“If I stop fighting, maybe I’ll float…” - A Transformation Story we can all relate to. eutaptics® FasterEFT™

“If I stop fighting, maybe I’ll float…” - A Transformation Story we can all relate to.

When you’re a child, the one thing you look for the most is acceptance and love from your parents. Whether it’s for something you did, or just a hug when you’re feeling scared or sad. It doesn’t really matter the situation, when you need them that’s the only thing that is going to make you feel better. That’s just part of being a kid… But not every adult was built to be that person, no matter how much they might want to be. 

One of my international students, Peter, often yearned for the kind of childhood where your parents were always just right behind you, watching you do the most uninteresting things with a smile. Cheering you on as you do something you’re proud of, or even when you do something crazy knowing that the hands of mom and dad are outstretched to catch you. More often than not, Peter and his sister missed those moments. 

One of the memories he shared at the “You Can Change Yourself Master Training” was that of a fishing trip he took all by himself. He was young, maybe five or six years old - far too young to be out on a boat alone - and swimming was not his strong suit. As he was out there on the water, he stumbled and slipped into the lake. Scared for his life, he thrashed and thrashed thinking someone would hear him, but no one did. None of the flailing was working to keep him above water. 

He thought to himself, “If I stop fighting, maybe I’ll just float…” So he made himself still. 

He didn’t float like he’d hoped. 

As Peter started to sink he could see the boat overhead disappear into the water above and meld with the sky… He quickly realized he was going to drown if he didn’t fight again. He struggled, this time getting himself to the surface and miraculously back into the boat. 

With water in his lungs, coughing hysterically, he paddled back to the shore and went to tell his mother what had happened. Surely she would be shocked and want to comfort her son through what was an extremely terrifying experience… Right? 

Peter’s mother simply told him to go get dry and grab some clean clothes to change into. 

Throughout Peter’s life, this was a response he had grown accustomed to from her. It often shaped his reactions to his own problems and the problems of others. He was picked on in school, he struggled to understand his own internal thoughts and depression. He wondered why he was ever born. Holding down relationships was difficult, because it was only a matter of time before he felt an emptiness inside. 

He married at a young age. He thought that maybe this was going to turn his feelings about life around. They had children and life seemed to be working out well. However, it wasn’t long after his children’s births that his old habits and his old thoughts had made their way back into his mind and they were accompanied by some familiar behavior. 

He was yelling a lot - something his parents did. His temper was short - something his dad was guilty of. He looked for solutions, because if there was one thing he knew it was that he didn’t want to be like his parents. 

His kids grew up, he went to psychologists and therapists, there were lots of questions, but no answers. After 21 years of trying to fix his problems, he and his wife got a divorce. Almost like clockwork, his emotional issues turned into physical issues. 

Isn’t it crazy how that happens? 

His back was tight and in constant pain. He saw a specialist, tried yoga, creams… nothing helped. Much like his depression, he was racing to find a cure for his pain, but he was running in circles. 

Then he asked himself, “What if it’s in my head?” 

Feeling damn near hopeless, he decided to keep searching the internet for an alternative to what he’d been trying. It was then that he came across one of Robert’s videos. He laughed, re-telling the story, because Robert posed the question, “What if Jesus used tapping?” 

He thought… “Hmm…. What is this guy talking about?” And shifted to another video by someone else. 

After a few weeks the pain in his back was so unbearable that a friend recommended he see a practitioner they knew. Deciding he had nothing to lose, he went for it. As it turns out, the practitioner was an EFT practitioner. After a session, he said he felt better. Not too much better, but enough that he was interested in trying it again. 

When he went home he searched for practitioners near him. When he didn’t find any, he decided to try and do it himself. He searched for videos and up popped Robert. And then again. And again. And again. He watched them all. Peter got so well versed in Robert’s videos that he could tap on himself like a professional.  

With this tool, he had a big breakthrough. With more progress in his pain and his depression, he was having more and more breakthrough moments. “This was brilliant!” He thought, “This is crazy how it’s working so well!” 

Every emotion he felt he would ask himself if there was something more there. He was so excited about his transformation, that he invited his sister to try it herself. They tapped together and after just one visit, his sister was hooked herself! She started to tell friends, and friends of friends. This had been the missing piece. 

After a job change with more pay, months of hard work and at the encouragement of everyone around him, Peter decided to fly to Oklahoma and meet Robert in person. Finally, this dream of living pain free and happy was coming true! He completed the Practitioner Training so he could use this new skill to help others. 

For years now, Peter has had so many people around him interested in his work that he has made eutaptics® FasterEFT™ a part of his everyday life for good. 

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*** The names in this story have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved

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