Create and Achieve Genuine Happiness

Creating and achieving genuine happiness in life, whatever you’re currently experiencing – is the result of what’s inside of you.

Some people sacrifice their own happiness to make others happy. You may find yourself doing that for your kids, spouses, partners, parents, colleagues, bosses etc. You’ll go out of your way to make sure the other people is happy, even at the cost of your own happiness and joy.

It’s good to be generous, kind and loving, but you are not responsible for other people’s happiness. Your responsible to keep yourself happy. If you put yourself first and others get upset, then those people aren’t loving – they’re manipulators.

As long as you keep going to rescue them, you are enabling their dysfunction. The only way to keep yourself and others happy, is not to let others control you. Create and sustain your own happiness and others will follow suit. If someone else is controlling you, it’s not their fault, it’s yours.

This doesn’t mean that those who are going through challenges are to blame for what is happening to them; it means that the only way for a person to change their experience of life is to change the inside of them.

The choices and decisions that a person makes are based on the beliefs and records held in the subconscious. These records provide not an understanding of the world and how it works, but who the individual is – not who they really are, but who they believe themselves to be.

Programming Your Mind to Achieve Happy Using FasterEFT

Using FasterEFT techniques and processes, it is possible to re-program the mind. As soon as you realize that you are not responsible for anyone else’s happiness but your own, you can begin to create a life full of joy, one without guilt, fear, doubt, anger etc.

If you’ve been using FasterEFT for a while, you’ll slowly start to identify false belief systems that you’ve been holding onto and you can start letting them all go. Releasing them from your mind is one of the most freeing things you can do for yourself. Life is too short to go through it letting people control you.

You can’t make everything alright for everyone, and it’s ok to accept that. How you can help other is by helping yourself by keeping yourself free of toxic beliefs using FasterEFT. Whether or not you believe that the FasterEFT belief system works, it shows results.

In fact, what Robert G. Smith encourages everyone to do is take one process at a time and use it as your working hypothesis.

Programming the mind to be happy simply means collapsing old negative mental structures that are rooted in long-standing beliefs that do not benefit you, and reimprinting a better structure within your mind will help you attain anything that will align you with your happiness.


Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted – Starter Course

“Transform Your Life with FasterEFT” is an introduction to the FasterEFT tapping style. It’s the next step after the “7 Day Quick Start Course” and the step before Level I training.

“Transform Your Life with FasterEFT” contains almost 9 hours of video to help you learn the basics of FasterEFT including the FasterEFT belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and how to release those problems using the FasterEFT tapping style. It will teach you how to fix problems in your life and give you a sense of peace. It also includes live demonstrations of the FasterEFT tapping process by Robert Smith. Click here to view full course description.


How to Change the Bits You Don’t Want

Take a look at the parts of your life you wish were different. What is it that bothers you in your life? Make a note of what it is, and how you wish it were different. It is important to recognize and acknowledge that your experience of these things – regardless of what they are – are affected by who you are.

Everything you experience, no matter what it may be, is the result of the records you are holding in your subconscious. In order to change what you’re experiencing in life, you need to change the records that provide the “proof” for that experience.

Take a moment to think about the first thing on your list that bothers you. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and notice how you feel when you think about that thing. Take notice of the memories, thoughts and feelings. Then, use the FasterEFT technique to address those memories, thoughts and feelings.

Keep repeating the process until you flip the memories and any bad feelings have been replaced by good ones. Go back and check how you feel about that thing now. If you find that it still bothers you, think back to when you’ve experienced the same feelings in your life before – or when you’ve witnessed or heard about someone else experiencing them. And address those memories. Keep going until they flip.

Through the FasterEFT tapping process you can learn how to create, achieve and sustain happiness when it arrives. You can learn how to feel the joy of being content as you aspire for something more meaningful rather than just going through life like an obligation. Cheer yourself up, look after yourself and joy will follow!


Faster EFT Certification

How to Change Yourself – Level 1 Online Training

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