FasterEFT on Helping Children with Learning Disorders

The case with most “disorders” is that they become a coping skill rather than an actual disorder. certain connections based on experiences are developed in the brain, in order to cope in the most effective way available. Different connections will produce different results.

Many children are under tremendous amounts of pressure to perform right from the get go. School isn’t just about fun and games anymore, it’s very competitive and is usually a battleground for parents to live their unfulfilled desires through their children.

This can be seen in instances where parents push children into taking certain classes, doing extracurricular activities and partaking in school plays – when the child really isn’t inclined to.

Just as a person’s brain may have connected spiders with the fight-freeze-or-flight state, even though there is no real threat, a child’s brain may connect learning with getting yelled at, and going to school with the fight-freeze-or-flight state. In both cases, there is no logical reason and the conscious mind is not involved.

In both cases, the brain is triggering a response in the body – automatically. And in both cases these connections can be changed.

The word “learning” is used to describe any action that requires repetitive, focused training of the brain to retain information.

Children are sponges and naturally adaptable, that’s why they are considered fast learners. A child’s negative response to learning, as it applies to those with a learning disorder, involves a focus that interrupts learning and school life against the child’s will.

The Role of the Conscious Mind

In most cases of learning disorders, the conscious mind is completely aware of the fact that logically, the fear of learning is unrealistic, and/ or that the disorder will not solve the problem.

Most children who are displaying symptoms of a learning disorder behaviors know that intuitively they have the capacity to learn and excel and actually enjoy it, but are not able to because of some anxiety in the moment.

But, because the sensations of anxiety in the body are so strong, these powerful feelings make the danger seem real even when logic and reason say it’s not. This is why it is so difficult (and in many cases impossible) for a young child to resist the compulsions based on their conscious thinking, or anyone else’s conscious reasoning.


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Behind the Scenes

When a child with a learning disorder is triggered, their full focus is on the object of the trigger.

This focus causes the brain to trigger the body to go into an emergency fight-or-flight state.

The matching chemicals are pumped through the blood stream, and the conscious mind recognizes the sensations resulting from this as anxiety. Since the brain is wired with a connection between the fear of learning, or the inability to learn and the compulsion, the child feels an automatic drive to act out the compulsive behavior.

So they may throw a tantrum, start yelling, crying, behaving erratically, start throwing things etc.

With the brain and body are in a survival state, the top priority becomes performing this behavior. Regardless of how illogical or unreasonable the behavior may seem to the conscious mind, in the case of threat and survival, the subconscious and body override all conscious activity.

This is, naturally, an essential design for our survival. When the body is in fight-or-flight, the prefrontal cortex of the brain, responsible for cognitive thinking, shuts down, since it’s not necessary for running away or fighting.

And this means that the ability to reason and use logic is dramatically reduced while the person is in the state of anxiety.

In children, this ability has not been developed sufficiently enough for them to be able to logically reason that they are action irrationally. All they understand is – I don’t feel good, so I am not going to be able to learn this, therefore I have to cry because I don’t feel and everyone can do this except me.

The child feels ostracized and instinctively refuses to try and overcome this “habit”.

The FasterEFT Solution

Since we know now that the structure of the brain is able to change,and actually changes constantly, it is possible to restructure the brain to work differently.

Like everything, the patterns of a learning disorder are caused by data in the subconscious. The connections in the brain between the fear of being able to learn and the fight-freeze-or-flight state have been created as part of the learning and interpretation of a child’s life experiences.

The uniqueness of the combination of each child’s life experiences means that each child’s subconscious creates a different foundation of information – proof and evidence – of who they are, how the world works, and how to best survive and thrive in their environment.

At some point, the combination of experiences (filtered through data from previous experiences) resulted in the subconscious linking learning to a threat to that child’s existence.

Instead of addressing the symptoms, the most effective way to change a learning disorder is to change the original cause. Changing the original data held in the subconscious results in the subconscious prompting different connections in the brain – and in turn, the brain will trigger different responses in the body.

By using FasterEFT to change those original records (whatever they may be) the child will literally rewire the neocortex of his/her brain, so that act of learning is no longer linked to danger or a threat to his/her life – his/her brain will therefore no longer be prompted to trigger the fight-freeze-or-flight response.

And this means the child will no longer have the compulsion to relieve that anxiety with the ritual of trying to learn – because the anxiety will no longer be there.

This means that the child will not need to expose herself to the stress and trauma of therapy or take medication; he/she will not need to try to resist the compulsion while feeling the anxiety; and she will experience a change in how she responds automatically when being prompted to study.

Changing the source means the resulting behavior changes automatically and naturally without force, pressure or medication. In such cases, it’s best to contact a FasterEFT practitioner to work with a child, as they have a lot of techniques that can be used on children effectively.


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