Health and Fitness: Conquering Emotional Overeating

The root causes for overeating are unique to each person.


Each individual personality is a combination of many different beliefs and programs.


Luckily, you don’t need to know what they are. You only need to start tapping on what you do know.


Whereas diets, diet supplements and workout routines address only the symptoms, with FasterEFT you start off by addressing the symptoms, and as you go through the process, your subconscious will lead you to the cause.


Keep tapping until you have flipped the feelings, thoughts and memories that are connected to how you know you have a problem.


Answer the next few questions honestly.


Do you only eat when you’re hungry?


Or, do you eat when you’re anxious, angry or upset?


Do you use food as a distraction?


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If you answered yes to these questions, then you may want to pay attention to what comes next.


There IS a way to let go of the urge to”eat your emotions” by using the FasterEFT tapping techniques and belief system.


Have you ever found yourself finishing a whole plate of cookies or the whole bag of chips without realizing it?


Some people stress and munch at the same time.


You’ll see those anxious personalities, munching and working at the same time, or talking on the phone and picking at a box of doughnuts or gulping down a can of soda.


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Using FasterEFT to lose weight is highly effective.


Unlike fad diets, weight loss pills and special teas that all address the symptoms, FasterEFT goes right to the cause of the problem and changes that.


Losing weight is then a natural, easy, automatic result of those changes.


FasterEFT and conquering emotional overeating is a healthy combination and an effective, easy way to get healthy.


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There are reasons you are overweight, and it has nothing to do with your will-power or the fact that you love fattening foods and hate exercise. Your love of cake and dislike for physical exercise are both symptoms of the root causes.


Sheah Rarback, R.D., of Miami, Fla., a spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association says,

“I think almost everyone, at some point in their lives, is an emotional eater. Often when we talk about emotional eating, we’re thinking of people using food to deal with issues or stress. But happiness is also an emotion, and many of us also eat when we’re happy—at parties, and when we’re with family.”

Overcoming emotional overeating using FasterEFT

If emotional overeating is an issue for you, there’s a simple way to overcome that.


The first step is identifying which emotions trigger you to eat.


Simply put, what do you feel when you feel the urge to eat?


Anger, sadness, hurt, guilt? Keeping a food journal in this case is a good idea.


Writing down what you feel like eating, how you feel, whether you are actually physically hungry or not is just the starting point.


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The next step is to go through your list, and notice any memories you have that are connected to each answer.


Then, use the FasterEFT Technique to address each one and flip it.



FasterEFT and Exercise

If you’ve ever started an exercise routine, and then found that after a while you feel too tired, or you suffer an injury or illness, or your life becomes too busy – your subconscious has managed to find a way to “protect” you from what it sees as a threat.


If you were to simply continue with the exercise routine and achieve the physical results you’re aiming at, that would cause a conflict with the records held in your subconscious – which could be that you are not good enough; that exercise is hard; that you never follow through with anything; that you’re lazy; that you deserve to be overweight; and an infinite number of other possibilities.


Change the records, and you will feel great about exercising because your subconscious will be prompting your body and conscious mind to do the exercise.


You will feel a desire to get moving physically, you will find you have the energy and the motivation because you now have your subconscious working toward the same goal as your conscious mind.



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