Collapsing Physical Tension Accumulated from Work

Physical tension accumulated from work may appear for brief moments then disappear.  Some forms of tension may last for a for few minutes, while others for hours before the stiffness they cause disappears. Surprisingly, most people who suffer form physical tension or muscular tension are often not involved in jobs requiring extreme physical strength. Mental strain may exhibit symptoms through stiff or tensed muscles.

When trying to relax or sleep, muscular tension may even persist making it impossible to rest. For many people the solution is taking medications to either manage the pain or induce sleep. However, most modern medications do not really help in providing lasting healing from pain. In time, a person’s dosage may have to be increased as the body builds resistance to the drug or another risk is developing dependence on the substance.  This impacts health and even loved ones negatively.

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Physical tension or muscular tension caused by mental strain does not only affect the neck and head with tension.  Physical tension can affect any muscle or region of the body, then randomly migrate.  Ultimately, this can affect even the internal organs.  The onset of physical symptoms of stress and anxiety commonly exhibits the pain of tight, sore muscles on the following areas:

1. Head or facial muscles
2. Mouth
3. Back of the head and neck
4. Back and top of the shoulders
5. Chest
6. Stomach digestive system
7. Legs

Physical tension, aches and pains often repeats indefinitely.  Persons who are unaware of what this type of pain comes from or what it can do often do not seek professional help.  This can result in more sever suffering and attempts to self-medicate, leading to a more serious set of health problems.

Stress, Pain and Tension

The various stresses of life for all of us can result to pain and tension.  Our muscles physically change in times of stress.  This is normal in many cases and can be normal and healthy if it is mild to moderate.  However, people who experience physical tension and are not able to release the tension are in danger of suffering from a case of chronic stress or anxiety.  In such cases, releasing the tension may take longer or worse, may never happen.  This results in a real possibility of chronic pain, with or without a diagnosis.

Getting rid of the discomfort becomes more difficult when the focus of the resolution is alleviating only the symptoms instead of pain’s the root cause.  Pain medications are much like band aides with negative side effects.  They will only lesson the pain temporarily.  In order to completely lose the pain, it is mandatory to properly focus on its original, root cause.

Accumulated Physical Tension from Work

Unlike pain experienced from things like exercise or sleeping on the wrong side of your body, pain resulting from accumulated physical tension from work operates differently.  This type of pain and tension may affect several parts of the body and is sometimes difficult to pinpoint.  One may find a particular body part to be tensed more often than others.  This is because we are subconsciously programmed to physically respond in such a way without being aware this is happening.

Stress responses vary from one individual to another.  Two persons may be exposed to the same causes, or triggers of stress.  Yet, each may experience slightly or very different physical responses.  This is why it is important to notice and accept symptoms of physical burnout at work when it begins to appear.  While everyone in the workplace may seem they are having the time of their lives, some of us are actually experiencing pain and discomfort.  There is no need to pretend.  Finding a way to release the tension is our responsibility to our own bodies and minds.   Addressing -not ignoring- the pain does not imply we are weaker than everyone else.

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Collapsing Physical Tension

Physical responses to anything and everything within our environment are first produced within the mind.  What is conceived by the mind, the body follows.  In other words, what the mind believes is a threat or is negative, the body responds with likewise, physical reactions.  Eutaptics™ is a mind-body healing system focused on collapsing the internal source of pain, rather than the symptoms the source produces.  To collapse physical tension accumulated from work, one must bring into his awareness the origin of the physical response.  When applying Eutaptics™ tapping during the heat of the moment in physical effort to relax, the mind can be influenced to produce better mental patterns.  This results in producing new physical responses, thus alleviating the old, painful responses.

Memories or imprints are utilized by the subconscious.  In the case of physical tension and pain, these memories and imprints within the mind cause the brain to signal the body.  This is what causes the body’s physical parts to become tense.  Likewise, the brain may be reimprinted with positive reactions to causes of stress.  This is achieved by associating positive memories to causes of stress.

Ultimately, reimprinting the feelings experienced from the root causes of stress in the brain allows the body to maintain a state of calm and relaxation instead of physical stress and pain.  This is the only stress management system that delivers real and lasting resolution to the physical tension and pain accumulated from work.

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