How Faster EFT Tapping Helped Someone Lose 100lbs!


Stephanie was a skeptic, weighed over 200lbs, an 8th-grade teacher and lived in constant pain.


The thought of losing weight using her fingers seemed “ridiculous” to her.


But Stephanie lost over 100lbs without dieting or exercise.


She lost it by using FasterEFT Tapping.


This is her story –


How She discovered FasterEFT

She had no prior knowledge about FasterEFT, what it was, what it did, how it worked.


So when she saw a flyer about losing weight the easy way and decided, that since she had been trying everything else under the sun to lose weight, she might as well try this.


She can’t think of anything she had not tried that was available in the market for weight loss.


Weight loss pills, slim fast, cabbage soup diet, she had truly tried it all and had failed to lose weight.


Those ‘get slim fast’ gimmicks would work temporarily, but as soon as she would be done with them, she’d gain the weight right back.


She even felt a little silly at times, in her words – “A person with a Masters degree eating cabbage soup all day, I swear, I did it.”


So when she heard about Faster EFT, she was very skeptical that it would work; that it could do, what so-called industry experts claimed to be able to do.


Stephanie kept waiting for the sales pitch – the “magic juice that cost $39.95”, or that book she’d have to purchase to get access to FasterEFT that would make all your weight troubles go away.


She was prepared to pay for it, but what she wasn’t prepared for was how effective and easy FasterEFT tapping would be.





How Stephanie lost 100lbs using FasterEFT – Her Journey

It’s an often-overlooked fact that our emotional, mental and energetic well-being directly impact the weight and shape of our body.


While what you eat and how you exercise does impact your physical form, who you are, how you feel, and how you express yourself significantly impacts your body, perhaps even more so than exercising and eating.


You may be thinking that this doesn’t sound right.


Well, it all boils down to stress and relaxation.


When our bodies are in a relaxed state, our metabolism is at its best.


Conversely, when our bodies are under constant stress, also known as the “fight or flight” response, our metabolism slows down to anywhere between *20% and 80%.


So when Stephanie started tapping on herself and her stress, her weight issues resolved themselves as well.


Everybody cares about their health, appearance and wellbeing.


It took her about ten months to lose over 100lbs.


When Stephanie attended her first FasterEFT live seminar, she was bombarded with all the issues, memories and emotions that were coming up, as she was tapping on herself and was being tapped on.


Her focus then wasn’t on the weight loss itself, but the past traumas, hurts, memories and feelings she was experiencing.


She says, “I didn’t focus on that [weight loss] because I started seeing different things that I felt were more important to work on, like my spiritual well being, taking time for me, and enjoying me, honoring me.”


Stephanie would prioritize everyone’s happiness and well-being over her own.


She’d see her family and friends dressed up nicely and would automatically compare herself to them and feel like,“I fell off the trash truck”.

She would go out of her way to make sure her family was comfortable, taken care of, and happy.


It was her way of dealing with her self-esteem and body image issues.


She sacrificed her own well being to help others.


That made her feel better about herself.


However, as she started working on herself, she felt like she was “purging” herself of limiting beliefs that had been holding her back from experiencing real joy.


Those beliefs kept her from loving herself and her body, despite her weight.


She learned that she had to become comfortable with who she was and prioritize her own mental and spiritual well being, and the physical would follow.


She learned how to quiet her mind, not to take things too personally and how to generate self-love for this person who was over 200lbs.


Stephanie says, “Even at 267 [lbs], I’m telling you, maybe I lost 5lbs and I looked in the mirror and I started seeing a beautiful woman looking back. Like, was I always this pretty?”

Imagine the kind of joy she felt while experiencing this kind of self-acceptance and self-love!


It’s like she was seeing herself through a different lens for the first time in her life.


And it was absolutely liberating.


She started thinking of herself as pretty, even though she weighed 265lbs.


This shows the radical change in her mindset and the amount of self-love she had unlocked within herself.


All through using FasterEFT.



Faster EFT and Weight Loss

Using FasterEFT to lose weight is highly effective if you use it correctly.


Unlike diets and weight loss supplements that all address symptoms, FasterEFT goes right to the cause of the problem and changes that.


Losing weight is then a natural, easy, automatic result of those changes.


Faster EFT and weight loss is a healthy combination and an effective, easy way to get healthy.


There are reasons you are overweight, and it has nothing to do with your will-power or the fact that you love fattening foods and hate exercise.


Your love of cake and dislike for physical exercise are both symptoms of the root causes.


Trying to resist unhealthy foods and forcing yourself to exercise are bound to be difficult and set you up for struggle and failure.


On the other hand, changing the desire in your subconscious will cause you to naturally and effortlessly choose healthier food and be willing to exercise.


The records held in the subconscious act as references for how we live our lives.


