How to Cope With Depression using FasterEFT


Depression can be draining, debilitating, and affects all areas of your life while curbing your ability to move forward.


The most basic symptom of depression is that it makes you feel like there’s no hope.


No matter what you do, where you go, who you’re with, what medication you’re on, you feel like it’ll never get better – that you’ll never feel better.


FasterEFT can help you to get rid of your depression, but only if you use it – and use it correctly.


Having said that, it is crucial you continue to take any medication that your doctor has prescribed and follow any other medical instructions.


How to Deal With Depression

We know that just thinking about dealing with depression can seem like a daunting task.


The first step in resolving the problem (after consulting your doctor for advice and guidance) is to make the decision to do whatever it takes to take back control over how you feel.


However, just taking that first step when you’re depressed can be hard.


The very thing you know you need to do in order to get over depression, is the very thing that terrifies you.


Whether it’s meeting friends, going for a walk, eat healthier, grooming yourself, calling your kids – it can seem like a dauntless task.


Depression: A Catch-22

The things that are supposed to help in recovering from depression, are the ones most people find difficult to do.


However, there’s a huge difference, between finding something difficult to do, and something that’s impossible.


That’s where FasterEFT comes in.


With this key in your pocket, difficult becomes easy, impossible becomes possible, hopelessness turns into hopefulness.


The Real Cause of Your Depression

What’s your problem?


What would you say is the biggest challenge you’re dealing with right now?


No matter what it is, the cause will be the same as all of your other problems.


The cause of all problems is the same, and Faster EFT solves the cause of depression, rather than the symptoms of depression.


Does that sound ridiculous and far-fetched?


Bear with us and it will all make perfect sense.


In fact, once you realize the one cause of your all problems, you will be able to change those problems and transform all areas of your life.


In order to understand, how and why depression works, let’s dive in a little deeper to understand how memories are made, stored and what meaning they give to our lives.



1. The Setting

Before you were born, the stage was already set.


Each of your parents already had their own set of problems.


Their circumstances and the circumstances of your birth were already in place before you were born.


From being a long-awaited gift to two loving, financially secure, emotionally intelligent, happy people, to being the unwanted consequence of neglecting to use birth control for one night, between two people struggling with addiction, depression and mounting debt, the stage on which you make your entrance will have an automatic and ongoing effect on the identity you develop.


2. The Record Keeping System

As you grow, your subconscious mind interprets your experiences, and records its interpretations.


In other words, if your parents had been trying to have a baby for a long time and were grateful to finally have you, your subconscious may interpret the attention you receive from your parents to mean that you are a valuable, worthy, loveable person.


On the other hand, if you remind your mother of her ex-husband who left her, and she lacks the skills to cope with her emotions, she may treat you with contempt; your subconscious may then interpret that experience to mean you are worthless and will never be good enough.


Naturally, there are infinite combinations of different experiences that create different results in different people.




3. The Execution

The meanings that your subconscious mind assigns to what you experience form memories that are held for reference.


This is how you learn to survive in the world.


It is how you learn to walk, eat, drive, ride a bicycle, brush your teeth etc. without needing to concentrate on every movement.


And this is the cause of all problems.


As you continue living, your subconscious is constantly referring to these memories and then prompting your conscious mind and your body to respond and react accordingly.


For example, if you were frightened by a squirrel when you were a small child, you may hold the subconscious belief that squirrels are life-threatening.


This will mean that every time you see a squirrel you will feel fear.


Your subconscious recorded that reaction and experience in order to protect you from future danger.


It doesn’t matter if the squirrel you see today is small, and completely harmless.


Your brain and body react according to the original memory you hold.


Because these memories are in the subconscious, we are not aware of the majority of them; this means we may react without knowing why.


For example, you may find it difficult to resist drinking soda, which you know is bad for you; and no matter how much will-power you try to use, you always find yourself giving in.


Read How FasterEFT Solves All Your Problems for more in depth information about how FasterEFT changes those original traumatic memories/records to change your current reality.


Getting Started with Curing Depression

Now that you have fully understood how the subconscious mind controls our emotions through the body based on the memories it holds, this article will also explain how those memories are created, as well as why we change them.


In order to change your state and clear the depression you will need to address the original memories that are producing the depression.


You may know what these could be, or you may have no idea at all; fortunately it doesn’t matter – you do not need to know what the original cause is.


The Faster EFT process is designed to allow the subconscious mind to do all the work – after all, it is the subconscious mind that is in charge.


Why Willpower Doesn’t Work

The reason conscious thinking, or willpower, does very little to change depression is that the state of depression is physiological, not intellectual.


The feeling of depression is caused by chemicals in your body; and since the job of the conscious mind is to give meaning to experiences using reason and logic, it creates thought patterns that serve to explain these feelings.


This becomes a cycle as the thoughts match the feelings – and those thoughts trigger more of the matching chemicals.


Changing the thoughts, under normal circumstances, would result in a change in the chemicals – and as a result, the feelings.


However, because depression is not a normal physiological state, and is being produced on “automatic” as a result of deeper programming, willpower has little effect on the feeling of depression.


In order to change the feeling of depression, the chemical state needs to change.


This is why people are prescribed antidepressants in order to change their chemical state.


This medication then triggers the organs to produce different chemicals.


That’s why after taking the medication, people often feel better for a short period of time.


But as soon as the chemicals wear off, you feel depressed again, and often – suicidal.


What’s Happening Behind the Scenes?

Your subconscious holds memories it has collected throughout your life experience.


Starting from when you were born, your subconscious mind started interpreting your experiences and filed that interpretation as a reference.


This is how you learned about yourself, and the world around you.


It is how you learn about how life works, about other people and about who you are.


These memories are not necessarily true reality; they are reality as interpreted through your subconscious mind.


Each person’s reality is unique based on the filters (created by their subconscious mind from experiences) through which they are understanding the world.


If you are suffering from depression, there are memories in your subconscious that support that state.


Your subconscious mind is referencing these memories, and then prompting your brain to signal your organs and limbic brain to produce the chemicals that create the feelings of depression and inhibit the production of endorphins and other “feel good” chemicals.


The Solution To Depression

Changing the original memories that the subconscious is referring to will automatically change the signal that triggers the chemical reaction – which will in turn change the way you feel.


FasterEFT is designed to access the original memories and change them without your needing to know what they are or where they came from.


How relieving is that??


The Process for Addressing Depression using Faster EFT


To understand how and why we tap on the points shown above, please read: How to do the Faster EFT Tap – The Basic Recipe


Here are a few testimonials showing how FasterEFT helps with curing Depression:







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