trances – you would have a greater chance of maintaining whatever it is you learned.

That’s because these trances are automatic, and we are largely unaware of them, we don’t know when we’re in one.

You may have realized you may to take that dance class multiple times before you remember the choreography. Or read that book or listen to that song many times before you can consciously remember the words and lyrics.

So, you return to your daily life, with great enthusiasm and determination. You may even start your day with your new attitude or behavior. Then, you find yourself feeling stressed, angry, upset, frustrated, or some other negative emotion; and you can’t pull yourself out of the old pattern or behavior. And then you may feel frustrated with yourself, or believe that the book, video, or class didn’t “work”.


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The FasterEFT solution

Changing the original records held within your subconscious will change the resulting trances. This is what FasterEFT is all about and why you should tap first thing in the morning. This sets you up for a better frame of mind for the rest of the day, enabling you to face stressors without going into a trance.

You will still be able to drive your car without having to think of every separate action consciously. But you will also be able to react calmly and rationally to that driver that cuts in front of you or tailgates you.

When someone cuts you off in traffic, instead of getting angry and letting that ruin the rest of your day, you can change your reaction. Your automatic anger is based on the data held in the subconscious, just like the driving. This means that in order to change those automatic responses, you need to change that data.

So, if you tap with FasterEFT every morning, and are consistent, that action will become automatic as well and stored within your subconscious. In other words, you won’t need to make the conscious decision to feel calm; it will be as automatic as the anger was before.

Morning FasterEFT Tapping

Using FasterEFT to address the challenges in your life is a great start. Follow the steps in: The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step. But in order to continue to see improvements in your daily life, and to reduce your day-to-day stress, it is essential to use the technique first thing in the morning. In other words, as soon as you wake up and notice something is bothering you – no matter what it is – make a list, tap it out and move forward with enthusiasm.

You’ll find that if you choose to use FasterEFT to address your day-to-day stress as you wake up, you will experience transformations in your life you would never have believed possible!


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