How to break the addiction – Going Clean: A Success Story


What if there was a proven, easy and effective way to break the addiction to drugs?


Many people feel frustrated when they try to break the addiction using different addiction-beating therapies or techniques and get no – to – little results.


Douglas James, like millions of other people, tried to stop using various methods but still did not manage to break the addiction.


Douglas used a powerful neuroscience based technique to break the addiction to drugs. He says,

“I started with Dr. Roger Callahan’s “The Anxiety-Addiction Connection” back in 1996, and was dumbfounded by the results; my “addictive urge” was COMPLETELY gone! BUT I WAS NEVER ABLE TO REPEAT THAT EXPERIENCE! So I kept on tapping, using the TFT algorithms, getting GOOD results, but they were ALWAYS ephemeral.”


The truth is, there is something else going on besides a physical addiction to drugs, substances, alcohol, nicotine, porn etc.


While the conscious mind may have good intentions and be determined to break the addiction – and physical treatments are being used to help break the addiction – the subconscious has “proof” that the body needs to use.


And the conscious mind is no match for the subconscious.


In order to break the addiction naturally and permanently, you need to change the subconscious records that are supporting the need to smoke.


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Douglas says,

On to EFT: countless HOURS of tapping turned into countless DAYS of tapping, countless… SO MUCH FOOKIN’ frustration! The problem behind the problem behind the problem, ad infinitum… Go on to Nick Ortner’s style… He has something going on, but once again, it just seemed like too much work. EFT does NOT focus on the Neurolinguistic-programming aspect of it’s supposed “heritage”.”


Robert explains the difference between EFT and FasterEFT:


Since FasterEFT is not a faith or religion but works instead with the brain and body, you do not need to believe in FasterEFT to break the addiction, any more than you need to believe in cleaning your teeth.


Whether you believe in your toothbrush and toothpaste or not, as long as you use the correct technique to brush your teeth (as advised by your dentist) your teeth will be clean.


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In the same way, as long as you are using the Faster EFT process correctly, as advised by its founder, Robert G. Smith, you will experience results.



How FasterEFT Works to break the addiction

Douglas applied what he learned about FasterEFT and his results speak for themselves.


To break the addiction effectively you need to be more than just be able to resist the cravings; it’s about getting rid of the need to use.


Without the need to use, the cravings automatically vanish, and there is no need to resist them.


FasterEFT works with the subconscious to make changes to the original records that cause our dependencies.


Start by thinking about your earliest memories of drugs – these are not necessarily memories of you using; they could be of you being with someone who was an addict or you seeing someone else using.


Use the FasterEFT Technique to address these memories, and keep repeating the process until you have completely “flipped” those memories.


What is memory flipping?


If these memories involve someone you love, feel the love for them without the drugs.


Imagine sending the love to that person, and feel it coming from them to you.


Then, imagine using again – notice what you like about it.


What is it about using that you really enjoy?


Now, use the FasterEFT technique to tap out all of the aspects of using that you enjoy.


Keep going until you no longer experience those aspects when you think of using.


Douglas goes on to say,

“But what Robert Smith does with VAK ( an NLP acronym for “visual, auditory, and kinesthetic” ), using the SENSES… IT WORKS.  People will say what they are gonna say. It almost seems that Robert Smith is subconsciously borrowing a notion from HeartMath when he says to grab your wrist (I believe the meridian acupoint here is related to the heart area ), and say, “peace”. I’m still breaking out the kinks of drug addiction, but I have more hope now for FasterEFT than I have had in 20 years. I have HOPE again. This is powerful. Really utilizing NLP, hypnosis, the meridian endpoints…”

Persistence is Key!

From now on, whenever you feel the desire to use, use FasterEFT in the moment to tap out that desire.


Tap until the desire disappears.


To break the addiction once and for all it’s important keep going.


The addiction will disappear as long as you are persistent.


If there are people around, or you are unable to tap physically for some other reason, use Mental Tapping instead.


Here’s how to do the Mental Tap:



Douglas sums it up,

“This guy [Robert G. Smith] intuitively knows what he’s doing. I’m telling you people this now: Give FasterEFT a try; you will not be disappointed. This guy is onto something. The EFT community charges people out the arse. Gimme a break. There is nothing wrong with earning a living. If FasterEFT lives up to what it has shown me so far, the sky’s the limit.”

Read Douglas’ Facebook testimonial here.


Here are a few resources to get you started:

Transform Yourself Series:

Overcoming Addictions


Addictions are programs.


Just like all of our unconscious behaviors, desires, fears, and compulsions, addictions are the result of the programs we carry in the subconscious.


These programs are the result of your past.


The reason you have problems in your life, is because of your experience with people in the past.


People who were just like you, who had their own problems and couldn’t understand how to deal with their own problems.


They could be your mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, grandparent, someone who picked on you at school – whoever.


The Transform Yourself Series is part of our year long series of learning to TRANSFORM different areas of our lives.


This weekend event is about Overcoming Addiction and is a 2 day weekend introduction to FasterEFT.


You will learn the basics of the FasterEFT/ Eutaptics belief system, how the mind works, the structure of problems and the FasterEFT tapping style with live demonstrations of tapping by Robert Smith.


This seminar is open to anyone who wants to experience the transformational power of FasterEFT and how to release the cause of all problems.



Book your spot: Yes, I Want To Kick My Addiction



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