Emotional Baggage: How it affects your Health and what You can do about it


When you feel an intense emotion, such as anger, joy, hatred, fear, anxiety, shock etc. it immediately becomes trapped in the body.


That’s how memories are created.


An event happens that you witness, it causes an intense emotion of joy, and that causes that event to become a memory you look back on with fondness.


For example, the day you got engaged, the birth of your child, your graduation, the day you received your first paycheck, the day you bought your first car, the day you opened your first business etc.


How to do the Faster EFT Tap – The Basic Recipe

Emotional health depends on your memories

The subconscious is not capable of logic or reason; and it creates these structures based on experiences – connected by emotions – rather than on reason or logic.


For example: While a butterfly and a physical threat to survival is not a logical match to the conscious mind, the subconscious can connect them through an experience that the individual may no longer consciously remember.


Let’s use a story to illustrate this.


Jackson is a baby, and he’s in a dreamy, relaxed state.


Jackson is focused on a butterfly, and unaware of everything else around him.


Suddenly, a door slams, and his body reacts in shock.


Jackson’s brain immediately triggers his organs to produce fight or flight chemicals, and his body instantly goes into an emergency state.


His subconscious will automatically search to make a connection between the danger and the source of it.


Since the baby’s conscious mind is not yet able to work out where the threat came from, and since butterfly full focus was on a butterfly at the time, his subconscious may create a connection between the rabbit and the stress state.


From then on, whenever Jackson sees a butterfly, his body goes into fight or flight and he starts to cry.


His parents have no idea what happened, and cannot understand why their child is suddenly and inexplicably terrified of butterflies.


As he gets older, his conscious mind understands that butterflies can’t hurt him, but he still can’t help feeling fear whenever he sees a butterfly.


Naturally, Jackson’s conscious mind doesn’t remember the original incident, but the memory of it is stored in his subconscious as part of his survival system.


His conscious mind believes he has a weird phobia of butterflies, and so he simply does whatever he can to avoid coming into contact with them.


Now, another baby may not have made the connection between butterflies and danger – not every individual will make the same connections.


It depends on the emotional state at the time, the intensity and precise position of the focus, and the events following the incident.


It also depends on the experiences that came after the event and were filtered through that particular event.


If, for example, Jackson is then later on, somehow, surprised by a butterfly or someone playing with a butterfly, or someone with a butterfly tattoo, the subconscious may then add that incident to the structure of the butterfly threat.


While these incidents may seem to have a certain logic (they all involve butterflies) there may also be other memories that are part of the structure of this particular problem that appear to have nothing to do with butterflies – this is where the conscious mind struggles to understand the connections.


For example, Jackson may encounter a bully at school who has a butterfly tattoo.


His subconscious is on the look-out for danger, to keep him safe, it recognizes the connection, and attaches the memory of that bully to the threat of butterflies.


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The Mind – Body Connection

There is a way to understand how emotional baggage works so that it’s easier to deal with.


When you are re-living an event, your mind cannot tell the difference between the actual event and the memory.


That’s what emotional health and by extension, your physical health depends upon.


So whenever you relive a past traumatic event that is heavy with emotion, that triggers your body to respond in the same way it did.


So an emotion is felt by just thinking about it.


So whenever you worry about something that is going to happen, a negative experience that has not yet occurred but could occur, your body goes into fight or flight mode.


The fact that you can activate your body’s emergency response, which produce stress chemicals, just by thinking about something negative, means that you have the power to influence your body’s physiology.


That’s why chronic illnesses manifest so quickly in people who are constantly worrying about future events, or reliving traumatic memories from the past.


Their emotional health then depends upon the quality of the thoughts they are thinking.


The great news is, if you can make yourself sick by thoughts alone, you can heal yourself by your thoughts as well!


In the past decade or so, there’s been a huge interest in the mind-body connection, and many therapies have been formed to help people balance their emotions with their physical health.


However, Faster EFT is the most effective, time efficient, and easiest technique to learn and use.


The thousands of testimonials we’ve gotten from doctors, nurses, biologists, and everyday people who have suffered from chronic illnesses for decades have confirmed that Faster EFT helps in reducing the emotional intensity of memories that trigger the stress response.


Once the emotional trigger is removed or reduced, the body is able to return to its natural state of health, because that is what it was designed to do – thrive not strive.


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How to use Faster EFT for better Health

Start with the memory that is the earliest or the most emotionally intense.


If you can’t decide, make a list of all of the memories, and simply start at the top and work your way through them.


You will not necessarily need to work through every single one since flipping a few of them may result in the others automatically collapsing.


Robert demonstrates how to the Faster EFT tap:



Other videos that may help with your emotional and mental health:





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