The subconscious mind refers to the records it holds and then prompts the body and conscious mind to behave accordingly.


In other words, if you have a record in your subconscious that chocolate makes you feel good – even though you may be unaware of the connection – your subconscious will signal your organs to produce chemicals that make you feel good about chocolate and bad about not having it.


When you try not to eat chocolate, you are not simply choosing to not eat it; you are fighting against your body’s craving for it.


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This is caused by the record the subconscious holds that it makes you feel good.


If you were to change that record, you would be able to easily choose to not eat the chocolate.


It would then become a simple decision rather than a struggle against your own body.


Using the FasterEFT process helps you to access the original record that chocolate makes you feel good.


It also changes that record so that your subconscious no longer prompts your body and conscious mind to respond to chocolate in the same way.


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Attending a live FasterEFT Seminar

Stephanie attended another FasterEFT live seminar, and this was when she really started focusing on the weight loss, successfully losing 100lbs over 10-11 months.


She focused on walking, how that made her feel, what memories came up, what sensations, and gradually she started enjoying that activity, instead of viewing it as something she had to do to lose weight.


It wasn’t forced, it was natural.


And that’s where the so-called “magic” of Faster EFT lies.


It rewires the circuitry of your brain so that neurochemically, you are altered and instinctively take the right steps to help with your weight loss goals.


For the first 6 months of her weight loss journey, she says “For a while there, it was just melting off.”


A resistance to exercise is very common, and those who try to commit to an exercise routine often find it very difficult to continue with it on a long-term basis.


Again, forcing yourself to exercise is only addressing the symptoms.


Your reluctance to exercise will be caused by the subconscious triggering your body and conscious mind to avoid the exercise based on the records it currently holds.


Change the records and you will find your resistance to exercise diminishes.


You will find it easier and more enjoyable to work out or play a sport.


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If you’ve ever started an exercise routine, and then found that after a while you feel too tired, or you suffer an injury or illness, or your life becomes too busy – your subconscious has managed to find a way to “protect” you from what it sees as a threat.


If you were to simply continue with the exercise routine and achieve the physical results you’re aiming at, that would cause a conflict with the records held in your subconscious – which could be that you are not good enough; that exercise is hard; that you never follow through with anything; that you’re lazy; that you deserve to be overweight; and an infinite number of other possibilities.


Change the records, and you will feel great about exercising because your subconscious will be prompting your body and conscious mind to do the exercise.


You will feel a desire to get moving physically, you will find you have the energy and the motivation because you now have your subconscious working toward the same goal as your conscious mind.




She didn’t go on a diet per se, but she just made a list of foods she knew were bad for her health in general.


Since she started tapping, the thoughts she had about and around food changed.


She thought to herself – a half cheeseburger tastes just as good as a whole cheeseburger.


She started making smart choices about food portions.


Stephanie even started making healthier food choices and started experimenting with different foods.


She still ate what she wanted to – ie. cheeseburgers and cakes, but she didn’t have the urge to consume them in large, unhealthy quantities.


Which is where the choice lies.


In addition to craving certain foods, if you are overweight you may find that you eat when you are not hungry.


This habit is often caused by attempts to relieve some form of emotional discomfort or pain.


Some people eat when they’re bored or when they’re lonely; some eat when they’re sad or upset.


Here’s an example Stephanie gives that better explains this –


Stephanie wasn’t a potato chip person, but before tapping on herself with FasterEFT, she would eat them because they were a convenience food.


It’s not like she really enjoyed eating them, they were just convenient to buy and eat, so she did.


Now since using FasterEFT tapping, she realized, she didn’t have to eat them just because they’re there.


She chose to eat almonds instead, which are just as convenient to purchase, but healthier to consume.


She did cut some foods out of her diet, but again, because she chose to do so.


Not because someone made her a diet plan which she had to strictly stick to.


Her natural inclination to consuming unhealthy foods changed.


Using the FasterEFT technique instead of food to relieve those feelings will not only help you to lose weight; it will also be more effective in relieving the feelings – and that relief will last.


That’s how you honor your body.


Not through forced diets, pills, programs or deprivation.


But a sustainable diet that nurtures your body, mind, and soul.

Watch Stephanie’s story:


FasterEFT and Weight Loss – The Causes

The root causes of being overweight are unique to each person and are a combination of many different beliefs and programs.


Luckily, you don’t need to know what they are.


You only need to start tapping on what you do know.


Whereas diets, diet supplements, and workout routines address only the symptoms, with FasterEFT you start off by addressing the symptoms, and as you go through the process, your subconscious will lead you to the cause.


Keep tapping until you have flipped the feelings, thoughts, and memories that are connected to how you know you have a problem.


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* Reference:

(i) A New Definition of Metabolism, by The Institute for the Psychology of Eating


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