Break the Cycle of Pain Without Medications

You have heard of those incredible stories of people healing themselves from cancer, crippling pain, addictions, depression through the power of their minds. You may not believe them or you may be dumbfounded because you just don’t understand how they did it.

We already know how effective FasterEFT is in helping the body to heal itself by changing the original records held within the subconscious mind. Those records or memories are what are really causing the physical ailments. You can take as many pills as you want, but chances are, you need to do some housekeeping within your mind.

However, we’d like to stress that it is essential to seek the advice of your medical doctor. We don’t advise immediately to stop taking your prescribed medication without consulting your doctor first.

FasterEFT can work in conjunction with your medication, there is no need to choose one or the other to help you get rid of the symptoms once and for all. The truth is they work in different ways, on different levels, and you need to do both.

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FasterEFT and medication together

Some physical ailments require medication so that you can function successfully in your daily lives. However, as you continue to use FasterEFT you’ll see that your need for medication is greatly reduced. Let’s explain this with an analogy:

Imagine you have a dog in your yard; and you’re unaware that there’s a hole in the fence, so the dog escapes. The fence will need to be fixed in order to prevent the dog from escaping again in future. BUT, you also need to go and find the dog and bring him back.

FasterEFT mends the fence – solving the cause of the problem. The people who help you look for your dog and bring him back are your medical professionals. Follow their advice while you have the fence mended, and you will have your dog safely back in your yard – and since there is no longer a hole in the fence, he won’t escape again.

No one likes to take medication. So how do you deal with it when your doctor and other medical professionals keep asking you to continue? Well, use the FasterEFT tapping technique to tap on that! Using FasterEFT to get rid of whatever’s bothering you about taking your medication will help you to keep yourself in a state of calm and cooperation so that your body is in the best state to heal.

Stress and resistance, like the feeling of having to take medication you don’t want to take, can hinder and delay healing.

Whatever is bothering you, make sure you tap it out until it no longer bothers you.


Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted – Starter Course

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Living pain free

Living with pain can seem like a part of your reality for many people. We understand that it’s uncomfortable to say the least and can lead to an abuse of medication, psychological problems, loss of livelihood etc. This pain is actually a signal from your body that there’s a deeper issue at play.

If you’ve been living with pain constantly for a long period of time, it’s probably more than just physical. Chronic pain has been linked to hurtful/negative memories that reside deep within the subconscious mind. These memories, or imprints, as we refer to them in FasterEFT are what need to be addressed.

What if we told you it’s possible to live pain free? It is! With FasterEFT, it’s definitely very possible. If you don’t want the pain, set it free. If there is anything at all in your life that you do not like, make sure that you are not feeding it. How do you feed it?

With your focus and attention. Naturally, if you stop feeding it, and just lock it up and ignore it, it will find all sorts of ways to try to get your attention. This is usually how chronic pain develops and other physical ailments, when we keep anger, hurt, hostility, shame, guilt, etc. locked up within our minds.

Set yourself free

Holding onto those hurtful feelings and memories, by giving them attention and focus or by burying them, means that they go with you wherever you go. You can’t run away from them because they live inside you; wherever you run, there they are. The only way to be free from them is to set them free.

There is no reason to spend a moment longer playing host to anything you don’t want. Whether that’s a memory that bothers you, a bad habit, an issue, a fear or phobia, pain, illness, lack of motivation, self-sabotage or anything else you don’t want in your life, you can use the FasterEFT technique to make peace with it, set it free, and make room for what you do want.

This means that anything that comes up for you that you do not want, you have the power to set it free. Most people keep their pain with them, by holding onto painful memories or emotions from the past and replaying them over and over in their minds.

Most people do this because they don’t know that they have the option to set those memories free. Now you do. You know that you have that choice. You have the choice to keep your painful past with you and either feed it or hide it – either way they will grow.

Or you can use the FasterEFT technique to lovingly let them go, allowing yourself to move forward with the life you really want to live. Which will you choose?

So, from now on, whenever you feel physical pain or find yourself reaching for your medication, instead of focusing on it and thinking about how much you don’t want it (feeding it) or trying to bury it with medication, make the choice to set it free by using the FasterEFT process.

For more information on what causes our problems, read: How FasterEFT Solves the REAL Cause of All Your Problems

Time to let it go

Negative emotions and memories have absolutely no value. They cause pain, damage and disruption in all areas of life from health to relationships to career and finances. When you are feeling guilty, hurt, angry, resentful etc. your body is in a stress state.

This state causes a chemical change, and various other emergency adjustments related to the “fight, freeze or flight” state. This includes an effect on your appetite, digestion, healing, immune system, cognitive thinking, physical strength, and so much more.

Many of us have been taught that when something bad has happened that is our fault, we should feel guilty. And feeling guilty is some kind of penance that we deserve and that somehow helps to atone for the crime.

A punishment that means we, the perpetrator, will not “get away with it”. However, if someone did something that caused you harm, would you rather they felt guilty forever; or would you rather they show you love, kindness and compassion?

Guilt is a dark, negative emotion; and when it is replaced with love and compassion, that is where the real healing begins. Regardless of what you were led to believe growing up, there is never a good reason for feeling guilty. It is like dragging a ball and chain around with you – it holds you back from making any kind of progress.

How to manage pain

Burying your guilt, hurt, shame, anger does not get rid of it – it still goes with you wherever you go. From relationship to relationship; from job to job. In order to be free from the baggage, and the pain that that baggage causes, you need to let it go completely.

Now it may seem difficult since it feels so strong and so real; however, using the FasterEFT technique, you can permanently let it go quickly and easily.


Chronic Pain FasterEFT

FasterEFT is an empowering mind tool which helps you release the stress and emotions associated with pain. Pain is necessary in our bodies to protect us. It is our bodies mechanism to stop us from being burnt, hurt, squashed, trapped and broken. There are two very different types of pain though, one is pain as we feel it and one is suffering as we respond to pain. Click here for the video!


Three steps to living pain free

Step One

Realize and accept that the controls for how you feel are inside you. You may not have figured out how to use them yet, but they are there. No matter how real and obvious the pain may seem, realize there is a way out.

So when something, or someone triggers you, take a moment to consider the fact that it is your response to that trigger that feels like sadness, hurt, anger, not the trigger itself. You have the ability inside you; you just need to learn to develop it.

Step Two

Notice what is keeping you from feeling happy. What is it that is bothering you right now? Notice how you know it bothers you, where you feel it in your body, and how strong it is. Then use the FasterEFT process to clear that obstacle.

Step Three

Choose to use the FasterEFT technique daily to clear any negative thoughts, feelings, challenges and memories that may come up during the day. You can use the mental tapping when other people are around.

You will find that as you do this, you will automatically become happier and more pain free without even trying. And instead of waiting for people, situations and things outside of yourself to make you happy, you will find you feel happy before you even achieve those desires.

In fact, you will achieve your desires faster and more effectively since the way you feel affects everything you do. Feeling happy will cause you to make different choices, take different action, be more production, appear more confident, communicate more effectively, and so much more.


Faster EFT Certification

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