Introvert or Extrovert? What Makes You One

Ever wondered what makes you respond to the world as an introvert or an extrovert? In a sense, there is nothing wrong with you. What is wrong is if you discard the fluidity of your personality traits or character as a person. Say you took several tests and found that you are introverted, convinced, you might wonder why you respond to other instances as an extrovert.

Perhaps you begin to question the accuracy of personality tests. Problems may also arise when you discover traits that makes you respond as an introvert when you are convinced that you are an extrovert by nature.

The truth is, our characteristics as a person and personality traits are as complex as creation itself. To fit our existence and convince ourselves to live our lives in a singular personality type is absurd.

What is Introversion?

An introvert is less likely to socialize and loves time alone. They are known to avoid large groups and easily get drained of energy among a big crowd. In psychology, the introverted personality type is described as a shrinking of social abilities and preoccupation with one’s own thoughts.

What is an Extrovert?

An extrovert is widely believed to be an outgoing and fun-loving person. While that may ring true, it is not at all the true definition. An extrovert is an individual who is easily energized amongst large crowds.

It is the exact opposite of being an introvert, who is energized when they are in solitude. An extrovert may be outgoing and fun, but may also prefer thinking while being surrounded by people. That’s where they find their creativity at it’s best.


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The True Nature of Our Personalities

Your personality is the sum total of all your memories or imprints held within your subconscious. These imprints carry with them varying degrees of emotions which then determines its value as a reference used by the mind to form a reaction.

In other words, you may be introverted in some cases when the mind interprets a particular environment as something that you should avoid but you might find it surprising that you are actually energized and respond like an extrovert when in a vacation like setting or when the environment is changed.

In other words, anyone can be an introvert or extrovert depending on the emotions at play and since these emotions are carried by memories, it can be reimprinted and manipulated to form responses that are beneficial to you.

Assuming that your personality only fits on a particular category can be very limiting, and can become problematic when it gets intertwined within our personal belief system. This may cause us to fail by not seizing opportunities that can propel us to success.

FasterEFT not only challenges your conventional wisdom about your personality, but it is a modality that wishes to liberate you from problems due to toxic beliefs.


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