How to use FasterEFT tapping when people hurt your feelings

In Faster EFT, the opposite of Love is…Love!


It’s not fear, it’s love.


So if you have a fear of spiders, snakes, planes etc. what is that fear trying to do for you?


It’s trying to protect you, because it views those things as a threat to your physical survival.


Behind that need to protect you, is the instinct of self-preservation, of love.


That’s where FasterEFT tapping comes into play, to help you cope with your fears.


In the same vein, when you hate something, you try and stay away from it, try to justify being angry, all because you want to keep yourself safe.


Again, that is an instinct borne out of self love.


So at your core, you do love yourself.


In fact, you love yourself enough to create feelings of hate, anger, fear, jealousy etc. because you are trying to protect yourself from getting hurt.



The Faster EFT – Eutaptics model operates from the belief that we are operating from the unconscious mindset.


So according to the unconscious mind, there is no bad and there is no good.


It’s just what is.


It is an impersonal recorder of information and it’s your conscious mind, your perception of reality, that gives meaning to the information as good and bad.


So if you have the tool of FasterEFT tapping and the information available about how the unconscious works and someone does something hurtful or says something disrespectful to you, you have the ability to take a step back, smile and say, “This is interesting behavior”.


You have the option of not taking it personally, and recognizing that the other person is also operating from a set of unconscious beliefs.


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What is Faster EFT Tapping?

Let’s take an example.


Ashley and Jane, both in their 30s, have been friends for 20 years.


They have grown up together.


However, during their adult years, they had different life experiences that created different emotions for each of them.


One day, Jane finds out that her husband has been cheating on her, and decides to take her anger out on Ashley.


Now Ashley has nothing to do with the cheating.


She is perfectly happy with her life and has learned about FasterEFT tapping.


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So when Jane comes up to Ashley and starts yelling at her, calling her stupid, ignorant, a bad mother, a boring wife and terrible friend; Ashley can do one of two things –


  1. She can immediately get defensive and start retaliating by yelling at Jane as well. They have a huge argument with lots of insults and hurtful words flying about, and by the end of it, both of them are left feeling exhausted, hurt and angry.


  1. Ashley can smile, take a deep breath, mentally do the Faster EFT Tapping and ask Jane to have a seat. She can then calmly and compassionately ask Jane what’s the matter and why she is so upset. She can even use Faster EFT tapping on Jane as she proceeds to tell her about the cheating. Ashley provides comfort and realizes that Jane’s lashing out was just a reaction to the disturbing emotional shock she just received.


Ashley knows how the unconscious works because she attended a Eutaptics Live Seminar and learned the process of Faster EFT tapping.


She knows that the only way to help Jane is to remain in control of her emotions by recognizing the unconscious programs from which Jane is operating.


It goes back to how you think and how you process information.


So if someone is bombarding you with hurtful words, you just have to take a mental step back and realize that, “Oh! What an interesting world you have inside your mind!”


Now of course, we do get impacted when someone close to us says or does something that we perceive as hurtful, that’s the time to use Faster EFT tapping and break the connection.


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