Importance of Effectively Teaching Kids Mental Toughness

Teaching children mental toughness is the surest way to raise empowered, kind and successful human beings. Every parent wishes only the best for their children, but that does not include spoiling them rotten and letting them become co-dependent.

Mental toughness is generally centered on confidence, mental focus, determination and resilience to stress even when placed under pressure. Children who are trained by their parents to develop mental toughness early in life generally become more competitive and exhibit an exceptional ability to excel in both academics and sports.

What Is Mental Toughness?

Many parents may claim that they understand the entire concept of mental toughness and how they can train their children. Often, the term mental toughness is only thought of in relation to athletic training. But this is not the case. If your children are not interested in sports, it does not mean that you cannot train them to becoming mentally tough.

Mental toughness is the cultivation of resilience and confidence, that will help them achieve success, not only in sports, academics but in many other important aspects of life as well. Colloquially speaking, mental toughness is related to a person’s set of attributes that enables them to respond positively in challenging times.

Are Your Kids Mentally Tough?

Are your kids able to handle some difficult situations on their own? If you find yourself always coddling them, then it is time to think about preparing them to make it big in the real world. This is not suggesting that you begin treating them like adults and leave them alone to figure things out on their own. Instead you may want to start teaching and equipping them the tools to be smart, responsible and independent – to enable them to become the champions you wish for them to be in the real world.

Eutaptics may allow them to develop resilience to stress. This system can be used by children to aid in learning on how to control their stress responses and develop psychological flexibility.

These are 5  tips on how to improve a kid’s mental toughness:

1. Allow Them To Struggle

Kids need to learn the value of learning how to cope and with this they need to learn how to overcome their own struggles. It is this early mentoring that will teach them how to adjust and deal with the real world. Supporting them does not mean allowing them to overindulge under your attention.

Appreciate the fact that they are also individuals with highly specialized problem-solving skills. It is your responsibility to make sure that they harness these skills to make them mentally tough throughout their lifetime.

Be open to hearing feedback from tough mentors or coaches about areas of improvement. Better yet, be proactive in conversations among their teachers and coaches about areas of improvement, especially about things that will help them become mentally tough.

2. Allow Them To Fail

Parents often think that allowing their children to experience even the slightest failure when growing up destroys their confidence and self-esteem. This is simply false. Framing the value of failure positively will actually help kids develop resilience to stress and improve their coping skills.

Children who develop a constructive understanding of failure at a young age are guaranteed to perform better in life with a healthy sense of achievement. By explaining that failure is a part of the creative process and not verdict of all efforts. If you do, you will see how their performance improves, not only in school but also in other life activities such as playtime with other children.


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3. Always Praise Their Effort

Be realistic when praising their efforts. Avoid praising them to boost their ego or make them feel superior from other children. A child’s mindset is as beautiful as it is fragile. Do not distort their reality by over-praising them on things that they simply did not do. It is tough to be unlike other parents or adults who are fond of convincing their kids to be the best at the expense of others.

Praising their efforts while keeping in mind that they have room for improvement and are not superior than the rest of their teammates or classmates, ensures that you are raising kids to be mentally tough; sure about themselves and strong.

4. Expose Them To Strict Teachers and Coaches

Allowing your children to experience strict mentors in life will give them the ability to develop skills that are required to withstand the outside world. Trust that their mentors in school are professionals who are experts in their fields.

More often parents are too sensitive when coaches and teachers impose proper discipline. Being vigilant about this thin line between discipline and bullying is great. But do not be over-sensitive if your children are pushed to achieve better with the proper attitude.

5. Teach Them About Stress

Mild to moderate amount of stress is not totally bad for your kids. Nonetheless, it is also important for you to teach them the importance of  how to properly cope with stress at their age. A simple yet highly effective technique like Eutaptics can help them release their stress and cope healthily.

Do not try to solve their stress. Remember each individual has a unique mindset, regardless of they are your children or not. You are both functioning in this world as two unique minds. You cannot absorb, diffuse and resolve their stress without their cooperation. Teach them how to tap their stress away by introducing them to Eutaptics. The most beneficial aspect of teaching such  a system to your kids brings their awareness to the present moment and allows for calm, peace and creativity.


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