In Honor of Linda Esser, My Friend

In Honor of Linda Esser, My Friend

There are people who come into your life and have such a profound effect on it that no matter where the world takes you their spirit stays with you. Linda Esser was that kind of friend. When she entered a room, you didn’t have to see her to know she was there. Her presence was so strong and so positive you still felt it long after she’d gone.  

When I think of Linda, I remember how her smile lit up a room. I still laugh sometimes at long-gone jokes and miss the way she always put everyone else first. Our friendship was one that changed my life completely. 

When she and I met, she was in a bad way. She had constant migraines, she was depressed, she had been living like a ghost of herself. We did six months of sessions. Not-a-one of them was a walk in the park, but her transformation was undeniable. What I wasn’t expecting was the transformation I would go through because of her kindness.  

Linda was the first person to really encourage me to start doing trainings and as a result, she became the first-ever certified Master [eutaptics®] FasterEFT™ Practitioner. She believed in what I was doing so much that she worked in my office in the early years, helping me to get this incredible modality out to the world. She greeted each of my crazy ideas with “I’ll get right on that, Mr. Smith,” and was always happy to do the work. Throughout our friendship, she was my biggest supporter and I appreciate that every day. 


Beyond just supporting me, Linda inspired me and so many others in the way she lived and the things she overcame in her short life. 

Through tapping, she pulled herself out of a past filled with dark days, physical pain, disappointment, and became a beacon of hope for so many others to overcome their own demons. She worked with children and taught them about self-esteem, showed them how [eutaptics®] FasterEFT™ Tapping could improve their emotions, and worked with families to help improve their relationships. She worked in her community and believed wholeheartedly that if we start with ourselves, the world can truly be better. 

One of the biggest takeaways from her time as a [eutaptics®] FasterEFT™ practitioner was that forgiveness was a huge part of being able to love herself. She was able to forgive herself for things she had been carrying and in turn was able to forgive others. She felt independence within herself and found freedom in her relationships with others for the first time. 



When Linda was sick, she rarely showed it. She just smiled and continued to grow as a person. She called my work “healing magic” and used it to do just that. She gifted us all with her own magic and healed so many people through her practice. Honor mattered a lot to Linda and she honored others by forgiving freely, celebrating strength and not taking weaknesses too seriously, but mostly, she honored others by being a wonderful person right through to the end. 

The list of gifts that Linda left for me is endless, so every year I try to honor her incredible legacy by holding our biggest sale on her birthday. It’s a celebration of her bright spirit and the community she loved so much. From September 22nd through the 27th you’ll be able to take part in the modality that transformed her and so many others’ lives at a deep discount.

If Linda were here today she’d want each of you to have the kind of peace and self-love she found for herself. She was just that kind of person. 

"Our one and only mission is bringing honor to each and every individual on earth. This will be done by uniting individuals around the world to participate or play in games that promote peace."  - Linda Esser, 1960 - 2011

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