How One Woman Overcame a Diagnosis of Mental Disorder using Faster EFT

Barbara got a diagnosis of a mental disorder, more than once.


At first, she felt relieved.


This mental disorder diagnosis seemed to explain a “lifetime of pain and addiction” that she had been suffering through.


She thought her life would be a rollercoaster of painful traumatic memories, PTSD, various treatments, hospital visits and depression until she found FasterEFT.


Barbara says,

“I did get a diagnosis of a mental disorder, more than one, actually. The idea that something explained my lifetime of pain and addiction and dis-ease was a huge relief. Finally a reason I was so f*cked up!”


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Suicidal Thoughts and FasterEFT

In the video below Robert G. Smith, the creator of FasterEFT – Eutaptics,  addresses how to deal with traumatic memories that you don’t know that are there, sexual abuse and traumas.

It is the inability to deal with these memories and resulting issues that cause suicidal tendencies.


It is the best practice to work with a qualified FasterEFT practitioner if you feel over your head with these issues.


The FasterEFT system is designed to work with the worst of traumatic memories, hurts and pain in an easy, effective and quick way.


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The reason why FasterEFT works is because the techniques applied transform and draw out whatever it is that keeps you stuck in the past.


It is important to learn how to be a detective when it comes to abuse and traumatic memories.


Once you learn and develop the FasterEFT skills, you can not only help yourself but others who are struggling with these types of issues.


Barbara says,

I had a childhood filled with mental, emotional and psychological abuse and trauma. Of course, I was screwed because I thought it was permanent. In other words, suicide was the only option.

Until Faster EFT, that is, because I’m learning more every day about the power and control I have over my mind. I don’t have a disease or disorder. I just had a learned set of behaviors, thoughts, beliefs that I was powerless and alone, hopeless and unlovable.”

Barbara used the techniques taught in FasterEFT to transform her traumatic memories from painful to pain-free.


The idea is to keep working on whatever it is that is keeping you stuck and keeping you from feeling peaceful and happy inside.


The difference between FasterEFT and traditional therapy is time.


Traditional therapy is very time-consuming.


It can take anywhere from months to years, even decades, to resolve deep-seated traumatic issues.


In traditional therapy, there is a heavy emphasis on creating a safe space, building rapport and then, providing corrective emotional experiences, which hopefully the client will then generalize to the world outside of the therapy room.


In Eutaptics – FasterEFT rapport is important as well, however, it is created quickly and largely on an unconscious level with the client.


This allows you to get in the mind and clean up the mess without getting caught in the details or the story.


FasterEFT is able to create fast changes with deep emotional traumatic memories that talk therapy simply can’t touch.


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This is exactly what Barbara experienced,

“WOW! The fast results, usually in minutes, have transformed my life. My outlook has completely changed. I’ve only just begun but a bright light illuminates my path. I no longer feel broken. I am not broken.”


How Can I  Work On Myself If I have No Memory?

People who have suicidal tendencies and express inappropriate behaviors are often unable to find memories associated with any major traumatic experience.


They have very little memories of their childhood, and so their experienced behaviors in the world today make no sense to the logical mind.


That’s because our subconscious mind is a complicated machine of sorts.


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Traumatic memories begin to show up once you start working on what you know to be true NOW.


So when you’re feeling helpless, sad, angry, frustrated – whatever emotion you’re feeling, start using FasterEFT tapping on that and work from there.


Once you keep going, and that’s the MOST important part – perseverance – once you keep going, traumatic memories will start to make themselves known to you and the patterns of your life will become clearer as these memories are uncovered.


This is common with tapping.


Often you will begin to tap on something and it uncovers a whole mess of related events and issues to untangle.


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It is common for traumatic memories from your childhood to be blocked out by the mind so you think of them consciously, but it shows up in strange and bizarre ways in your life.  


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Your unconscious or subconscious mind blocks painful traumatic memories in an attempt to protect you.


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How do you deal with this then?


The grunt work lies in cleaning up the traumatic memories, transforming or “flipping” them and letting it go.  


Some people would rather die than look inside at some of their traumas because it’s so raw.


They would rather be sick, eat uncontrollably, use drugs – anything to avoid having to feel this deep level of pain and look inside.


That’s why you really have to get better, stronger and healthier – no matter the cost.


This does not work for the faint of heart.   


With a good FasterEFT practitioner you can go in and clean this up and make big changes.


The intention is to give the power back to YOU, as you are the creators of your memories and feelings.


Whatever happened back then is over now, however, it is recorded as “data” or memories in the mind.


Once you release the emotional intensity of the traumatic memories you can start to make peace with your past.


Robert explains in this video below:


Here are some testimonials about overcoming trauma:






Here are a few resources to get you started:


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Grammar disclaimer: This testimonial has been edited for readability, grammar, language and sentence construction.


Read Barbara’s original testimonial here.

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