How This Woman Healed Herself of POTS, Lyme, Fibromyalgia, CFS, Autonomic Neuropathy, PTSD and More!

Claire Foust Downey shares her incredible testimonial of how she healed herself, after dealing with life-threatening illnesses her entire life. 


It wasn’t medication, wasn’t a fancy doctor, wasn’t some new therapy, wasn’t some new-age idea that healed her – it was a simple, neurology based technique called FasterEFT – Eutaptics.


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This is her story:

Guys, this has been my last week! It’s been absolutely amazing
I am driving for the first time in 18 months, walking on my own without my wheelchair, my dizziness is gone, vertigo is gone, head/chest pressure gone, and if they pop up I tap on the emotions and they go right away. My heart rate has been lower, and I can stand up without starting to blackout!
I’ve been going on solo adventures and feeling freedom again, reduced my IV fluids that I run from home through a PICC line by 1/3, cooking, cleaning, folding laundry, walking to my kids bus stop, walking at the park and by the water, being around smells that used to cause anaphylaxis, lifting my 6 year old daughter and carrying her, gardening, standing at the sink to brush my teeth, standing to help my kids at bathtime, getting coffee with my husband, we even went to Chucky Cheese (I walked the whole thing and played games with my kids!), feeling confident and safe about my health out in public, and best of all – last Wednesday I woke up and I DON’T FEEL SICK ANYMORE.
I can’t even describe it!!! I’m totally deconditioned from being in a wheelchair for so long and home/bed bound – so have been trying not to overdo it, but the shift that has happened is huge, my family and friends are all freaking out and want to know what I’ve been doing (a bunch signed up for Robert’s Free Seven Day Course, lol!).
Anyway – I’m 16 years in to severe chronic illness, with almost 2 years spent inpatient at the hospital, almost died half a dozen times, was bed bound, homebound, and in a power wheelchair at one point and couldn’t feed myself. This time last year I was back in the hospital and almost died from a new DVT and sepsis (I had it twice last year), by the end of 2017, after having to move due to toxic mold found in our home, I was so depressed and suffering from severe med reactions, crushing fatigue, and steroid induced psychosis, and I was ready to die.
I stumbled across Faster EFT through another neuroplasticity program as a way to deal with trauma, and was making some improvements in the previous month, but Faster EFT has turbo charged everything! I have no idea what switch flipped, but for a month I’ve been working with the incredible Jean France Erickson and taking the “You Can Change Yourself Level 1 Online Course with the Mentoring Level I OnlineI’ve been tapping on “everything that doesn’t feel good” in the moment.
We have spent a lot of hours clearing out trauma and beliefs and all this mess that’s manifested into POTS, Lyme, Fibro [fibromyalgia], CFS, severe blood clotting, autonomic neuropathy, Raynauds, PTSD, anxiety, gastroparesis, histamine intolerance, a chronic low blood volume, and a ton more that are too boring to list .
I feel like we’ve just scratched the surface, and I’m seeing the most amazing results!!! I can’t wait to see what’s next, I know in my gut that I’m better The happiness, peace, lightness, and freedom I feel is simply indescribable!
Just wanted to share for encouragement! It all feels so big and hard sometimes – but go to the hard places, tap your butt off, and then go back and tap more, because it works! If you can, find an awesome FasterEFT practitioner – worth every penny!!!
Peace and love to all!
Now, two months later, April 2018, Claire is still going strong and using what she’s learned to build on her success.
Claire says,
Two months after this original post, I’m even further along my journey! I had my PICC line removed and have been without IV fluids since April 9th (down from 1500ml/day, had mediports and lines for 5 years), and have been walking everywhere! I even played basketball, rode a skateboard, have been hiking, I’m gardening, shopping, going on adventures with my family, and have been out LIVING. It’s been incredible. The peace and calm and ability to be present and not worrying about symptoms, triggers, smells, fainting, or any of that is so freeing  Thank you Faster EFT for giving me my life back! My family has been blown away (so have I!). Much love to all!
If Claire can overcome her long list of illnesses using FasterEFT then so can you.
Nothing is impossible or too difficult to heal – it’s just about being determined to living a healthy, happy and full life.
Read Claire’s original testimony here.

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Grammar disclaimer: This testimonial has been edited for readability, grammar and sentence construction.

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