How to use FasterEFT as your anchor

An anchor is something that holds a boat in place.


The anchor keeps the boat in place, so that the boat doesn’t drift off and end up in places it’s not supposed to be.


It’s a small structure, compared to the rest of the boat or ship, yet it has a very important role to play.


Without the anchor, the boat wouldn’t have anything to keep it steady in one place.


It wouldn’t have something to stop it from drifting off with wherever the waves take it.


The anchor provides stability for the passengers on board.


They feel safe knowing that the anchor is keeping the boat in place.


They can rest easy and enjoy themselves.


Imagine having that kind of a mental anchor.


That no matter what life throws your way, you have an anchor that will keep you steady.


It’s easy to get flustered when trauma, emergency, pain, illness and adversity come up unexpected in your life.


But if you have an anchor, you know that despite the rocky waves, you are going to be alright.


You are safe.


Faster EFT is that anchor for hundreds and thousands of people around the world.


FasterEFT provides tools and techniques that will help you mentally and many times physically overcome obstacles that life throws your way.


You can reach your dreams when you’re anchored to hope.


This means that no matter how big the obstacle, whatever challenges you face, you know you have the tools, techniques and support to help you overcome them.


The challenges, then, don’t seem so daunting.


With the right support system by your side, anything is achievable.


And we’ve got countless stories to prove it.


Here are a few Faster EFT success stories to get you inspired!

You are bigger than any challenge

When you’re constantly anchored to using FasterEFT and being mentally strong, nothing on the outside moves you.


You are resilient and confident that this storm will pass.


You’re not worried because you’ve got your anchor down.


If you’re going through a loss – personal or financial, you know your emotions are pulling you down.


You feel lost, helpless, scared, angry, confused etc.


What is happening to your body then is that it is going into stress mode.


Stress mode shuts down your body’s ability to heal itself.


That’s why 90% of today’s illnesses are stress induced.


You are literally making yourself sick with your thoughts.


We can imagine you saying, “Well how can I not worry if I can’t pay my bills this month?”, “My marriage is falling apart and you want me to remain calm?!”, “My kids are going down the wrong path, how can I not be stressed out?”, “My boss hates me at work and I’m going to get fired” etc.


There’s a way to deal with the panic that comes with not being able to function well financially, emotionally and physically, and Faster EFT knows the way.


What stress does to your body

Every time you get stressed, this is what happens –

* Your heart-rate increases.


* Blood is pumped away from all your major organs to the extremities.


* Your digestive system slows down or shuts down, that’s why many people experience a loss of appetite when they’re stressed.


* Healing is put on hold, that’s why many people suffer from hair loss, weight loss, weight gain, old looking skin, nails, and hair because their body isn’t focused on producing healthy tissue.


* The prefrontal cortex of the brain becomes inactive; you are unable to focus on anything for longer than a few seconds.  


* Stress chemicals like adrenaline and cortisol flood the bloodstream and have various effects on the cells of the body.


* The cells cease to function normally and are not picking up the nutrients as they would normally in this emergency state.


So anytime you feel negative, sad or worried, we challenge you to use the FasterEFT tapping process right there, in the moment.


We promise you, it’s easier than you think and the results are remarkable.


We’re detailing the FasterEFT process for you below.


What is the Faster EFT process?

Step #1: Aim

Notice how you know you have the problem.


You don’t need to know what the emotions or feelings are, just notice how you know they’re there.


What do you feel?


Where in your body do you feel it?


What do you see or hear?

How do you know it’s a problem?


Step #2: Tap

Use two fingers to tap the following points, while focusing on the feeling of your fingers on your skin:


  • between your eyebrows
  • beside your eye
  • under your eye
  • just below your collarbone

While you are tapping, say “Let it go”. You can also add “It’s safe to let it go”.


Note: It doesn’t matter which side you tap – you can do either side, or both if you like.


Step #3: Peace

Grab your wrist, take a deep breath, blow it out, and say “peace” – and go to a peaceful memory for a moment.


