Happy Journal Helps 6 Year Old – A Mother’s Testimonial To The Power of Faster EFT


This is what Catherine A. Reeve, Ava’s mother says,


“[referring to the picture above] My daughter Ava, working on her Eutaptics’ FasterEFT Happy Journal (she is almost 6 years old). She has been through a very tough time over the past 7 months, but the happy journal has provided her with a huge amount of emotional strength, comfort and support.”

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One of the important parts of the Eutaptics – FasterEFT system is using a Happy Journal.


Many people feel like keeping a journal is a huge bother, and time consuming.


They tend to dismiss the benefits of noting down the high points in their life.


It can be easy to underestimate the importance and power of this journal; so, here’s why you need to prioritize it in your life:


The purpose of the Happy Journal is to help you to get into the habit of feeling good more often.


As humans, our tendency is to remember bad events and situations more easily than good ones.


This means that we feel bad emotions more powerfully than good ones.


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So, if you want to make any sort of permanent and lasting change in your life, it is important to make a conscious effort to remember the good stuff in conjunction to using FasterEFT.


For many people, the bad stuff may be so intense that it seems that there is no good stuff at all.


That’s why  it’s so important to have this tool in your life.


This isn’t just a life hack, it’s a lifestyle change.


Just like Ava did, you too, can use this to help you stay emotionally steady in tough times.


Catherine says,

I am so very proud of her [Ava], and so very grateful to Robert G. Smith the creator of FasterEFT and the Happy Journal, my family of FasterEFT friends. Such an amazing community of shared happiness and support. Thank you all so very much. Your contribution here makes a difference. The times I have struggled to find my own smile, but to come to this page and see your posts. It is so uplifting! I hope you realize, your sharing is a source of light and comfort to others too. So keep sharing!”


As soon as you start to use the Happy Journal, you will surprise yourself with the amount of good you really do have in you!



What is a FasterEFT Happy Journal?

A Happy Journal consists of five different parts:


  1. Positive Emotional States

These are all the good memories and happy thoughts you can think of.


These include all the memories you’ve changed or “flipped” using FasterEFT.


In other words, when you flip a memory from a bad experience to a good one, write the new good memory into your Happy Journal.


This is what helps to make the new memory more real, more secure.


Remember, the new memory is now the new reference your subconscious mind will refer to – which is what will result in different experiences in your life.


Writing that new flipped memory into your Happy Journal with your other happy memories makes it all the more real – and therefore, all the more effective!


2. Positive Affirmations

These can be phrases, photos, pictures and anything else that symbolizes what you want your life to be like.

3. Gratitude List

A list of everything in your life you appreciate.


Gratitude is a very powerful state; and the more things you find to appreciate and be grateful for, the better your emotional, mental and physical state – and the more you will have to be grateful for.


It can be something as simple as finding a parking spot, or something life changing like getting married, or the birth of your children.


4. Goals and Dreams

Write your goals and dreams for each area of your life in your Happy Journal.


Make a note of what you would like to achieve in your health, relationships, career or business, finances, spiritually, and any other aspect of your life that is important to you.


5. G.E.M.S

These are little “jewels” – things you hear, read, or think of that resonate with you.


Things you want to remember because they’re useful, insightful, inspiring, or profound.


Remember, it’s your happy journal so you can get as creative as you want!


In fact, it can be your special time to let go and indulge yourself, and make it as fun as you want.


Put on some music, dance around, write in your Happy Journal, glue some pictures in – anything goes as long as it’s positive and gets you excited about life again!



How to Create a Happy Journal

a) Choosing the Journal


Choose a journal that is special to you.


Although you could use an ordinary notebook, it is best to use something that your mind recognizes as special.


You are more likely to make the most of this tool if it’s beautiful and makes you feel good just looking at it.


There are plenty of special journals to choose from; however, if you are really unable to invest in a special journal financially at the moment, use an ordinary notebook – but find a way to make it special!


Cover it with nice fabric or photos that mean something to you and make you feel good; decorate it in a way that makes it special to YOU.


The more you put into this journal, the more benefit you will gain from it.

b) Get Started

Once you have a journal that feels special, it’s time to start filling it in.


There are a couple different ways of doing this: You can divide the journal’s pages into five sections, and put a heading at the beginning of each one for the five different parts; or you can get yourself some colored markers in five different colors.


You could then assign each color to one of the parts, and stick them onto the relevant pages.


For example, you’ll know that if you’re looking for your G.E.M.S you’ll find them on all the pages with blue markers; if you’re looking for Goals and Dreams, you’ll find those on the pages that have a red marker.


This means you can just start writing, without needing to divide the book up, and you’ll still be able to find the different parts.


Start thinking about what makes you feel good, and write these things into your happy journal as you remember them.


It may seem difficult at first; but as you continue, it gets easier and easier!


The more you practice thinking of what feels good, the more you’ll be able to access those memories and thoughts.


Try to keep your Happy Journal with you, and as you go about your day, whenever something happens that feels good, or that is fun, or you think of something good, quickly jot it down into the journal.


If you cannot have your journal with you, make a note of these things, and create a ritual for yourself of writing them into your journal when you get home, before going to bed.


What’s The Point?

This is not an empty exercise – every time you write something down that feels good, if you pay attention to your body, you’ll notice you start to feel good.


This is because your body is reacting to the thought.


As you focus on that good thought or memory, your brain produces endorphins and other “feel good” chemicals.


The knock-on effect of this impacts your health, your mood, and everything you do.


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How to Use Your Happy Journal

When you’re feeling upset, worried, afraid, depressed, sad, hurt – use the FasterEFT technique first – then, once you’ve cleared whatever was causing the bad feelings, pick up your Happy Journal.


Write into it the new, changed memories or feelings, and then browse through the journal to remember and enjoy all of the other things that make you feel good.


It is also powerful to browse through your Happy Journal regularly, just for a boost of those “feel-good” chemicals.


The more you do this, the more you’ll develop the habit of feeling good more of the time.


The combination of clearing the bad stuff using FasterEFT, and reading through your Happy Journal regularly will rewire your brain and condition your body for more happiness.


You will start to find yourself feeling happier more of the time, without even trying.


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Warning about Your Happy Journal


Although it is important to use your Happy Journal regularly to feel good, it is very important to not use it as an escape or distraction.


If you’re feeling bad, make sure you tap that out first, before you go to your Happy Journal.


If you go to your Happy Journal to feel good, without tapping out the bad feelings or memories, you will simply be burying those bad memories and feelings; and of course, as Robert G. Smith says:

“Depression is a skillful act of self torment, by replaying painful memories, defeating self talk, rehearsing unpleasant feelings or sensations, following a learnt pattern from people who did the same and a small percentage of those who have a deprived, abused or ailing body in need of care.

Happiness is a chemical problem too and works exactly the same way as depression but you’re using different content. They both do take a lot of work, the rewards will be great. Either paths will teach your children how to cope and to deal with the world. Choose your path wisely.” 

Make sure you use the FasterEFT technique to clean out the bad stuff first – making way for the good stuff – and then go and write in your Happy Journal.


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