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Many of us walk around with a lack mentality, without really being aware of it.


We take it for granted, like the sunshine or the air that we breathe.


Have you ever thought to yourself, “It’s humble to not accept huge amounts of money. I shouldn’t be greedy. That would be greedy.” or “I’m just not meant to be rich. Only the lucky get rich. I’m not lucky.”


With the Eutaptics and wealth training, you can get rid of that limited mentality, that false sense of humility.


You need to start seeing yourself as abundant, successful, as being worthy.


That may not be possible after a lifetime of struggling with finances. Give yourself permission to step into the life of your dreams.



The source of the money problems is in your subconscious.

The great news is – you can change your finances by changing the original source inside your subconscious – creating natural, automatic results, with the Eutaptics and wealth training and techniques.


And it may be easier and faster than you expect! Although money problems appear to have a wide range of different causes – depending on the person, their individual circumstances, and the events that happen to them – the truth is, all money problems have the same cause as all other problems: their subconscious mind.




Behind the scenes

You may have heard this before; however, it can be difficult to truly grasp and work from this truth when you’re faced with financial challenges.


No matter what your money issues are, the most effective way to solve them is to take a step back and focus on the overall feeling.


That’s what the  Eutaptics and wealth trainings aim to do. Change the problem from the original source.


Ask yourself how you know you have a problem.


How do you know you have a money problem?


Your answer may be, for example, that you can’t seem to resist spending money you don’t have.


It could be that you don’t feel comfortable charging for your services.


It may be that your expenses are always higher than your income.


Or, it may be that you keep being turned down for higher-paying jobs.


Whatever it is, notice how you know it’s a problem.


Now, notice how it feels.


How do you feel about not being able to resist spending money you don’t have?


Even though you know you’ll be accruing credit card debt.


Think about how it feels before you do it, and how does it feel during and after you’ve done it?


How do you feel when you think about charging for your services?


What does not having enough money to pay your bills feel like?


Or not being able to afford the things you want?


How does it feel when you’re turned down for those jobs that pay more?


Notice the feeling itself.


You don’t necessarily need to be able to put a name to it, just notice how it feels inside yourself.


Next, think back – when have you felt this same feeling in the past?


It may not have anything to do with money (in fact, it probably won’t have anything to do with money), but it will be the same feeling.





An example of Eutaptics and Wealth:

Mike’s story

How do I know I have a money problem?

I never seem to be able to earn enough money in my account.


I’m living paycheck to paycheck.


I have no extra money to all the things I want to do.



How does that feel?

I feel left worthless and frustrated.


I don’t understand why people can make money so easily and I can’t.


I’m working hard, but each time I apply for a higher-paying job, I’m turned down – even though the interview seems to go really well and it looks like I’ll get it.


Maybe there’s something wrong with me.


What are my earliest memories of this feeling? [This is where the Eutaptics and wealth mindset comes into play. It works directly with the memories. Read on to see how!]


  1. When I was in high school, I really wanted to be on the school’s football team. But, every time I’d train and think I was ready, I’d try out for the team, and be turned down. I kept trying and worked so hard, but it didn’t seem to matter. It’s the same feeling of feeling worthless; the same feeling of frustration; the same feeling of expecting things to change and then disappointment.
  1. At home, my father was hard to please. No matter what I did, I was never good enough. I can only remember two occasions when he said “Well done.” but on both of those, he added “Your brother is performing better than you. Why can’t you be more like him?” Dad thought he was pushing me to achieve more; but the truth is, it just made me feel like no matter what I did, I could never be good enough, smart enough or make him feel proud enough. It’s the same feeling of trying so hard, doing what I believe is expected of me, and then disappointment; the same feeling of frustration and being left out or rejected.


Eutaptics and Memories –

The guide to creating abundance with the Eutaptics and wealth training

Mike’s subconscious has interpreted (and recorded that interpretation) of life experiences and linked them with certain physiological states – which have been interpreted by the conscious mind.


Mike needs to work on those early memories, using the Eutaptics and wealth training; and as he clears and flips the memory, Mike will be disconnecting and rewiring the neural networks that provide the structure for his current financial problems.


So this is how it works – If Mike uses the Eutaptics and wealth training to clear and flip his memories – to the point where his dad is actually proud of him and brags about Mike’s accomplishments to his friends; and he clears and flips his memories of being turned down for the school’s football team, to where every team wants him – his subconscious will have new records to refer to.


Instead of referring to the “proof” it currently holds that he is not good enough, it will be referring to the “proof” (the flipped memories) that he is worthy, appreciated and wanted.


This means that his subconscious will be prompting his brain to trigger different chemicals – which will mean his conscious mind is interpreting different impulses and sensations – causing him to make different decisions, take different actions, communicate differently, and give a different impression to those around him.


And that will change the results he experiences in all areas of his life – including work and finances.




You Can Do It Too!

You can do the same. Whatever challenges you’re experiencing regarding money, you could not be experiencing them if there was no structure in your subconscious that supported them.


If you’re experiencing it, your subconscious contains “proof” of some kind.


That’s what the Eutaptics and wealth training aims to help you with.


You may not know what that proof is – and fortunately, you don’t need to know, since Eutaptics works directly with the subconscious – simply notice what you do know; that is how you aim.


For more information on this, read: How to Aim with Eutaptics.




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