Faster EFT and Lyme Disease

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Many people are convinced that Lyme disease is caused by the bite of a tick.


But in reality, as someone who has successfully helped many many people heal from Lyme disease, Robert G. Smith will tell you that,


Lyme disease is the relabeling of Fibromyalgia, M.E. and other mysterious physical issues brought on by PTSD, trauma and depression.

While there are physical aspects to the symptoms, people suffering from Lyme disease live with it for years.


Battling fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia, severe headaches, achy muscles and lack of productivity.   


If it was purely just a disease caused by the bite of an insect, it would have a higher cure rate than it does now.

According to the Results of a patient survey conducted in 2015:


The CDC/NIH estimates that up to 20% of Lyme patients have persisting symptoms after treatment. Other studies show treatment failure rates ranging from 35%-50%. Over 90% of survey respondents reported failing short term treatment protocols. Over 50% of patients are not on antibiotics and IV antibiotic use is uncommon.

So logically speaking, there must be more to Lyme disease than just taking medication and antibiotics to cure it.


What this survey points to, and those suffering from Lyme disease will confirm, that drugs rarely work.  


Even if you do the required course of antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.

Many Lyme disease patients will confirm that while the short-term  effects of antibiotic therapy help suppress symptoms, they rarely cure the disease.


Why doesn’t medication work on Lyme Disease?

This disease is difficult to diagnose, rarely cured, and widely ignored.


There’s been a huge fallout in the medical community over this disease.


No one can agree on treatment, the symptoms, the diagnosis, the duration of the disease.


The good news it, with Faster EFT tapping, you don’t need to concern yourself with these symptoms.


You just need to get to the cause of the issue, and the cause lies within your mind.


While it may sound too good to be true, when you understand how and why Faster EFT works, it will all make perfect sense.


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Once you start working with the Faster EFT Tapping technique, you’ll realize that all of the traumatic memories from your life are stored as pain and disease in your body.


Especially the memories you consciously can’t remember – those are the ones that show up as pain and other symptoms in your body.


Freedom from severe pain can bring unimaginable joy and freedom in your life, but only if you apply these techniques.


How Faster EFT works for Lyme disease

The Faster EFT Tapping technique works to change the references or memories held in the subconscious that result in problems in all areas of life, including chronic pain and diseases.


The Faster EFT tapping technique disrupts the production of the chemicals that cause the feeling of fear, anger, anxiety or any other negative emotion and changes the meaning of the traumatic memory in the subconscious from “fear” or “anger” (or whatever that memory represents) to peace.


This will then result in an automatic feeling of peace and satisfaction whenever you reference that memory in the future.


Once you’ve learned how to use the FasterEFT tapping technique, the key is to keep going.


You need to take complete responsibility by continuing to address traumatic memories, in order to experience complete recovery.


Fatigue, migraines and depression resulting from Lyme disease are manifestations of repressed memories.


By attending one of Robert’s live seminars, you will be able to learn how to use the A.R.T. of Change process to address and flip subconscious beliefs that contribute to Lyme disease.


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A True Story

Recently, Two time Emmy award winner Kathy McDevitt, chose to have private sessions with Robert, for a week, for her Lyme disease and the traumas that help build it.


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Listen to her experience here:


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