How to Really Stimulate Creativity

How strong is your desire to be creative? It probably varies depending on the person, some are more creatively inclined than others. It also depends on what your interests are, but generally speaking, everyone has a creative side to them, they just need to nurture it.

You may find stimulating creativity really difficult, especially when you’re tired, hungry, feeling emotionally drained, and a range of other factors. Learning how to stimulate creativity easily takes just a little understanding and a simple technique.

Studies have shown that our creative prowess is at its strongest when we’re happy and well rested. In this state our brains have the nutrients they need, and when we’re feeling good about ourselves, everything takes on a brighter hue.

It has also been discovered that the more forgiving we are of ourselves when we fail, the more likely we are to succeed next time. All of this can help; but the key to stimulating your creativity easily is in changing the record your subconscious holds at the source.

FasterEFT makes it so easy! The combination of changing the original subconscious records and making the adjustments above is the most powerful way to stimulate your creative juices. Whether you want to use your creativity to develop a hobby you have always wanted to, but never found the time for or trying your hand at that new painting class you know would be good for you, rather than trying to force yourself to go against the way you are feeling at the time, there is a way to change your reluctance to willingness.

You can in fact replace the need for creativity with a genuine desire that will make your decisions, choices and actions automatic.

The FasterEFT Way to Stimulate Your Creativity

Let’s use an example that is quite common: doing art. You’ve decided you want to take an art class, or just join a creative writing workshop and feel better; so you’ve made the conscious decision that you will not shy away from this anymore. Even though you think you don’t have enough time, or energy, or inspiration. This is a really difficult choice since you love blaming your lack of creativity on not being inspired enough.

This makes you feel bad about yourself; so you end up making an excuse not to go to art class, to save yourself from being embarrassed or not having enough creativity, or talent etc. You tell yourself that you’ll start next time. And so the cycle repeats. You may force yourself to go to one art class, but when you haven’t had much sleep, or you’re feeling stressed it will be almost impossible to function properly.

Here’s the solution that will last:

Step One

Think about going to a creative art class (or whatever activity you’re into) right now. What is it you like about art? You can draw, you’ve always enjoyed going to museums, you feel excited just thinking about developing this talent! Now think about attending that art class, and having to draw something that inspires you, or talk about why you’re there. Do you feel the sensation? Where in your body do you feel it? You may also feel like skipping the class altogether, notice where in your body and how you know you feel that.

Step Two

Use the FasterEFT technique explained in: The FasterEFT Technique – Step-by-Step. Go through the routine until you have flipped the sensations, feelings and memories associated with art, creativity, inspiration.

Step Three

Replace that fear of not being creative enough with a thought that being creative is fun and easy.

Step Four

Whenever you feel the fear rising up, or the apprehension or the thought that you’re not creative enough, go back to Step Two. If you’ve done Step Two correctly, you should no longer feel that reluctance or fear about being creative or not going to art class.

Step Five

Tap out any resistance you may feel to this choice, using the FasterEFT technique in Step Two.

It’s important to remember that everyone has been born with an imagination. And you are free to use it as you like and get as creative as you want to be, without fear of recrimination. If you feel anything negative about being creative, use the FasterEFT tapping technique along with memory reimprinting to free yourself and really enjoy the gifts your imagination have to offer!


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