How to Deal with Grief

At Skills to Change, we understand the mindset of how grief and loss work. Whether you’re currently going through extreme grief, or have experienced it in the recent past, eutaptics®/FasterEFT will help you focus on the treasure each event brings.

In our previous post we talked about the many kinds of grief. Whether you’ve lost someone or something, the grief can be difficult to deal with. Many people struggle to remember the good memories, instead focusing on all the painful ones.

When you’re focused on your grief and the pain you’re feeling, you also tend to produce another emotion: guilt. People who are grieving tend to feel unearned guilt over the situation. They ask themselves what they could’ve done differently. They beat themselves up over and over, replaying the same negative memories like how they didn’t get to the hospital in time to say good-bye, or how that last argument that led to the breakup went, or how their dog’s face looked when the veterinarian inserted the needle.

Or maybe their grief turns to anger. They’re furious at the sibling who didn’t call them in time for them to get to the hospital, the ex who started the argument, or the person who hit their dog with their car. The anger builds and builds as they replay those memories that fuel the anger.

We are all going to go through a period of grief. Death — or any kind of major change — is part of life. The person or pet that passed away is ok now. They’ve moved onto their next phase of existence. They’ve graduated to the next level. But they gave you incredible memories. The key to overcoming grief is remembering those memories and letting go of the painful ones. It’s changing the meaning of your memories to create peace within you.

How do you do that?

One of the best, easiest and fastest things you can do is use the eutaptics®/FasterEFT neuroplasticity system to move through your grief by changing your mind and updating your memories. Grief and loss is a process that can take a lot of time to work through traditionally. Some people say it takes half the time you were with someone/in an experience to move on, others say even longer.

Here’s the truth of the matter: Grief and loss are simply representations of change. Those who learn how to adjust to changes quickly live longer and are healthier, which is why eutaptics®/FasterEFT helps you accept changes and move forward with your life.

So how long should you grieve? As short as possible. Grief keeps us stagnant, not moving forward. People often stay in grief because they think it’s honoring the person or experience they lost. But wouldn’t it be honoring them more to live the best life you can? Think about it. Wouldn’t your mom, your ex (remember back to the early days together!), your beloved pet want you to be happy again? To do that, you need to learn how to release the loss and retain the good memories.

That’s why eutaptics®/FasterEFT teaches you to rewrite your negative memories into positive ones. When you do that, you’re no longer replaying the painful memories of the passing of others. Instead, you’re only replaying the memories of the faint smell of apricot jam as your mom kisses you on the cheek, the vacation you took to the Bahamas, or the long walks around your dog’s favorite park. These are the kinds of memories that bring a smile to your face.

When you have peace with the pain and with yourself, you’re able to move forward to the next relationship, next event, next phase of your life.

 How Bea Healed from Grief with FasterEFT 

Bea lost her husband and it devastated her — until she discovered FasterEFT and began using neuroplasticity techniques to help her move through her grief. Watch her story below:

Bea and Jessica (who we talked about in last week’s post) experienced a different kind of grief and loss, but both were able to overcome it with eutaptics®/FasterEFT. The true key to overcoming grief and loss is remembering that every person and experience left us a gift: wonderful memories. When we’re able to let go of the bad memories and focus on the good, we can replay them over and over. We can remember the good parts of the people or experiences and think back on only fond memories. We can’t change what happened, but we can honor the person we used to be, the person we lost, the life we used to have.

Whatever kind of grief you’re facing, eutaptics/FasterEFT will help. And if you struggle to break through on your own, consider joining us in Oklahoma City in July for our Grief and Loss seminar. 


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