Step #4: Check

Go back to your problem and take notice of how it’s changed.


Do you feel different?


Is the intensity of the feeling different?


Does the memory look or sound different?


Just notice.


Step #5: Repeat

Repeat steps #2 to #4 until the feeling or memory has “flipped” – in other words, the negative memory has been replaced by a positive memory.


Most people who face any kind of stress tend to give into those emotions and wallow in them.


This results in years, even decades of depression, anxiety, stress related illnesses, struggle, lack etc.


But those who know that FasterEFT is their anchor, immediately turn to it in times of trouble.


When you’re anchored to Faster EFT, things will happen, that you consciously could not control or predict.


That’s because your body is relatively free of stress chemicals, and that allows your mind to function optimally.


Finding solutions to problems that you otherwise wouldn’t even think of.


How Problems are Created:

1. The Setting

Before you were born, the stage was already set.


Each of your parents already had their own problems.


Their circumstances and the circumstances of your birth were already in place before you arrived.


From being a long-awaited gift to two loving, financially secure, emotionally intelligent, happy people, to being the unwanted consequence of neglecting to use birth control for one night, between two people struggling with addiction, depression and mounting debt, the stage on which you make your entrance will have an automatic and ongoing effect on the identity you develop.


2. The Record Keeping System

As you grow, your subconscious mind interprets your experiences, and records its interpretations.


In other words, if your parents had been trying to have a baby for a long time and were grateful to finally have you, your subconscious may interpret the attention you receive from your parents to mean that you are a valuable, worthy, loveable person.


On the other hand, if you remind your mother of her ex-husband who left her, and she lacks the skills to cope with her emotions, she may treat you with contempt; your subconscious may then interpret that experience to mean you are worthless and will never be good enough.


Naturally, there are infinite combinations of different experiences that create different results in different people.


3. The Execution

The meanings that your subconscious has assigned to what you experience form records that are held for reference.


This is how you learn to survive in the world.


It is how you learn to walk without needing to concentrate on every movement; it’s how you learn to drive without needing to consciously make every decision; it’s how you learn to respond to stimuli without needing to think first.


And this is the cause of all problems.


As you continue through your life, your subconscious is constantly referring to these records and then prompting your conscious mind and your body to respond and react accordingly.


For example, if you were frightened by a dog when you were a small child, you may hold the subconscious record that dogs (or perhaps that breed of dog) are life-threatening.


This will mean that every time you see a dog (or that specific breed) you will feel fear.


Your subconscious recorded that reaction and experience in order to protect you from future danger.


It doesn’t matter if the dog you see today is friendly and harmless, your brain and body react according to the original record you hold.


Because these records are in the subconscious, we are not aware of the majority of them; this means we may react without knowing why.


For example, you may find it difficult to resist eating a specific food you know is bad for you; and no matter how much will-power you try to use, you always find yourself giving in.



An example of how Faster EFT solves problems would be: If you were able to look into the records in your subconscious you may find that your otherwise distant father gave you $20 worth of pocket money once or twice, and your subconscious recorded that moment as an experience of his love for you.


This resulted in your subconscious making the connection between that money and love.


That will be the reason it’s so difficult to resist the urge to earn more money – because to your subconscious it means love.


You’ll be happy receiving small amounts of money, but never huge amounts.


Now that you know that the cause of all problems is the database your subconscious holds, how do you get rid of your problems?


By using FasterEFT, and making that your anchor in life!


Changing the memory of the dog that frightened you when you were young will automatically change your response to dogs today.


Changing the reference that connects your father’s love to a small amount of money will automatically result in you trying to achieve more success.


This is how FasterEFT solves all problems – by addressing the root cause rather than the symptoms.


Here are some resources to help you get started:

How to Change Yourself” the Basics – Level 1 Training Online

Create the Life You Always Wanted – The Starter Course

Be Slimmer Stay Slim (Online Workshop)



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