FasterEFT Teaches Universal Love – For It’s All That Matters

Love cannot be contained within relationships, homes and communities. Love is the very energy that supports creation. This is what FasterEFT teaches, beyond finding and sustaining love in a romantic sense, it is a thinking system that aims to equip an individual with tools for us to be able to generate love in its universal understanding.

To spread compassion in most trying times and to attain peace of mind when living our daily lives is difficult to say the least.

This is the very reason that FasterEFT or Skills to Change Institute never countered any of its smear campaign in a violent way with senseless defense.

For at the end of the day, it is all about love. Robert continued to work to propel his company towards its vision and didn’t falter even one single day to teach the meaning of universal love among his detractors and followers alike.

Love is surprisingly not evident in the actions of his naysayers as they continue to bash other modalities or quarrel among themselves for arcane reasons.

The True Meaning of Universal Love

There is so much misunderstanding about universal love. Some ascribe the meaning that defies the very term itself. When we say universal love, it is not contained within your community, among friends or even simply being charitable to those in need.

Love is an energy that is generated within the mind, whether it is romantic or universal. When we say universal love in FasterEFT, it transcends relationships, communities, religions, continents, cultures and races.

It is all-encompassing form of love. And it can be generated, cultivated and sustained. It is not an occurrence and you do not need another human to generate and sustain.

It is all about you and is within you.

In practicing FasterEFT you will find that love is actually the natural response of your mind, body and spirit to EVERYTHING once you have collapsed toxic beliefs that limits your ability to understand reality.

As humans, we are born to love everything. Sadly though, our beliefs about love have been distorted by what we have witnessed to be right based on what the generations before thought of as “right.”

We have been trained well by those before us to see divisions amongst ourselves.

We have grown to understand our differences as the forerunner of love and hate.

That’s the reason so many of us say no to diversity instead of embracing it as part of a universal creation.

And this fact can be further understood and investigated within our governments, political systems and cultures.

In fact, even our mental landscapes have been programmed this way – to see love as a currency for acceptance that leads to happiness.

We see love as something precious that we give BUT expect reciprocation of.

To generate and give love that is not bound by the idea of “getting it back” is an insane idea for most of us.

But it is our minds that suffer, it is our happiness at risk when we contain love.

Unless we shift our understanding about love and begin to practice universal love for all, we will never be able to experience its full meaning in our lives.


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