How to create a Stress Free Life with Eutaptics

Want to live stress free, Euptaptics has the key! If you knew that you could create your life actively, would you just sit idly by and do nothing? Usually 90% of your thoughts are running on autopilot. That means you’re thinking the same thoughts, day in and day out, with nothing really changing. And if your thinking is the same, your feelings will be the same, your habits will remain the same and your personality will be what it was the day before, and the day before that. It becomes a repetitive cycle and many people feel stuck in a vicious loop. Then one day you wake up frustrated, wondering why things aren’t working or changing. The answer lies within the deep recesses of your mind. If you want to live stress free, Eutaptics is the way to go.

Who you are at present is a result of your habitual ways of thinking from childhood. Your life, however it may be, is a result of that thinking. Whether you’ve been coasting through life or struggling in finances and love – it’s all based on what you think.

What you think is based on what you believe. And what you believe is based on memories of the past, from birth till present, that you’ve accumulated within your subconscious mind. Our body is a canvas for all the emotions we’ve felt throughout. So if you’re suffering from physical pain, anxiety, chronic fatigue, depression etc. it’s most probably because your body is representing negative emotions that you’ve buried. If you’re serious about living stress free, Eutaptics, at its core, operates on the premise that once you change the records held within the subconscious mind, external conditions change as well.

Let’s break this down

To be able to live stress free, Euptaptics is the key that opens the door to peace. Chronic stress is one of the leading causes of *disease and death today. Stress takes many forms, but the cause is essentially the same. It’s the body’s response to the mind’s perception. In other words: you experience something and your mind perceives that experience in a certain way that causes your brain to signal your body to go into a state of emergency (fight, freeze or flight). The body’s response is the same in the case of mental triggers as it is in the event of physical danger. Using Eutaptics right in the moment can drastically change your mood and enable you to live stress free.

It’s your external environment that prompts your brain to produce these signals that cause your body to respond a certain way. Whether you’re busy worrying about something that may happen, thinking about something that happened in the past that hurt you (perhaps someone you were in a relationship with hurt you), thinking about what you’re going to say or do about something or someone that bothers you (that confrontation that you are sure is going to happen at the office meeting this morning), thinking about what you should have said in a situation or to a person that bothered you, replaying debates, arguments or cringe-worthy experiences in your mind, or just simply remembering memories that bother you.

Each of these situations causes your body and brain to go into a state of fight, freeze or flight. Again, if you want to live stress free, Eutaptics is the way to go.


How to Get Rid of Stress using Eutaptics

Phobia induced stress
Anne sees a cockroach on the wall and responds with fear. She feels the stress response of fear. Another person, Jack, sees the same cockroach and feels no fear at all. In fact, he just goes and grabs some bug spray and takes care of the cockroach.

What’s the difference?

Anne, has a record in her subconscious that “proves” that cockroaches are a threat. This belief causes her brain to trigger the fight, freeze or flight response in her body. Jack, has no record proving that spiders are a threat; therefore, the subconscious has no reason to cause the brain to trigger the emergency state.


Emotional Stress

This is the common type of stress. Suppose Jacob overhears someone close to him saying that he has bad taste in women. He feels the emotional pain of being hurt. Now it could also be that another person, let’s say Mark, overhears the same thing being said about them by the same person, and does not feel hurt at all.

What’s the difference?

Jacob’s subconscious is referencing a record that “proves” that what was said is hurtful. As a result, the subconscious causes the brain to respond by putting the body into an emergency state.
The second person, Mark, does not have this record. His subconscious has no reference that what was said is hurtful; therefore there is no reason for it to cause the brain to trigger the body to go into the stress state.

If you want to learn to control your mind, thoughts and body, then Eutaptics training is your weapon. Your subconscious mind is like a computer, whatever you feed into it, is the output you will get. When you learn to feed only desirable things into your mind, then your life will become desirable too. If you want to live stress free, Eutaptics is the way to go.



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