It’s Not Always About Owning the Room… Sometimes Just Being in the Room is Powerful Enough

It’s Not Always About Owning the Room… Sometimes Just Being in the Room is Powerful Enough

Feeling empowered isn’t just about walking into a room and owning the space. It won’t always mean that you command attention and that you won’t take no for an answer! 

Sometimes, self-empowerment is trusting yourself. Sometimes it’s knowing your worth and letting that lead you. And sometimes, it’s having compassion for others and meeting them where they are because you no longer feel the need to be better or worse off than anyone.

Self-empowerment takes on many shapes, depending on who you ask. Take Jonna for instance… Jonna’s road to self-empowerment was a long one with many obstacles. Those obstacles did everything they could to keep her from feeling capable and they kept her from going after what she really wanted. 

When Jonna first found eutaptics® FasterEFT™ she was in an abusive relationship, and because of her financial state and chronic illness, she felt she couldn’t escape it. She had been working mostly part-time jobs to get by, which made her depressed and self-deprecating. She found herself comparing her abilities to everyone else’s and it would spark jealousy and resentment for those around her. 

At her age, Jonna didn’t believe that changing her circumstances was possible.

And even if it was… would it be worth it? Would it really be worth the energy and time and investment it would take to do something different? 

At this point she had been ill for a long time. It caused physical pain and emotional anguish. The relationship she was in was definitely unhealthy, but it was also familiar, and at that time the unknown only served to freeze Jonna in her tracks. No matter the situation, if it was new, she automatically rejected it. 

Even with all of her doubt and all of the roadblocks she has faced in life, she really wanted more for herself. So, in a leap of faith, Jonna decided it was all or nothing and she attended “You Can Change Yourself Master Training.” It was there she first was introduced to the concept of the “Defrac.” 

She was so intrigued by this that she decided to incorporate that into everything. Was she getting anxious about something? Defrac. Was her body starting to ache? Defrac. Some days she would explore new ways to defrac everywhere she went. 

The more she learned the eutaptics® FasterEFT™ belief system, the more she looked around her life and saw places where she could improve herself. She flipped memories, she tapped, she worked the whole system. 

Jonna was digging deep. She was going years back and cleaning up all of the emotional baggage she could find. 

Soon, her need to tap and defrac (and tap and defrac some more) had started to go down, because guess what? Her natural ability to calm her erratic thoughts had skyrocketed and her confidence was soaring! 

Things that had terrified Jonna before were now simply minor speedbumps she had to jump over to get to where she wanted to be. 

With this renewed sense of empowerment, Jonna worked up the courage to leave her abusive relationship and pursue her dream job. She’s working towards her degree (something she never thought she could or would do!)  and has finally stepped into her most peaceful self. 

Jonna is an exceptional example of how finding your power comes in many forms. For her, it was starting small. Facing fears, getting through one day at a time… Then it grew to letting go of comparing herself to others, finding compassion for those around her, and respecting herself enough to break free from a toxic situation. 

If you resonate with Jonna’s story and you want to take the first step towards discovering what self-empowerment looks like to you, visit this link and learn more about our upcoming Self-Empowerment Mindset Tapping Workshop hosted by Sandra Rojo Smith. 

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