FasterEFT is the Best Tool to Recover from Emotional Trauma

People are starting to realize that our emotional health is just as, if not, more important than our physical health. That’s because when our minds are healthy, we are healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually.

People suffering from Traumatic Stress Responses including PTSD think their condition is permanent and learn to live with constant emotional stress as a daily fact of life. This intense emotional pain can lead to people reaching for relief in often self-destructive ways to temporarily numb-out the pain.

FasterEFT understands that in overcoming trauma it is important to not only address the responses caused by stress, but to eliminate the root cause.

When a traumatic event happens, it immediately negatively impacts an individual’s emotions, psyche and physiology. This may lead to a person’s normal coping skills becoming damaged, resulting in traumatic stress.

I was blown across the room the day they bombed the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

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Understanding Traumatic Stress

FasterEFT holds a complete understanding that every individual reacts and records every single experience uniquely as compared to another. No two people are the same, whether in thought, actions, behaviors, or whatever else.

Even those who are exposed to the same environments, like twins born to parents, with the same level of education and being raised by the same people in the same way, will eventually have a varied understanding of how the world works.

This the reason why when something terrible happens, some people find recovering easy while others find the after-effects to be painful to deal with it. It can often lead to a permanently changed mindset and subsequent lifestyle.

Even after the terrible event is over, an individual can continue to suffer because the mind has created this structure referencing each incoming event from a previous catastrophic experience.

Feeling numb or wanting to feel numb, shutting yourself off from those around you and constantly feeling grief, hurt, guilt etc. are just among the numerous responses that continuously weigh you down.

You may realize that even something as natural sleeping becomes a task, and you may find yourself experiencing those traumatic memories as unpleasant dreams.


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Traumatic Stress Events

Traumatic events may range from witnessing danger, violence or experiencing a life-threatening event causing death or serious injury. Other examples of experiences that may lead to Traumatic Stress Responses are:

  1. Transport disasters
  2. Domestic Violence
  3. House Fires
  4. Natural Calamities
  5. Combat experiences
  6. Terrorist attacks
  7. Rape and sexual assault
  8. Losing a job
  9. End of a relationship
  10. Miscarriage
  11. Death of a loved one


If you will look at the above list, you may notice that some events are far more traumatic than the others. But as we mentioned earlier, every person’s coping mechanism is unique. Some people are able to move on easily while some may have their ability to cope to be completely overwhelmed by the traumatic experience.

How Does Trauma affect DNA?

The experience of stress causes a chemical imprint in DNA. Although the sequence of the DNA doesn’t change, the chemicals leave additional information behind, like a “tag”. This chemical imprints with your DNA.

The chemical effect of stress on DNA causes certain genes to turn off, and certain disease filled genes to turn on. The result is specific behavioral changes and sometimes physical changes like the manifestation of cancer, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc..

For example, a man suffers an ongoing trauma for several years. He builds resilience, and develops certain survival skills. The stress chemicals leave a coating on his chromosomes.

On the other hand, if this man’s experience resulted in extreme fear and anxiety, and different survival skills, his DNA would carry chemical “tags” that result in those traits.

The impact of this coating will depend on the particular chemical combination. And the precise emotional experiences he went through will determine that combination. The coating causes certain genes to turn off and others to turn on – leaving the genetic markers for extreme resilience, anxiety or depression etc. along with other traits and emotional survival skills.

And if he doesn’t have the tools to deal with those stressful events, overtime they become a part of his DNA – literally.

FasterEFT helps with Traumatic Stress Management

The FasterEFT way of traumatic stress management is one of the most powerful and effective methods available, that doesn’t require pumping yourself full of medication.

However, we’d like to emphasize that FasterEFT it is not to be confused or substituted with any medication prescribed by a physician or licensed medical professional.

Because FasterEFT works with the brain and body, changing the body chemistry that cause emotions, it has a powerful effect on our DNA. Changing the chemical state of the body changes the effects on the DNA.

When you use FasterEFT to address your emotions, you are producing a different chemical state in your body – resulting in a change in the effects on your DNA. This means that you can reverse the effects of trauma and stress from previous experiences – and thereby changing your life.


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