“I Already Knew What Was Wrong… I Just Didn’t Know What to Do With That Information.” - A Story of Matter of Fact Transformation eutaptics® FasterEFT™

“I Already Knew What Was Wrong… I Just Didn’t Know What to Do With That Information.” - A Story of Matter of Fact Transformation

People come to eutaptics® FasterEFT™ hoping for a miracle. They often think, “I’ve seen the videos, I know that it just takes one session and I’m cured…” Which for some people could be the case. 

But more often than not, there’s more to it than just one session and a few hard taps. Especially when you come into the whole experience thinking you’ve got everything figured out. 

It’s not uncommon to already know where your problems began. After all, you’ve likely tortured yourself with those memories for years. But knowing where they come from and being able to use that knowledge to better your life are two very different things. 

Derek came to eutaptics® FasterEFT™ about seven years ago. At the time that he and Robert first met, Derek was 100% sure he knew what was going on and what he needed to do to fix it. He had trouble concentrating, he was depressed, using drugs and drinking too much, he had even attempted suicide a few times throughout his life. Now that he was in his mid thirties, he had finally started to see the patterns reveal themselves over and over again. 

He came into his first session, sat down very matter of fact and said, “Robert, I need you to tap on my dad. I’ve never had any problems that didn’t come from my dad, so, let’s flip all of that.” 

Eyebrows raised, Robert asked, “Why do you think all of your problems are because of your dad?” 

Again, very matter of fact, Derek replied, “My dad was a loser… He cheated on my mom a bunch of times and he lied about everything. I can’t trust anyone, not even myself. I don’t have any close friends, I can’t keep a relationship. I’m always convinced I’m being lied to. It’s my dad, I promise.” 

With that, they started tapping. They focused on Derek’s biggest complaints and worked their way backwards. During the session Derek revealed something he had never told anyone… His father had cheated on his mother with one of his classmates. He served time in jail and the girl had to move cities to escape the rumor mill. 

The more they dug, the more he remembered. The girl, it turned out, was one of Derek’s friends who he had previously crushed on. He remembered telling his father about her. Besides it breaking up the bonds in his family, it also destroyed his friendship with someone he cared about very much. 

Derek’s mother coached him and his brother to deny that any of it ever happened, and when his father was released from jail, he moved back into the family home like nothing had ever happened.  This killed Derek’s trust in her, too. 

It was around this time that Derek dropped out of school and started experimenting with drugs and alcohol. He and his father would get in physical fights on a regular basis, ones that his mother or younger brother would have to break up. 

The moment he was old enough, he moved out, but that would turn out to be the start of a very rough road ahead. He never had roommates longer than a couple of months because he would always end up accusing them of something - stealing, lying, being too messy, or too loud - which made keeping up with rent pretty difficult. 

He ended up moving in with girlfriend after girlfriend, but those always soured for one reason or another.

He and Robert worked through each memory as they came up, tapping on the hardest parts of each period of Derek’s life. The worse they got, the bigger the breakthroughs. By the end of the first session, Derek felt on top of the world. He was SURE that was it. He could wash his hands of his dad’s BS because he was FREE! 

Only… That’s not really how it worked. 

Soon, Derek had come down from cloud nine as more and more memories came up. Ones that had nothing to do with his dad. Nothing to do with his trust issues. Nothing to do with unrequited love. 

What was happening? Derek KNEW what the problem was… so why wasn’t it fixed? 

Begrudgingly, he booked another session with Robert. He explained that his urges to use drugs and alcohol had all but vanished, and his desire to self harm was completely gone, but something just wasn’t right. He was still depressed and he was still struggling to be around other people. 

At this visit, Derek was actually angry with Robert. He came in with all of his problems laid out, so why weren’t they gone? How come with all that information it takes more than just a one-and-done? He practically spoon fed the answers! 

So, Robert decided to try something. He asked Derek why he wanted to be “fixed” so quickly. Why was it so important that his success be instantaneous?  

Derek wasn’t sure. They tapped on that curiosity. What is in there feeding the need for immediate satisfaction?

They went through his school experience, home life, dad, mom, sibling rivalry, good and bad relationships… and then it hit him like a ton of bricks. 

In spite of all his struggles, in spite of his lack of concentration, his depression, his highs and lows, Derek was good at everything he tried. He could play guitar after just a couple of lessons. He could build anything he imagined. He was great at sports, and fixing cars… But he wasn’t good at feeling good. 

In an email to Robert he said, “I already knew what was wrong, I just didn’t know what to do with that information.” 

And with that, Robert gave him the advice that has carried Robert himself through almost three decades of this belief system… You have to practice feeling good. 

You can spend a lifetime practicing feeling bad and getting nowhere, but when you channel that same commitment to practicing feeling good your life will become something you never dreamed it could. 

Practice he did. He tapped when things got overwhelming, he took in more sessions, he even practiced smiling when he felt like crap. All that practice, along with the tools that Robert had given him throughout his sessions, were paying off ten fold. 

He had already started to shed his addictions and his suicidal idealogy, but now he was seeing changes in his physical body. After a few short weeks he had more energy. He hadn’t even realized it, but when he was deeply depressed he was unknowingly clenching his teeth. Now that he wasn’t depressed, he wasn’t clenching and the random headaches he would get first thing in the morning were gone. 

The funny thing about Derek’s story is that it was when he finally LET GO of control that he fully regained it. 

When we last caught up with Derek he was doing great. Working a great job and living near his youngest brother. He’s happy and healthy today because, in spite of his trust issues with people, he trusted the system enough to know that it would work for him. 

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