How to Be Free From Fibromyalgia using Faster EFT


Some of the best FasterEFT supporters are people who have used this easy, fast and effective technique to get almost instant relief from chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia.


Many of the people who venture into the FasterEFT to get support from lifelong pain, illness and suffering end up becoming its best practitioners.


Juli says, “It’s kind of like a blur, it’s kind of like a dream come true, like this really happened to me”, after she attended a live FasterEFT seminar and used the techniques taught there for her fibromyalgia related pain.


Juli was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 26 years ago and underwent 20 surgeries before she found FasterEFT.


We’ll share more about her story later.


Can you imagine an approach to healing that doesn’t require running up thousands of dollars in medical bills?


A technique that reduces or eliminates chronic pain, caused by fibromyalgia, sometimes in as little as three minutes?


You may dismiss this claim, especially if you’ve tried everything on the market to find relief from fibromyalgia related symptoms, and nothing has worked.


However, a growing number of doctors are now realizing the powerful and lasting effects of FasterEFT on health and healing:


Dr. George-Ivan Gal (Anesthesiology and Psychotherapy) says,


“I found that something is wrong with medicine because drugs are much worser than the drugs the clients take and I have to change something…


[talking about psychotherapy] It takes too much. It takes too much money, too much time, the clients are not having any positive experience, because they just talk and talk and talk about the same problem…


[talking about FasterEFT] The technique is really really fast. You don’t need to comment on the real trouble. You don’t have to tell any stories, you don’t have to be ashamed of telling anything and it’s going to help you anyhow.


You will change.”

Watch his video below:


Why FasterEFT Works For Fibromyalgia

Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations (FasterEFT),  is a mind based system, founded on Neurology and Biology.


In essence, FasterEFT believes that emotions affect both our physical and mental wellbeing.


So it follows that once your turbulent emotions are healed and cleaned up, you’ll have overall wellbeing.


The foundation belief in Faster EFT is that there is no disruption of energy, unlike traditional EFT.


In fact everything in your life and body is functioning as it should.


According to the way the brain has developed in order to survive in the environment, depending on your life’s experiences.


In Faster EFT, the tapping is used to disrupt the signal between the brain and the major organs of the body that trigger the fight or flight response while changing neural pathways in the neocortex of the brain.


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Most importantly, FasterEFT can be self-applied and shows results, usually within minutes.


Anyone suffering from fibromyalgia will tell you that emotional upsets and stress only make the symptoms worse.


That’s why FasterEFT is so effective in dealing with people suffering from fibromyalgia.


Regular EFT specifically believes that negative emotions have nothing to do with memories, and are caused only by a disruption in the body’s energy system.


Unlike regular EFT, FasterEFT has been designed to change memories that cause negative emotions into positive memories.


By changing a memory from negative to positive, the resulting positive chemical responses produce a very different effect on the body.


In addition to this, the changes in the neocortex are an automatic result since all changes in thought patterns cause restructuring in the neocortex.


In other words, instead of working with the neocortex (and by association, with the limbic brain) alone, it is designed to work with the subconscious – the part of you that is in charge of your automatic reactions and responses.


The result is: very fast, significant changes in the brain and in the automatic responses of the body.


And fibromyalgia related pain and symptoms just melt away – once and for all.


How Julie Freed Herself from Fibromyalgia after 26 years using FasterEFT:


Juli Call’s story is one of the most inspirational from the Las Vegas Seminar for Level I Faster EFT training of October 2016.


She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 26 years ago.


Fibromyalgia Syndrome is among one of the many incurable diseases that causes pain all over the body. Medically speaking, it is an illness in the musculoskeletal system that causes a person to ache all over.


Juli stumbled upon Robert’s videos as she was researching traditional EFT, after being encouraged to explore different modes of healing by her sister. Her first introduction to the Faster EFT Training system was only the free materials found online that are regularly updated.


While there is a huge difference between the two modalities, Juli was more drawn to Robert’s profound teachings, rather than traditional EFT. She explains in the following video how she suffered from pain and survived surgery after surgery, for more than two decades, and was finally set free from pain through FasterEFT.

Read the rest of her inspiring story: How FasterEFT Freed Juli from Fibromyalgia and Ended 26 Years of Pain After 20 Surgeries



It’s important to point out that in addition to healing fibromyalgia related symptoms, FasterEFT is used to heal people with all kind of chronic illnesses, diseases, pains, aches, traumas, abuses – whether emotional, physical or mental.


If you want to save time and get started right away, then dive right in by investing in the Online Level 1 Training Program.


And if, like Juli, you want to attend a Live FasterEFT seminar because you want powerful results, fast, then we suggest joining us for any of our upcoming live seminars.


HEAL YOUR BODY: 4 day Life-Changing Event

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