Eutaptics: Your Mental Upgrade to Achieving Stress Resilience

Stress is the body’s response to the mind’s perception. When something seems to evoke negative feelings in you, you can be sure that it’s causing you stress.

That’s why building stress resilience is so important in today’s world. In other words: you experience something and your mind perceives that experience in a certain way that causes your brain to signal your body to go into a state of emergency (fight, freeze or flight).

The body’s response is the same in the case of mental triggers as it is in the event of physical danger.
Your body and brain respond in the same way they would if you were being threatened by a wild animal when you are:

a. worry about something that may happen, or something that may not happen.
b. think about something that happened in the past that hurt you.
c. think about what you’re going to say or do to someone that upset you (playing scenarios in your mind).
d. think about what you should have said in a situation or to a person that hurt you.
e. replay debates, arguments or cringe-worthy experiences in your mind.
f. remember memories that bother you.

How to get rid of Stress using Eutaptics

Apart from not feeling good, prolonged stress can take its toll on the body and brain. It also affects performance, communication skills, physical strength and stamina, cognitive thinking, and more. The effects of stress can vary from one person to another; but the overall effects are highly detrimental. The brain and body is designed to withstand (and even thrive) in short periods of stress. That’s why building stress resilience is so a tool everyone should have and develop. That is because long-term stress can cause extreme damage.
While relaxation techniques are very effective in relieving stress to some extent; they do not remove the root cause of the stress. In order to be permanently stress-free, you need to address the original record that is causing the subconscious to prompt the brain to trigger the stress response. This means training your brain to achieve stress resilience.

The following Euptatics process goes straight to the root of the problem and clears away the negative imprints that contribute to stress triggers. This way you can build stress resilience towards events, people, things that trigger stress.


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Step One

Think about what usually triggers you to feel stress. What is it that generally causes a stressed response in you? Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and think of that trigger now in as much detail as possible.

As you do this, notice how you feel, what you see, and what you hear. Notice what the feeling is like, where in your body you feel it, and how strong it is.

Step Two:

Using two fingers, and focusing on the feeling of your fingertips on your skin, gently tap the following meridian points while saying the phrases:
– Between your eyebrows – “I release and let it go.”
– Beside your eye – “It’s okay to let this go now.”
– Under your eye – “It’s safe to let this go now.”
– Just below your collarbone – “I don’t need it anymore, and I’m safe as I’m letting it go.”

Step Three:

Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out, and say “Peace” then go to a peaceful memory. Enjoy the feeling of your peaceful memory for a moment.

Step Four

Go back to the memory of whatever it is that usually causes you to feel stressed, and notice what’s different. Has the memory changed in any way? Is the feeling different? Has the feeling moved position in your body, or has it changed in intensity? Just notice what’s still left there.

Step Five

Now, repeat the steps two to four again, and keep doing this until the feeling of stress has completely gone and has been replaced by a feeling of peace. Make sure you keep going until there is no trace of the stressed feelings at all, and feel completely peaceful.
Do this with each thing that usually stresses you; and do it whenever you start to feel stressed.

You will find that not only are you developing a powerful stress resilience response, but you are able to get rid of the feelings of stress in the moment; and the things that used to cause you to feel stressed no longer produce that response in you. This is how you build resilience to stress and be default a stress-free life.


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