How To Stop Punishing Your Partner – Love and Relationships

FasterEFT holds a complete understanding of how love and relationships are formed and maintained or broken and destroyed.


That’s because whenever we lash out in love and relationships, no matter if romantic, professional or familial – it is coming from a place of fear.


Fear that we are losing control of the situation.


And what do humans do when they are operating from fear? They panic.


They lash out, emotionally, verbally, and in extreme cases, even physically.


The most damaging, and most common way of lashing out, is by punishing your partner.


And the more you continue hurting your partner, the more disconnect that creates.


That pushes you even further apart.


Which makes you more fearful.


Which makes you lash out even more.

It becomes a vicious cycle.


FasterEFT understands that when you are punishing your partner, by withholding love and affection – you create pain, hurt and neglect.


Your partner then feels more misunderstood, defensive and alone than ever.


That’s why it’s so difficult for couples that have been in abusive relationships for so long, to break the cycle or hurt and pain.


Couples in love and relationships like this suffer massive emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological damage over time.

Trust is broken.



Stop Punishing Your Partner

The good news is, that can all end right now.


With FasterEFT tapping you don’t need to know the original cause.


You just need to realize and be aware that yes, you are hurting your partner and yes, you DO want to stop it.


So what’s the alternative to abuse?


Love and compassion!

How do you stop punishing your partner for everything you think you deserve but aren’t getting from them?


By working on clearing subconscious blocks within yourself through FasterEFT.


Then, and only then, you’ll be able to have open and honest communication.


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Experience a New Kind of Love and Relationships 

Opening up in love and relationships, even when you’re scared and afraid is really when you are saying to the other person, “I love you, and I’m sharing my feelings with you because I trust you and don’t want to hurt you by blocking you out”.


That’s when your love and relationships have a fighting chance for survival.


If you really want to nurture your love and relationships then understanding what Robert calls the power of “the trance monkey” is important.


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With a little FasterEFT work and commitment, you can make any relationship work!


When you are attracted to someone, you naturally and automatically become self-conscious.


When two people are in the beginning phase, they are being the best “them” they can be.


They are consciously focused on the other person, on themselves, and on the interaction between them.

They are making a conscious effort to say and do the right thing.


And the more conscious you are in this relationship, the better you feel – which creates an even stronger bond with your



FasterEFT knows that your subconscious is in charge.


So it refers to the data it holds based on previous romantic experiences.


It then prompts your brain to trigger your body to produce chemicals.


These chemicals would result in sensations and impulses, to which the conscious mind would immediately and instantly respond automatically.

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The Role of the Subconscious in Relationships 

Punishing your partner is the result of living life 95% unconsciously.


The same process occurs in every area of life, including love and relationships.


Let’s take an example.


Angelina and David have been seeing each other for a while.


They’re very much in love, and each of them is determined that the relationship is forever.


Up until now, they have never had a disagreement, and have only seen the best in each other.


This morning, David was told that if he wanted to keep his job, he would need to increase his sales by 25% by the end of the month.


This evening, he and Angelina are going out for dinner.


They stop at a gas station on the way to the restaurant to fill up with gas.


Angelina asks David if he could get her a chocolate bar when he goes in to pay for the gas.


David punishes Angelina by snapping at her that they’re going to be late, and that eating a chocolate bar is unhealthy.


Angelina is shocked.

She has never seen that side of David before.


She may take it as a warning signal for the future of the relationship, or she may choose to brush it off… until the next time.


FasterEFT Knows The Biggest Problem

This story is just a small and simple example.


There are, of course, infinite possibilities and combinations.


The biggest problem comes when Angelina confronts David about his response, or her own subconscious programming is triggered by it, and David has no idea of what Angelina is talking about.


The reason is, while his subconscious was running his reactions, and his conscious mind was otherwise occupied – in that moment – he was not conscious.


This means, he didn’t witness what Angelina witnessed.

He didn’t realize that he had been subconsciously programmed to punish his partner.


His reaction is so automatic that David is completely unaware of it.


The result is that when Angelina reacts, David thinks the problem is with her.


And so, a cycle of blame, hurt and pain begins.


And just like that, they both start punishing each other.



The Solution: FasterEFT – Love and Relationships!

As you will have gathered from the information so far, the original cause of the problem between Angelina and David (and all other couples) is not their action or decision in the moment.


It is not their conscious behavior at all.


In fact, it is not even the actions of the subconscious. It is the original data that the subconscious is referring to.


Change that data, and the subconscious responds differently – because it’s referring to different “proof” and “evidence”.


And the result is: completely different automatic reactions and responses to each other.


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