Faster EFT Tapping for Forgiveness – After the 2016 Elections

You may have heard the saying, “Forgive and forget”.

Well it can be easy to forget sometimes, but not so easy to forgive and move forward.

Everyone of us probably had one or two of those moments during the election cycle where we thought we could never forgive the other person for having such a different political point of view.

More than anything, the 2016 election highlighted that core differences in values that people have.

Values like honesty, integrity, respect, compassion and love.

Social media and the 24 hour news cycle has made it almost impossible to avoid talking about politics.

It’s not surprising then, that our personal lives also get affected.

People start unfriending family and friends on Facebook and other networks.

Love is lost.

They start making rude or disrespectful comments on posts they disagree with.

It can become a struggle to forgive family and friends that have opposing opinions.


What Matters the Most – Forgiveness or Feuding?

Consider the following:

While at the Al Smith charity dinner in New York City last October, President Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had the following conversation:

He turned to her and said, “You know, you are one tough and talented woman.”

To which she replied, “Donald, no matter what happens, we need to work together afterwards.”

Now let’s just take a moment to reflect on that.

How do you feel when you read that?





The point is that no matter how much you disagree with someone’s opinion during the election on any given subject, there is still a way to forgive them, love them and move on!

Because in the end, it’s not them that your anger is affecting, it’s yourself.

You are carrying the grudge inside of you.

You care feeling the effects of that emotion as stress, anxiety, pain, frustration, fear, rage etc.

What if you could forgive them for disagreeing with you during the election and still have your own opinion without feeling any of those negative emotions?

Wouldn’t that be great?

Loving yourself is the key to forgiveness.













3 Faster EFT tips for Forgiveness:

The good news is that you can start right now to mend the broken relationships with your family and friends through love.

Even with your colleagues, co-workers, bosses and business partners!

The 2016 election may have caused a huge emotional stir by exposing opposing opinions.

But you can move past that, even though at times it may seem like you can’t possibly be friends with someone with a different political view than yours.

Here’s how:

  1. You can be right.

Or you can choose to forgive and move on.

Everyone who has a strong opinion about something believes they are correct.

So trying to persuade them otherwise is a waste of time and energy and causes strive.

Before it becomes too late, you can accept that the other person has their own political opinions, and you have yours.

You can use the Faster EFT technique in any given moment to release and tap out negative emotions.

And fill yourself with love and positive emotions instead.

Especially when you feel like you’re about to get into a heated argument.

Or say and do something you will regret later.

Once you’re no longer in the control of the ‘fight and flight’ response, you can decide whether you want to be right, or whether you want to forgive.

Forgiveness can be freeing, and it allows you the luxury of keeping your friends and family close.


  1. Anger only hurts you.

When you are angry, you’re only hurting yourself.

Yes it may feel good to vent or to prove a point.

But when the steam cools and you realize you have hurt someone close to you, the remorse and guilt that follow aren’t a very pleasant feeling.

Love can solve things in a way that anger cannot resolve.


  1. Contrast is good.

Without hearing about different opinions, you’ll never know what you are missing.

Sometimes the other person may have some information that you do not.

They may offer something valuable in the form of a debate.

It may also give you the opportunity to examine your own beliefs.

What is it about that statement or person that triggered you?

That can be another opportunity to use Faster EFT and clean up the mess!


Faster EFT Tapping and You

The reason we keep saying to clean up your own emotions first in Faster EFT is because it all starts with you.

Your reaction, your attitudes, your thoughts and your feelings.

By looking inside yourself first, cleaning up your own stuff, and making sure you are in a positive state before you take any action with anything or anyone outside of you is because while you are triggered by something you are compromised.

Your faculties, ability to love, communication skills, problem-solving skills, ability to see opportunities, judgement, and so much else are all hindered while you are feeling negative emotions.

Every negative emotion is a stress fight or flight state – to some degree.

During the fight or flight state, the body and brain go into emergency mode – shutting down or reducing systems that are not needed for immediate survival through running away or fighting.

This includes the part of your brain that is responsible for cognitive thinking.

Once you are able to clear your stress reaction, that part of your brain will come back online fully again, and you will be able to perform far more effectively, being of more use to those who need you.

You will be able to judge situations and circumstances more effectively, make wiser decisions, communicate more effectively, and solve problems more easily.

Faster EFT to the rescue!

Faster EFT tapping has only FIVE steps, that takes only 30 seconds to do.

In Faster EFT, the tapping is used to disrupt the signal between the brain and the major organs of the body that trigger the fight or flight response while changing neural pathways in the neocortex of the brain.

The Faster EFT Tapping Basic Recipe doesn’t just deal with energy disruptions, which only fixes the outer issue of the problem.

It deals with the root cause of the problems, eliminating them completely.

Love and compassion are the foundation when it comes to forgiveness.


How to do the Faster EFT tap for Forgiveness

Step #1: Aim

Notice how you know you feel bad about the election.

You don’t need to know what the emotions or feelings are, just notice how you know they’re there.

What do you feel?

Where in your body do you feel it?

What do you see or hear?

How do you know it’s a problem when you think about the election?


Step #2: Tap

Use two fingers to tap the following points, while focusing on the feeling of your fingers on your skin:

  • between your eyebrows
  • beside your eye
  • under your eye
  • just below your collarbone

While you are tapping, say “Let it go”. You can also add “It’s safe to let it go”.

Note: It doesn’t matter which side you tap – you can do either side, or both if you like.



Step #3: Peace

Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out, and say “peace” – and go to a peaceful memory for a moment.

Don’t think about the election or anything else, just a memory that makes you happy.


Step #4: Check

Go back and think about the election and take notice of how it’s changed.

Do you feel different?

Is the intensity of the feeling different?

Does the thought of the election seem different?

Just notice.


Step #5: Repeat

Repeat steps 2 to 4 until the feeling or memory has “flipped” – in other words, the negative memory has been replaced by a positive memory.


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You can now start to work with forgiveness about the election.

And keep it going during the remainder of this Presidency and afterward.

It’s important to remember that working together is the way to move forward.

That relationships are the basis for all human experience, whether good or bad.

So embracing people with different points of view is the only way to live, learn and grow.

And if you still find it difficult to forgive someone, then the upcoming Relationships seminar is for you.


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