Dare to Achieve Success Without Fear

How dare you? People who dare to dream to achieve success and dare to take chances, are usually the ones who succeed. You can dare to dream, but if you don’t do anything about it, you won’t become a success. It all boils down to your attitude – are you positive or negative? Full of hope for the future or fear of failure?

According to a study conducted in 2016, by Psychologist Carol Dweck from Stanford University, an individual’s attitude is a better predictor of success compared to IQ. This means that even if you have aptitude, and not the right attitude, you won’t get very far in life.

So in conclusion the study simply states that you cannot be successful without the right attitude.

Achieving success is about having the right attitude. The most basic definition of attitude is- ‘the way you think about something or someone’. This means it all starts with our thoughts, what we think, how we think, what and how we feel.

All these develop our attitudes. Information you take in can be thought of as positive or negative, depending on your attitude. This then, will affect your words and actions. When your attitude is full of fear, anger, doubt, resentment – it affects everything – including your ability or lack of, to achieve success.

We really want you to think about this for a minute – Attitude is the way we think. Two people, in the same situation, perhaps a financially difficult situation like being unable to pay the bills – can see the same thing.

But how they tackle that difficult situation is based on how they individually think about it that makes the difference, based on their good or bad attitude.

If you have a negative attitude towards success – there’s a good chance that you’re full of fear. You’ll notice many times, perhaps at your place of employment, that if one person reacts with fear about some new policy change at the office, that negativity spreads like wildfire throughout the office and affects everyone else.

On the other hand, if someone in that same office reacts with a different attitude, one of hope and success – that person will have a different experience despite the same policy change. That person can take it as an opportunity to take it as a challenge and better themselves.

For many people, this difference in attitude – whether you react positively or negatively, is a subconscious fear of success. This may seem strange at first – fearing the thing they want most – but when you look a little deeper, it makes perfect sense. Since the fear is subconscious, the conscious mind has no idea it’s there; and the person continues to strive and try to achieve their goals while experiencing one failure after the other.


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What is a Fear of Success?

If someone really wants something, why would they have a fear of getting what they want? The fear is based on subconscious references that provide “evidence” that if they were to achieve their goal, something bad would happen.

This can range from being disapproved of or rejected by friends and family to having to take on more responsibility. There are many different aspects that can form the structure for this fear; and most of them will not make any sense at all to the conscious mind.

This is why a fear of success is so hard to find in the first place, and then so hard to overcome – because there is usually no logic behind it since the subconscious does not work with logic and reason. The foundation for a fear of success can be created from various experiences – very often these will not have anything to do with success.

How to Overcome the Fear of Success using FasterEFT

Since most of the information that supports the fear of success is subconscious, and the conscious mind is completely unaware of it, we generally have no idea what memories are forming part of the structure of the fear. Fortunately, using FasterEFT means you don’t need to know the original information.

You only need to know how you know. How do you know you have this fear of success? And then address that; and as you clear and flip that, other thoughts, feelings and memories will come up that are connected. As long as you keep your focus on “how you know” your subconscious will do the work for you in transforming the data.

The result will be that your core beliefs about success will be more conducive to achieving success. You may still have doubts, but you can clear them with FasterEFT and they won’t be crippling. Using the FasterEFT technique you will be able to increase your power to succeed.


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