Harmonizing Life When Going Through Grief and Emotional Pain

Grief and emotional pain is real, abstract in nature and difficult to display as the intensity of its experience varies from one person to another. At the emotional peaks of grief, the pain is unbearable and life becomes overwhelming.

At some point, some people discover resolution that may conquer this emotional pain and grief. For some, it can cause avoidance behavior which in turn creates more life problems. Harmonizing life when grieving is not an act of forgetting, but rather becoming psychologically flexible, even when torrents of painful emotions take over your focus.

Shifting Mental Processes

Our coping mechanisms when experiencing loss and going through the stages of grieving are varied and unique to every individual. To assume one process works for everyone is as absurd as claiming that all of us are mentally identical. Eutaptics programs focuses on emotional pain and grief holds this understanding. Each individual must be respected for their unique coping skills, it is the only way towards lasting recovery.

Shifting mental processes require each person to bring into focus the unique representation of their loss. A mother of three who passed away, for example, would be represented uniquely by her three children in their lives. Simply because each of them had unique personal experiences with her.She will be the exact same mother that she is to all of them, but her memories are individually and uniquely represented by each child who remembers her.

Shifting your mental process towards a positive representation of the loss can help reduce emotional pain when dealing with grief. Listing all the positive attributes that you wish to remember the person for can help train the mind towards acceptance. This technique alone can reduce the impact of emotional pain on someone’s overall concept of reality.

There are of course memories that will present themselves through introspection that are negative in nature. These memories may hold characteristics of hate, anger, resentment, jealousy, envy and other negative feelings. As practical as it may sound to simply ignore them, they must not be, because they have the potential to increase the momentum of the cycle of problems manifesting from the painful experience.


Overcoming Grief and Loss – Online Course

This course is for anyone who wants to work on their own pain of loss and it is also required course for fully certified Faster EFT – Eutaptics practitioners.  Since almost every person has grief and loss issues. It does not mean the death of someone but an ending of a period of life or unwanted changes.  You will find real transformation of your own life by following this course and doing the exercises.
As a practitioner helping people to make peace in this one area will bring much reward because the changes are big especially with the Integration process. Click here to begin.


Mindful Acceptance of the Loss

Pain begins to intensify in times we are unconsciously denying the experience. The body begins to produce traumatic stress responses that changes our physical state. The mind goes through many changes as well and may choose to find comfort in denial, either of the loss or denial of experienced pain.

Mindful acceptance of loss is a step towards genuinely healing in times of bereavement. It is bringing your entire consciousness into awareness of the true nature of impermanence. Eutaptics is a training system that can help you learn how to communicate better with your subconscious and manipulate the programs it creates. The end result is not only healing from pain but learning to use the experience as a source of strength and inspiration.

Furthermore, Eutaptics practice can increase psychologically flexibility even in the most challenging times. Our ability to control the mind’s perception of loss and many values it represents allows us to retain only the enriching, worthy and powerful memories relating to it.


Create the Life You’ve Always Wanted – Starter Course

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