How An Autoimmune Disease Was Cured Using A DIY Neurology Based Technique

Darene Puttergill, a FasterEFT practitioner completely transformed her life – both physically and emotionally after being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease.


She used Eutaptics – FasterEFT to cure herself permanently of an autoimmune disease without spending thousands of dollars on expensive medical treatment.


She did all this just by using the Eutaptics-FasterEFT modality and a heavy dose of determination.


The Beginning

During a routine blood test Darene was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease several years ago.


For those of you new to Hashimoto’s Disease, it’s an illness that attacks the body’s thyroid.


As of now, there is no known medical cure for Hashimoto’s.


This is how Darlene felt when she first discovered that she had Hashimoto’s,


“I had just started training as a FasterEFT practitioner, which was a blessing. The doctor suggested I would have the condition for life and that there was no reversing it. I already had an inkling that I should not buy into this prognosis, as the FasterEFT model of thinking advocated that what you believe becomes your reality. The power of thinking, whether it’s positive or negative, is a choice we make and live by.

It had become obvious to me that the body follows the mind, and I was about to take control over this one! I decided to have a session as soon as possible with a Level 4 practitioner in my area and it was transformative. In the session, she helped confirm and strengthen my belief in the healing ability of my body and the strength of my mind.”



Mind over Matter

We’ve all heard this saying – “mind over matter” but what does it really mean and what does it have to do with our illnesses?


Just like Darene says above when you’re confronted with two choices – one of fear and accepting the diagnosis or one of power and rising above the diagnosis, the choice is yours.


All diseases have their roots within the mind, nurtured by years, even decades of pain and trauma.


The diseases are the physical manifestation of our internal world – what you think, what you feel, what you believe.


Yes common sense may prevail and you may be asking how can my thoughts cause my disease but continue reading and you’ll see that everything is connected.


The truth is, everything begins within the mind.


FasterEFT- Eutaptics is a mind-body healing system that understands that our mental conditions are crucial in determining the health of our physical bodies.


Each emotion carried by your memories determine your reaction to the world.


Anything that causes stress, fear or anger directly affects your immune system.


Read more to find out what happens to your body when you’re under stress: How Does FasterEFT Work – The Science Behind FasterEFT



Going Deeper with FasterEFT- Eutaptics


Darene’s powerful transformation came about when she started to focus on her core beliefs.


It’s our beliefs that shape our reaction to the outside world.


The most common complaint among those new to FasterEFT, and even those who have been using it for a while, is having trouble finding time to work on their belief system.


And when you finally do, it’s overwhelming – but powerful, just like Darene.


If you are constantly feeling stuck and beat up by life, hoping that someone could just show you the way out, trying every therapy and “get rich quick” product out there without any results – FasterEFT is your answer.


Instead of just tapping without any clear goal in sight, she had an aim in mind.



For her, the appearance of Hashimoto’s had a clear connection to her youth, and FasterEFT allowed her to focus on healing these deeper issues:


“It also became clear to me, having worked and continuing to work on myself, where the disease had originated from and why it is prevalent in so many women. My book references (Louise Hay, Inna Segal and Yvette Rose) confirmed the link between thyroid disease and self-expression. The work on myself was strongly connected to finding my voice. I had made a decision that it was not safe to express myself as a child growing up in an era when children were explicitly told to be ‘seen and not heard.’ We received praise for following this program, and I was very adept at taking it on.  My generation of women also fitted a very particular mould of obedience, raising a family, supporting a husband, and not complaining. Pursuing your own pleasures might be frowned upon and I was running another lovely program of needing approval from everyone outside of myself.”



What Darene Learned – How to Love Yourself

Loving yourself can be challenging for many people.


Well, the first thing to realize, in learning how to love yourself, is that however you are treating yourself right now, is already coming from a place of love.


Your choices, behaviors and actions are all based on the records held inside your subconscious, that are designed to keep you safe.


Even the bad stuff you do to yourself, is based on the subconscious understanding that you are being kept safe and in alignment with your version of reality.


The reality you experienced.


The good news is; you don’t need to continue this way.


In order to change how you love yourself, you need to change those records.


You need to change the subconscious references of what love means.


Then you will automatically be making different choices, and loving yourself in a whole new way.


Ultimately, the fact that Darene has been cleared of Hashimoto’s Disease is incredible in and of itself, but perhaps even more profound are the lessons she took from her work with tapping.


Now a Level 3 practitioner herself, she explains her transformation:


“It was a relief to flip my negative, self-eroding beliefs that I had to please others to feel worthy. I learned it was okay not to be liked and approved of and that my own approval was paramount. I was thrilled with the results. Positive, life-enhancing beliefs took hold and stress melted away. My husband was totally supportive – that’s the funny thing. He loved watching me become self-assured and confident. I gave myself carte blanche to be me and even decided to walk the 800km Camino De Santiago solo. Pilgrimage and its life-enhancing benefits have also become a passion and I’m about to lead a group this year across Spain, tapping and transforming.”


As Darene continued on her own journey, both she and her physicians saw tangible changes take place:

After several blood tests which showed continued improvement, her latest results came back without a trace of Hashimoto’s.


Darene’s doctor was shocked to say the least.


Her doctor said that perhaps only one person in a lifetime would be cleared of this seemingly permanent disease.


If you want to know more about memory flipping then watch:


Passing It Along

FasterEFT gave Darene a true gift, and as a practitioner, she is working with clients to help them experience the same transformations that she enjoyed as well.


The results she’s seen have been truly spectacular as she talks about her work:


“I love inspiring this journey in my clients as they present, entangled in patterns and programs. I’m so happy that one of my clients has also been cleared of Hashimoto’s as well. I am helping others find how to express their own lives in true alignment with who they are. It is a beautiful, life-giving process and the body just responds. What does that tell us? We are here to find and follow our purpose, whatever that is uniquely for each of us.”


Inspired yet?


Here are a few resources to get you started:



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