Bhagyashri’s Journey – From becoming a Widow to delivering Seminars at Prisons

Bhagyashri Sharangpani’s husband died on 16 Dec 2014.


She did everything she could to help him get better, but it didn’t help.


After her husband’s death, for the next couple of months, she experienced survivor’s guilt.


She blamed herself for his death and asked herself why didn’t she die instead, why did this happen to her, why was God angry at her, how will she live alone etc.


She fell into a deep pit of depression and complete devastation.



Rising like a Phoenix from the Ashes

She started watching Robert’s videos on FasterEFT and started implementing his techniques every single day.


She worked on her issues from her childhood and flipped every single traumatic memory into a good one, or a better version of the memory itself.


She realized she couldn’t just afford to sit and keep feeling sad about what had happened.


She made a list and started daily rituals of tapping whenever she felt anything negative come up.


She knew it was an uphill battle, but she was determined to get herself out of this self imposed prison of despair.

Bhagyashri’s Journey - From becoming a Widow to delivering Seminars at Prisons

Rapid Changes

She was very surprised to experience such a rapid change in her thoughts and perception.


She then decided to meet Robert in person and tell him how grateful she was to find FasterEFT.


In her words,

I started sharing this miraculous method with everyone who would allow me to help them. I started giving free seminars on ‘How the brain works and how to reduce stress’.

I worked in old-age homes near my place. I approached colleges and conducted ‘Faculty Development Programs’ and counselling sessions for students. I trained students who were constantly getting rejected in interviews. I helped company employees deal with their problems.

My work was much appreciated by the colleges and companies I worked with. I was encouraged to get certified in NLP and FasterEFT so that I could become a practitioner and spread this miracle in my country [India].”

One day Bhagya got a call from one of the teachers who had attended her seminar asking her to speak to a group of Excise Department’s Women Police Staff.


That was the first seminar she gave to the Indian Police.


It went very well and it was much appreciated.


She got a chance to meet one of the Superintendents of Police for Nashik Central Prison.


She explained how her skills as a Life Coach can help prisoners make a fresh start in life.


The Superintendent was so impressed that he approved it.


He invited Bhagya to deliver her first seminar for 250 prisoners in that prison.


It was an amazing experience for her.


She never thought she would do something like this in her life.


It was, and still is, like a dream come true.


She is a shiny example of how she used her grief to realize her true destiny.


FasterEFT helps many people, in many ways, and this is the path Bhagya was led to.


Bhagya is now a FasterEFT Level 3 practitioner.


She also works as a counsellor for a de-addiction centre in her hometown.


Bhagya says,

I owe this success to Robert Smith and his invention, FasterEFT.”

This is just the beginning and now I am getting requests from the Police staff of the prison saying, “We need your help the most”. Now I am scheduled to arrange a training program for them. I am so excited about this. It is like government is welcoming my skills to be used for the country. I know that this is going to be another awesome experience. I will keep you updated about my journey as a FasterEFT practitioner.”


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