Energy Psychology Compared to Faster EFT

FasterEFT is not an energy balancing and healing modality. It may include tapping along meridian points, but it is not focused on the body’s energy system.

One would find that the purpose of tapping in FasterEFT is actually based on de-fractionation – a way to reprogram our body’s responses to anything that causes us problems, whether in a form of an illness or limiting belief.

The fundamental belief in FasterEFT is based on neurology, biology and that we are all functioning properly based on the records our mind uses to formulate a response. If a problem arises, an illness for example, it means that there is an imprint or memory held within the subconscious mind that causes its manifestation.

FasterEFT tapping is employed to disrupt the signal between the major organs and the brain that triggers the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response, while also changing neural pathways that contribute to how these responses are formed.

In other words, tapping weakens the structure of the problem that the mind utilizes in forming behavior and responses.

Energy psychology modalities, like EFT, focus on broken energy systems. Negative emotions within EFT healing do not focus on the effects of negative emotions, where they are rooted and why the mind keeps on producing responses that ultimately result in dis-ease.

FasterEFT on the other hand, shifts our focus to pay more attention to our subconscious programming other than energy lines. This is because neurological and biological processes have a greater impact on how we create a healthy life.

Noticing how you know you have a problem

In solving any issue in life, whether it’s in the form of a mental disorder, physical illnesses or other life problems, one must begin with how they know the problem exists. This in Faster EFT is called the aiming process that shifts the subconscious to focus on an issue.

The meridian points tapped on when applying the FasterEFT technique changes the body’s response to a particular thought. In other words, when the focus is shifted to a problem provoking thought, the mind automatically signals the body to respond in a stress state.

Tapping changes the body’s response to disrupt the signal making the mind understand that it is “okay to let go.”

This process is repeated until the memory holding the highest frequency of emotions are reimprinted.


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Memory Reimprinting in FasterEFT – Overview

FasterEFT is a memory reimprinting system. Everything in our lives is influenced by our memories. Your response to anything you favor and those that you dislike are based on collective and interdependent memories your subconscious and unconscious holds.

These records are readily available for the mind to utilize, often quicker than a blink of an eye. Our responses to anything are automatically influenced by what our mind perceives as negative, positive or neutral.

In case of problems, our responses are withdrawn from memories that are holding negative emotions. It is emotions that power our thoughts. Emotions are the glue that link a particular memory to a response.

This is very obvious in cases of fears and phobias. Someone who has experienced extreme pain in the past will always link any current experience that triggers the same response, although there is no actual danger present at the moment.

In other words, unless the emotions held by the memories causing the problems are released, a person will forever be trapped in a cycle of fear. Since the mind is an interdependent environment of countless memories, the mind creates various responses to a perceived threat.

This is not isolated to fear or traumatic stress responses; our mental programs function this way in everything.

Bringing it altogether

Faster EFT is very different from energy psychology methods like traditional EFT. It is a system based on logic and how the mind works.

Every life problem in FasterEFT is addressed by finding the primary imprint that causes that life problem, may it be in a form of a physical or invisible illness.

FasterEFT is a well pronounced healing system among psychotherapists and naturopathy practitioners because it can complement other healing systems.


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