Elevate Spiritual Well-Being Through Eutaptics

Eutaptics practice can elevate your spiritual well-being, whether you have just begun your spiritual journey or have an ongoing pact to improve your spiritual health. Spirituality is among the most discussed topics in life and stress management systems today. Perhaps it is because of the rapid advancement in science and technology that makes us rely on convenience, or the undeniable, unstable disputes among religions, race, governments and nations that pull many to seek spiritual healing above all else.

Our spiritual wellness is at the center of our being. It is the key generator of our values in which our purpose in life is aligned. Each person’s spiritual journey is a unique experience.

Spirituality and religion are not synonymous terms. A religion is a community of people with shared values and rituals. Religion is socially and publicly organized for a group of people who relate to a particular set of rituals, beliefs and understanding of the divine.


Whereas, spirituality is unique to each individual. It is a path, a journey or an experience that leads to greater understanding of life, living and creation. In a sense, spirituality is more abstract than religion and is not confined under a given name of an organization or under singular understanding of doctrines.

A highly spiritual person can be very tolerant to all religions, beliefs and faith of other people. Although religion is normally viewed as the vessel through which spirituality is found, it is not always the case.

Eutaptics is not a religion and will never be. It is a training system with a great focus on the mind to help improve a person’s psychological flexibility. Eutaptics practice can lead to improved spiritual health because the system itself destroys toxic belief systems that have accumulated since our very first day on this planet.

It is not always easy to recognize the existence of belief systems that block our paths to spiritual growth. Eutaptics practice helps weaken the structure of any thought that blocks your spiritual growth. It takes you to the present moment with a raised awareness about how and why your body responds to any particular thought or sensation. It is one process that can improve mindfulness and help you reap its benefits.


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Religious Views and Toxic Beliefs

One thing that can lead to a heated argument among friends, neighbors or even nations is our varying and conflicting religious views. Each religion claims to hold the truth and each person who has sworn devotion to any religion will cling to it as the ultimate truth through which all the mysteries of creation are explained.

It is not to say that religion is a toxic belief. Religion can unite communities, spread peace and kindness and most of all, teach the meaning of love. But when religion is mixed with politics or used to cause division among the human race, it then becomes toxic and each is individually affected.

Everyone is affected by religious beliefs more than they would like to admit or recognize. There is an obvious link between our personal values and the religion that we believe in. When extreme religious practices begin to affect other aspects of our life to the point that they start to produce big problems, then it is time to call it toxic. There are other alternatives to resolving conflict, apart from radically quitting a certain religion or starting a revolution against it. Simply draw more strength from the spiritual aspect of your religion and transform it to help you grow.

Eutaptics practice can help you pinpoint your toxic beliefs relating to your religion or views on spirituality. It is a system open to all races, religions or genders – it is not aimed to introduce new beliefs about divinity and holy doctrines. Eutaptics practice can improve your tolerance about the diversity of this world in terms of faith.


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