Conditioning Your Mental Imprints to Create Wealth

Wealth is a mindset. Just like success, poverty, health, illness etc. are a state of mind. For many people, the reason they are unable to achieve what they want in life is a subconscious fear of wealth and/or money. It may seem strange at first glance, but when you look a little deeper, it makes perfect sense.

Since the fear is subconscious, the conscious mind has no idea it’s there; and the person continues to strive and try to achieve their goals while experiencing one failure after the other.

What is a Fear of Wealth?

If someone really wants something, why would they have a fear of getting what they want? The fear is based on subconscious references that provide “evidence” that if they were to achieve their goal, something bad would happen.

This can range from being disapproved of or rejected by friends and family to having to take on more responsibility. There are many different aspects that can form the structure for this fear; and most of them will not make any sense at all to the conscious mind.

This is why a fear of accruing wealth is so hard to find in the first place, and then so hard to overcome – because there is usually no logic behind it since the subconscious does not work with logic and reason.

What Causes a Fear of Wealth?

The foundation for a fear of wealth can be created from various experiences – very often these will not have anything to do with wealth, finances or money directly. Here’s an example:

Tom has been working very hard to advance his career. It’s taken him a long time to get to where he is, but try as he might, he still hasn’t managed to get a promotion in two years. Tom’s dream is to become the CEO of the company.

However, no matter how hard he works to build his career, he just can’t seem to get the clients he needs. His service is excellent, and those who hire him are very satisfied with the job he does; but he can’t seem to pick up any new clients, or keep them if he does manage to get any.

When he analyzes his performance he realizes that one of the keys to building his career is marketing – and he hasn’t been marketing himself the way he really needs to do.

When he plans to spend time on marketing, something always seems to come up that distracts him or means he is unable to do the work he knows he needs to get done in order to further himself. It feels like he’s in a trap and that it is all out of his control. The truth is, his subconscious mind is running the show.


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Whenever he gets close to taking the action that would truly lead to success, his subconscious prompts his brain to produce chemicals that cause sensations that trigger certain responses in him. For example, he feels fearful, anxious, physically sick, bored; he will suddenly notice there’s something else more important and more pressing; he will make a call he knows will take up time; or he’ll forget to take action on something else, providing a distraction and “emergency” that will take him away from the work that is essential to his success.

Let’s go back in time a little to find out how Tom’s fear of wealth was created. When he was 6 years old, Tom was asked by his teacher in school, to participate in an impromptu school play and dance as the lead character. Tom was unprepared, nervous, and froze in front of the class. In that moment, his body went into fight, freeze or flight, and his subconscious interpreted the event as dangerous.

In addition to this, the other kids teased him about it afterwards – which strengthened the “evidence” in the subconscious that being in the spotlight is dangerous.

Fast-forward to when Tom was 15 years old, and his father has just gotten promoted to Vice President of a company he was working for. Tom’s father was very anxious and nervous because his colleagues were throwing a congratulatory party for him, and he was expected to make a speech. Tom witnessed the stress in his father as he prepared himself for that night.

The Connections

Naturally, this is a very simplified example for clarity, but in this case, Tom’s subconscious connected the threat – the fight, freeze or flight state with being in the spotlight, and this connection was strengthened by the experience he witnessed his father going through.

It also connected the event of leaving a job with needing to give a speech (his father’s experience). Now, while Tom’s conscious mind would never have connected these aspects and wouldn’t expect such a connection, his subconscious has no ability to use reason or logic; and the connection is subconscious.

It this case, Tom’s fear is not about wealth itself; it is about the data his subconscious has calculated – regarding what will happen after getting that perfect job or the promotion. In other words: If Tom’s abilities develop enough for him to get promoted, the data held in his subconscious says that he will have to give a speech (even though his conscious mind knows this is not true, it is Tom’s subconscious that is in charge), and that of course is dangerous.

Therefore, his subconscious will do everything it can to protect Tom by preventing him from doing whatever is needed to really move his career forward and make it a success.

How to Overcome the Fear of Success

Since most of the information that supports the fear of wealth is subconscious, and the conscious mind is completely unaware of it, we generally have no idea what memories are forming part of the structure of the fear. Fortunately, using FasterEFT means you don’t need to know the original information.

You only need to know how you know. How do you know you have this fear of wealth/money? And then address that; and as you clear and flip that, other thoughts, feelings and memories will come up that are connected. As long as you keep your focus on “how you know” your subconscious will do the work for you in transforming the data.

For more information on how our subconscious records are created and how they affect our everyday lives, read: The REAL Cause of All Your Problems.

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