Creating Epigenetic Changes by Achieving Mindfulness Through FasterEFT

Epigenetics is an expanding field of research focusing on the changes in the phenotype of the DNA without sequence-altering modifications. The DNA methylation and histone modifications are among the top two epigenetic mechanisms that directly influence gene expression.
Recent scientific studies link benefits of mindfulness meditation to support epigenetic studies.

But the thousand year old Buddhist habit of meditation and its subsequent benefits, are becoming increasingly popular in western cultures, causing intrigue in both science and medicine. The mind is a generator of both wellness and sickness, and to choose wellness means choosing to understand the mind and learning how to control it.

To most people, improving health by simply being mindful seems too good to be true. But studies in epigenetics have shown these three obvious benefits:

1. Reducing of Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is related to a broad range of issues such as depression, Alzheimer’s, cancer, obesity, growth of cancer cells, to mention a few. Scientists discovered that practicing mindfulness can rescue anyone suffering from detrimental inflammation.

Experienced meditators who were subscribed to the study showed changes in their blood’s mononuclear cells. What is most shocking is the reduction of histone deacetylase genes – HDAC2, HDAC3 and HDAC9 – these three are thought to play an important role in creating inflammatory pathways. Pro-inflammatory genes – RIPK2 and COX2 also showed decreased expression among those who practiced solid mindfulness meditation.

It was evident that meditators who were also enrolled in the study demonstrated faster recovery from the release of the stress hormone – cortisol as a result of Trier Social Stress Test.

Achieving a mindful state allows the body to recover from chemical and physical stress responses and reduce harmful inflammation. A much more elaborate and solid study needs to be conducted on the effects of mindfulness due to the similarities of the effects of anti-inflammatory medications such as HDACi, or histone deacetylase inhibitors.

2. Keeping Healthy Telomeres

The protective caps found on chromosomes called telomeres play a vital role in keeping cells healthy and youthful. The length of these caps influence whether target genes are switched on or off and telomeres activity is linked to psychological stress and physical health.

Achieving mindfulness through meditation or perhaps practicing the FasterEFT technique to get rid of stress responses can support healthy telomere length and improve telomerase activity. Meditators in a study showed significant effects of maintaining telomere length among avid meditators and a decrease in length in those who do not practice mindfulness meditation.


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3. Reducing Risks of Cancer

Positive lifestyle changes and a practice of mindfulness can dramatically reduce the risk of developing cancer. Dr. Dean Ornish and scientists at the University of California, San Francisco, discovered that men who practice meditation or those who underwent breathing exercises and yoga combined with healthy exercise showed a remarkable decrease in gene expressions associated with cancer. RAS family oncogenes – RAN, RAB14 and RAB8A substantially decreased as a result of these activities.

Please note that the above mentioned findings are  preliminary. However, they are sufficient to prove the value of mindfulness.

FasterEFT In Achieving Mindfulness

Faster EFT tapping can directly and quickly influence our stress responses and bring the mind into a focused state. Tapping across the suggested meridian points eradicates stress responses quickly by shifting an individual’s focus from the problem all the while retraining the mind to respond within a neutral or positive mindset.

FasterEFT can be used to complement meditation and boost its effects in instances where meditation is not possible and immediate relief from stress is needed. It is not a quick-fix, in fact, because it is a memory reimprinting process, an individual can change the records used by the mind in forming responses and unwanted behavior. With the records changed, emotions are released and lasting change can be expected.


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