How to use Faster EFT to Deal with a Difficult Boss


We’ve all dealt with difficult bosses at one point or another.


The kind of difficult boss that makes your palms sweaty, your heart rate quicken or your stomach sink.


In fact, having a challenging relationship with your boss can affect not only your enjoyment of your job, but your quality of work as well.


Unfortunately, getting confrontational, changing jobs, changing departments or complaining about it won’t help.


Faster EFT will – because it’s easy, fast, it works and the person in question doesn’t have to be present.


The great news: Faster EFT can change your situation without needing to make your difficult boss change.


Isn’t that wonderful news?


It’s a powerful truth but the only person we have control over is ourselves.


We need to regain our power we need to take full control of our own experience regardless of what others are doing.


Faster EFT will enable you to develop the ability to control your own emotions.


So that YOU are the boss of you!


But you will need to follow a few steps to get there.


Use the simple steps below for dealing with a Difficult Boss using Faster EFT.


Step #1:


Take a moment to think about your boss.


How do you feel when you think of them?


For example, perhaps you feel anger, fear, hatred, anxiety, frustration, insulted etc.


Imagine him or her sitting in front of you, the way they look, talk – whatever he or she does that prompts a negative reaction in you.


Now notice, where in your body do you feel that reaction, and how strong is it?


For example, you may feel a pressure in your chest, a tightness in your throat, or a sensation in your stomach.


Just notice how you know it’s there.


Step #2:

Using two fingers, and focusing on the feeling of your fingertips on your skin, gently tap on the following points while saying the phrases:


* Between your eyebrows – “I release and let this go”


* Beside your eye (it doesn’t matter which one) – “It’s okay to let this go now”


* Under your eye – “It’s safe to let this go”


* Just below your collarbone – “I don’t need this anymore, and I’m safe as I’m letting it go”


Step #3:

Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out and say “Peace”.


Then think of a peaceful memory. Remember the feeling of that memory and enjoy it for a moment.


Step #4:

Now think of your difficult boss again, and notice if you feel different in any way.


Think of the way he or she speaks to you and notice if you feel those same negative feelings again or not.


Has the feeling changed?


If it hasn’t, notice what’s still left and repeat steps #2 to #4 until the feeling has flipped.


Keep tapping, it may take a while for all those feelings to clear.


As you’re doing this, other associated memories, thoughts and feelings may come to know, notice them and Faster EFT tap on those too.


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Step #5:

If the feeling has not changed, think back to when in your life you’ve felt this same feeling before.


When have you felt like this in the past?


Who was it that made you feel this way?


Notice the feeling and the memory.


Then repeat Steps #2 to #4  until that memory has flipped.


Once it’s flipped, go back to thinking about your boss and notice how the feeling has changed now.


If there are any negative feelings left, repeat Steps #2 to #4 until it has completely changed.


Or watch and tap along:

What Now?

Now that you have changed your response to your difficult boss, it’s time to test it out in reality.


Before you head to work, check to see how you feel.


If there are any negative feelings or thoughts at all, repeat Steps #2 to #4.


Now just when you’re about to meet your boss face to face, use Faster EFT.


Check and see if you feel the apprehension you used to feel before.


Or, if the negative feelings occur when they speak to you.


Even if you feel a tiny amount of ANY negative emotion, use the Faster EFT mental tapping technique in the moment to clear them as they come up.


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You will notice that your experience of your difficult boss will change, and you may even find that they are responding to you completely differently.

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