Fighting Self-Esteem Issues? Eutaptics Offers Resolution

Every one of us has those moments where we feel like a failure. We feel like we’re not good enough, not smart enough, not pretty enough, not rich enough, not lucky enough etc. whatever you think you lack, chances are you try to overcompensate for that perceived lack through other avenues. For some it’s drugs, others it’s alcohol, partying, socializing incessantly, craving attention. Whatever destructive behavior you use to cope, and no matter how long you do it, you still have self-esteem issues.

Self-esteem is directly tied to a person’s self worth and self value. When you love yourself, you treat yourself better, make decisions that will positively impact your life, you feel happier, you’re more at peace and generally speaking, you just don’t care what others say or think about you.

Nothing on the outside has the power to disturb your peace once your self-esteem is sky high.

Conversely, when you have self-esteem issues, you are dependent on others for your sense of value. You may find yourself dressing a certain way just to get attention. You may end up cooking someone else’s favorite dinner to get their approval.

You’ll go out of your way to help someone just to gain a friend.

Do you see the pattern?

The good news is that Eutaptics allows you to transform your self-esteem issues directly from the source. You don’t need to force yourself to love yourself, don’t need expensive medication, or chanting in front of a candle. You’ll automatically start loving yourself once you apply Eutaptics tapping!

If you’re not sure whether or not you have self-esteem issues, here are some behavioral signs to look out for:

1. You put too much pressure on yourself to become successful.

Even though it seems that the pressure is coming from the circumstances and people around you, the truth is, the feeling of pressure is coming from inside your own self, your own mind. The great news is you can make changes to the programming inside you, through Eutaptics, that will result in your having a completely different experience of the events, circumstances and people around you.

2. You’re a people-pleaser.

It happens to the best of us at times. How many times do you find yourself agreeing to do things that you don’t have time to do, can’t afford, or just don’t want to do?

How many favors have you done, and felt taken advantage of later?

How many sacrifices of your own happiness and well-being have you made in order to please someone else?

If you find yourself admiring people who are independent, confident and carefree, read on to find out what it takes to free yourself fro people pleaser trap.

3. You’re jealous all the time.

When you hear of someone else achieving something you wish you could achieve, do you catch yourself feeling jealous, envious or resentful instead of feeling happy for them?

Does hearing about the good fortune of others only highlight your own misgivings and short-comings?


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4. You feel the urge to control everything around you.

You are constantly trying to get others to do as you say, or to see things from your point of view. That way you feel like you have control over your life and circumstances, and this in turn makes you feel better about yourself.

However, this incessant urge to control people can be extremely destructive, not only within relationships, but to the individual who is feeling these emotions.

5. You dislike your body.

Although most of us have something we dislike about our bodies, some people who have major self-esteem issues, go to the extreme and experience body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). Those with BDD are consumed by what they perceive to be wrong with their body.

In order to free yourself from body dysmorphic disorder, the first step is to recognize that BDD is not a disorder. It is a skill. Rather than something you are powerless against, it is simply the way your brain is currently operating – and you have the power to change it!

6. You find it hard to appreciate yourself.

Loving yourself can be challenging for many people. How do you love yourself? How can you appreciate yourself when you don’t like anything about yourself? Well, the first thing to realize, even the bad stuff you do to yourself, is based on the subconscious understanding that you are being kept safe and in alignment with your version of reality.

Your choices, behaviors and actions are all based on the records held inside your subconscious, that are designed to keep you safe. The good news is; you don’t need to continue this way. In order to change how you love and appreciate yourself, you need to change those records. Read on to see how.

7. Nothing makes you happy.

No matter what you do, say or think, you find it difficult to achieve and maintain happiness. You need a constant source from something outside of you to make you happy. You need to be complimented, taken notice of, cared for, pampered, praised etc. all the time in order to feel like you matter.

Eutaptics is an undeniably powerful process that understands how to really align life to sustaining happiness. Here’s how you can use the powerful Eutaptics system to free yourself from self-esteem issues once and for all.

We’d like you to think about a time, memory or place when you felt under appreciated – think about the things or people that seem to cause this feeling. Notice how you feel, then start using the Eutaptics Tapping Technique to address that feeling. Once the intensity of that feeling has reduced a little, go back and try to remember where you’ve felt that same feeling in the past – the earlier, the better.

If you don’t have any memories of fighting self-esteem issues in the past, then don’t worry! Just continue using the technique on your current feeling of not feeling valued. Notice how you know you have self-esteem issues, and keep repeating the Eutaptics process until you have completely flipped that feeling.

If you do have memories of feeling unloved, unappreciated, worthless etc. in the past (it may not be regarding the same topics, but the feeling may be the same) use the technique to address and flip each of those memories. Then go back to your current situation, and test to see if you still feel the same.

Notice what’s still there, and then continue to use the Eutaptics tapping technique to flip it. Don’t stop until the feeling and the way you represent the situation has completely flipped.

Then, from now on, whenever you feel the feelings related to selfiesteem issues, use the Eutaptics tapping technique in the moment to tap out those feelings and flip them. Keep going and you’ll never have to suffer from self-esteem issues again!

You’ll be and most importantly, FEEL, more confident, happy, lucky, healthy and independent.


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