Difference Between Memories and Intelligence

Have you ever wondered why some people have a better memory than others? Mostly people just attribute having a good memory to genes, diet, environment and hereditary. While these may all be contributing factors, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

Let’s take two examples.

Mary has a photographic memory. This means that whatever she reads, she immediately memorizes it and is able to regurgitate it almost word for word. This really helps her get top marks at school. People automatically assume that since she has a good memory, she must be very intelligent.

However, when the teacher asks Mary to think outside the textbook , her discourse about “why” and “how” new things should be done are rather lacking.

On the other hand, we have Jane. She doesn’t have a photographic memory and has to read and re-read a text multiple times before she is able to remember it. She has to make notes and keep on revising what she studied previously to make it just above the average grade. However, when asked questions that require critical thinking, again the “why” and “how” a thing can be innovated, she demonstrates remarkable insight.

Different types of Memories

Let us briefly examine what short term and long term memories are.

A short term memory holds limited facts, and helps us focus on what is relevant in the now. A long term memory stores facts from the past. If the memory has a high emotional attachment to it, it is stored in the mind for a very long time.

That’s why some people can remember exactly what they wore when they got their first kiss. Because the moment was so important to them, they attached a high emotional value to it.

Let’s take this a step further. Long term memories arise out of a subconscious process of rehearsal that is very complex. When you keep thinking a thought, whether from the past or present, over and over again, it becomes a long term memory over time.

Just because you don’t have good memory, that doesn’t mean you’re not intelligent. And just because you’re good at analytical thinking doesn’t mean you have a good memory. However, there are exceptions to every rule. More often than not, you may have been told from an early age that:

a) you have very poor memory and are not very smart, or;

b) you have a very good memory and therefore are very smart.

Whatever category you fall into, you believed and internalized that fact, which became your reality.


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Tips to Improve Your Intelligence:

1. Being Mindful of Your Feelings

Being mindful of your feelings is paying very close attention to how you feel. In the process of our daily lives, no matter how relaxed or highly stressful it is, we neglect to give importance to observe why we react in a particular way.

In the FasterEFT belief system you are taught how to recognize how you feel.

What makes you mad? What makes you angry or jealous? What makes you happy or unhappy?

While those questions appear simple and easy, they play an important role in identifying the root cause of your reactions. You see, every reaction by the body is formed within the mind and is wired to a source.

That source is most likely an imprint or a memory that your mind utilizes to make you function in a predictable way.

The more attention we pay to our feelings, the more we acquire a new level of trusting our emotions and become better in managing them. FasterEFT Tapping is a simple and highly effective technique that will help you gain more control and understanding about your feelings.

2. Observe Your Behavior

What motivates our behavior about anything are our thoughts and emotions. If we dig deeper and peel back our layers of consciousness, we will find that our thoughts are processed through our memories.

Our behavior towards anything after going through the filters of the mind is the output of complex structured data – our programming.

So if you think you are not very intelligent or don’t have a good memory – it is because of the data stored within your subconscious mind. In other words, if you want to change your behavior towards anything, you need to find the source. FasterEFT can help you harness the power of your memories and the emotions they carry to improve any aspect of your life.

In the long run, your communication with others, your productivity and ultimately – your mindset about how intelligence will be aligned with a strong sense of confidence. So if you want to be considered intelligence and smart, let go of old memories that tell you otherwise and start to focus and build in new memories through the FasterEFT memory reimprinting technique!


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