Healing Your Sexual Self Using the Power of the Mind

One undeniable aspect of being human is being sexual. However, oftentimes it is forbidden to talk about as it may contain all our private desires that may come across as unacceptable to other people. Sex has continued to be a taboo over the ages.

Hence, sexual problems are among those that do not get resolved. Sexual issues, if not resolved can spill across other important aspects of life.

FasterEFT was able to help many people overcome sexual issues ranging from those that are invisible in nature such as intimacy issues, fetishes that may cause danger and to those with physical manifestations such as the inability to hold an erection, vaginismus and others.

The Nature of Sexual Issues

The true nature of sexual issues draws its origin from the mind. Our ability to be sexual is turned on (or off) by the mind. This goes beyond sexual appetite, for mental structures may produce a strong appetite for sex but a maligned link may cause trouble in reaching completion. As such, sex is not perceived as a satisfying experience.

Intimacy issues, for example, may lead to a person not being able to fully connect during sexual intercourse and also lead to the inability to feel satisfied. In other cases, some may not even have sexual appetite which leads to a myriad of possible issues –  one that is the most common is painful penetration for women.

Intimacy issues are often borne from a previous traumatic experience. Those issues may not necessarily be due to sexual abuse, but any link that the mind forms from any experience linked to sex, may give rise to negative mental programming influencing behaviors and the physical body.

Reimprinting Negative Sexual Programs

In sexual issues, the word “negative” has a different meaning. Let us make it clear that it is isolated to those disorders, issues and acts that may bring harm to oneself or another being. In cases of fetishes that are relatively mild, it is not necessarily considered negative unless of course a line has been crossed.

To reimprint negative sexual programs means allowing the mind to first release the emotions carried by imprints that are supporting sexual issues. FasterEFT memory reimprinting may be applied to weaken the negative structures and collapse it.

Tapping is a way to access these memories that hold strong emotions causing an issue to manifest. Through tapping on the meridian points, one may collapse and then rewrite and condition a new belief system within the mind.

How it can influence that body is somewhat magical, but in a logical way, since we all understand the science behind the obedience of the body to the mind.

In other words, a new program that holds positive beliefs about sex and sexuality will allow the body to naturally resolve physical issues regarding sex.


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